Family Favorite: Hot Dog Sandwiches

What You’ll Need
(Makes 1 Sandwich)
1 hot dog
2 slices of bread
cheese (your choice sliced, shredded, or both)
ketchup (optional)
mustard (optional)
hot sandwich maker

20140909_115419Step 1:
Cut the hot dog in half in both directions.

20140909_115754Step 2:
Place on bread. (I like to stagger them.)

Step 3:
Add cheese on top.

Step 4:
Put in your sandwich maker of choice.

20140909_121028Step 5:
Eat with a side of ketchup and mustard.
(I prefer dipping, but you could just as easily spread it on the bread before cooking/during the assembly stage.)

Does your family have an “invented” meal everyone loves?

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