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Things Aren’t Perfect – ROW80 Check-In

4The most exciting thing that has happened to me all week is that we got a POS (point of sale) system at the comic shop I work at.  So far, I am far from awesome at it.  I know one day I’ll rock it, just not right now.  The second most exciting thing was while browsing Christmas village stuff I found a group of 3 hens that look like my hens.  My husband bought them for me.  In other words, it has been a dull week.

So, I’m going straight to goals…

#1) Finish and submit HALLMARK
According to my editing plan, I’m behind.  I still have time.  I can catch up.  I am still going to try.  Now as to why… The first draft is uglier than a rotting fish with pussy ulcers.  The amount of work to get it into shape along with the tight deadline has been making it quite a chore to tackle.  Again, I will state it is still doable and I am not giving up yet.

#2) Edit PET
Must finish HALLMARK first.  On hold.

#3) Writing Business on Saturdays
Blog on Saturday: Obviously this is it.
Send 3 Submissions: Did it before writing this, so 3/3

#4) Take care of myself
Cardio 4 times a week –  3/4 – On Tuesday son was sent home early from school due to stomach distress.  He’s better, but I needed to use my running time to deal with that.
Yoga 2 times a week – 2/2 – On October 6th was the yoga class’s 3 year anniversary!
Toning/Strengthening Videos 6 times a week – 5/6 – I did one round of this video after yoga and runs

Drink at least 2 sports bottle of water a day – Yes, for the most part
Vitamins daily- 50% success rate – Would have been higher but I missed a couple afternoon doses.

#5) Stay caught up on comics
No.  I ended up falling behind last week with an impromptu visit from my parents.  So, after getting my pull this week, I ended up with 20 comics to read.  I have 7 to go.  I’m hoping to say differently next week.

Next week promises to be just as “exciting.”  Which, hopefully, means I can get back on track with HALLMARK and with comic reading.  In fact, even though I only scheduled the queries and this blog post for today, I think I’ll put in some extra time on HALLMARK right now.

Did you like my line, “The first draft is uglier than a rotting fish with pussy ulcers?”  How would you finish that sentence?  Are your ugly first drafts Cinderellas in the end or one of her step-sisters?

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ROW80 Round 3 Final Check-in/Round 4 Goals

4This has nothing to do with the rest of the post, but I am so freaking proud of myself that I want to lead with it.  I have reached my running goal!!!  I am so proud of me!  I do a five-minute warm-up (4mph), run for twenty minutes straight (starting at 6mph and slow down as needed, but no lower than 5mph), and then cool down with a five-minute cooldown.  NEVER in my life could I run for twenty minutes straight.  So. Freaking. PROUD!

Ok, so onto the meat of this post.  How did Round 3 go?

#1) Have written 10,700 words of HALLMARK
10,843/10,700 — Nailed it!  Actually, I originally thought that this piece would be longer, but that was part of me being rusty.  Turns out this was the rough draft finished length and I am now editing it!

#2) Take care of myself
Water: Hit or miss.  But, mostly good.
Exercise: During the ROWnd, good.  Lately?  I tried some new exercises and had trouble standing/sitting and taking a deep breath due to soreness.  I had to take a couple days off.  But, I did manage to usher in the new era in my running during that time.
Vitamins: Terrible for the past two weeks.  And the insane part is that I’m not taking them because I’m feeling great (which is probably in part because I was taking them so regularly leading up to this).

21686394_1937014942991775_6152518315153393501_n.jpg#3) Blog on Saturdays
Lesson learned.  If I have commitments on Saturday I will fail to blog.  Best just to take it off.  I missed one blog, but that was parade day.

#4) Catch up on comics (and stay caught up)
I did catch up and during the ROWnd I was caught up.  Last week, though?  Yeah, my parents came for a surprise visit on Wednesday and that disrupted my reading.  And I’m behind again.

A great ROWnd, right?  Let’s see if I can keep it up.  Here is my next set of goals.

#1) Finish and submit HALLMARK
Funny enough, I’m watching a Hallmark movie that I DVRed (Unleashing Mr. Darcy) as I write this… I know, a girl that reads stacks of comics and likes Halloween the best having a Hallmark addiction?  Absolutely!  Anyways, I have a very firm October 19th sending date.  I can do, I think.

giphy#2) Edit PET
Was this the code name I had for it before?  I’m pretty sure it isn’t.  But, I found an old version of this WIP (not the last version I did of it, though).  I’m honestly not sure what I should write next.  More UNMASKING?  Maybe edit ALCHEMIST again?  What about that cozy geeky mystery idea I have been thinking about for a year?  So, I will work on this while I think about it.

#3) Writing Business on Saturdays
By business, I mean parts that aren’t writing, but related.  Right now that comes in two forms.  The first is my weekly blogging (Saturdays), with my goal updates.  Unless, like parade Saturday, something should interfere.  The second business is sending out stuff.  I stopped in the Query process for one manuscript and have one short story that still needs a home.  I figure 3 queries a week until I’m done my list.

#4) Take care of myself
I find physical health leads to great mental health.  Great mental health makes me productive.  So… Cardio 4 times a week – Yoga 2 times a week – Toning/Strengthening Videos 6 times a week – Drink at least 2 sports bottle of water a day – Vitamins daily

giphy1#5) Stay caught up on comics
Right now this is the majority of my reading.  I need to stay on top of it, especially if I want to add to it.  (Especially on that Laughing Batman stuff… This Metal event is amazing.)

And I’ll end my goals there for now.  There is more I want to do. Much more.  I have added a new level (sending stuff out) and that’s enough for now.  Once I feel I mastered that, I’ll add another level (probably during ROWnd).

And I’m done.  Lots happened/is happening in my life (parade, surprise parent visit, the store I work at on verge of getting a POS system which makes me stupid excited), but this blog post is long enough.  I need to get going and do a few things. See you next week!

Current favorite read?
What goals are you trying to achieve this fall?

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ROW80 9/16 Check-In: Mandatory Fun

sundayROW80I did not survive this week like a rockstar.  I had a point where I was overwhelmed.  I hit a low and scraped by (much like how I survived last year).  I was ready to throw in the towel with my current plan and say I’ll try again later.  But, I powered through and made notes for avoiding burnout (which I was dangerously close to having).

First Note: I am pushing too hard, too fast.  In part, it is because there is a deadline involved.  I do need to get this done as fast as I can.  However, when I go to set my normal schedule, I cannot push this hard.  And when I go to push harder I can’t be as impatient as I am now (again, due to deadline).

Second Note: I used to reward myself with days off from writing.  While I am not on an everyday schedule like I was back then (and won’t be for some time), I need to reinstate that so I can have some (mandatory) fun.  A day where writing is replaced by video gaming or anime.  Exercise isn’t traditional (that’s a yoga or 30-minute run, followed by a strengthening/toning workout), instead it’s a dance game or a long dog/Pokemon walk.   As for cleaning, it is the bare minimum and rearranged for max relaxing.  Bonus points if this day is a day off from jobs.  This is just something I need in general (with zero guilt since I earned it).

Third Note: No (hard) deadlines for a while, after this one.  While this a good kick in the butt to start, it is adding stress I definitely don’t need at a fragile time (the beginning stages are always so delicate).

Now that we know what I have learned, let’s see what I’ve done.

#1) Have written 10,700 words of HALLMARK
8,458/10,700 — Go me!  I have done all my writing days and met (actually exceeded) those days’ goal.  Even awesomer news?  I’m on the next to last story beat card.  I probably will finish in the next 2-3 writing sessions (so last day of this ROWnd or the following Tuesday).

#2) Take care of myself
Water: When I hit the rough spot, I didn’t do great.  I fell off the wagon and was slow getting back on.  Now, I’m back on and doing good.
Exercise: I only didn’t do it one day that I should have.  I was okay.
Vitamins: Just like the water… But, doing good today.

#3) Blog on Saturdays
Seriously, need a strategy for posting the link.  But, here I am.  I’m doing it!!!

#4) Catch up on comics (and stay caught up)
I almost fell behind.  I had to work Wednesday (new comic day, when I buy and read most my stack).  But I did my reading Thursday after writing and read everything!  YAY!

So, ROWnd ends Thursday.  I’ll be doing my wrap up, you guessed it, Saturday.  Which is going to be a bit of a challenge because my daughter’s in a parade that day!  Also getting funnel cake that day.  Maybe hiding rocks… A Pickle Rick rock.  (I’ll try to remember to explain next week.)

How do you take care of your writing?
How do you reward yourself?
What are your close to burnout warning signs?

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ROW80 Update 9/9 – Goodbye, Duke

4I’m starting this post with a bit of sad news.  My hamster, Duke, passed away.  I got him on my birthday in 2015.  He was the kind of hamster that bit and didn’t let go, so you better be wearing gloves to hold him.  He was gorgeous, weird, and so freaking big!  He was two years and eight months old and had spent all but one month of his life with me.  I hope, despite being mean and cranky, that he had a good life with me.

In other news, Thursday was the one year anniversary of me working at my second job.  Nothing special happened, but I almost am surprised I reached that milestone.  My daughter chose her Halloween costume, a 3 or 4 tailed kitsune.  Did I mention I was building myself a cosplay of a steampunk Sailor Jupiter?  That’s what I’ll wear Halloween and to the Geek Expo (local convention).

I’m on track with my goals.  Here are the details:

#1) Have written 10,700 words of HALLMARK
4,592/10,700 — That’s a little ahead of schedule (as I tend to surpass my goals by some extra words each time I write).  Once I finish the plot point I’m on, I’ll be half way through the story beats.  I had feared this story would be bigger than it is turning out to be.  I might get lucky and have extra editing time!

#2) Take care of myself
Water: For most of the week I’ve consistently drunk 72oz of water or more.  This is what I wanted to do!
Exercise: Yoga was canceled Monday, but I replaced that with a walk at the state park with my husband.  I’ve exercised the 6 days I wanted to this week!  And I’m more consistently walking the dogs after lunch.
Vitamins: I might have missed one day?  But since Tuesday, I’ve been 100% on!

#3) Blog on Saturdays
Seriously need to do something about when I link this.  But, at least I am blogging!

#4) Catch up on comics (and stay caught up)
I have caught up on all my piled up issues and I have read this week’s pull too!  Now to pull off the “(and stay caught up)” part.

This week, another wrench comes my way.  I have two extra shifts (one at each job).  One falls on a writing day.  So, like last week, I’ll probably try to make it up at some point that week.  There’s family stuff happening too (like picture days at school and appointments).  I’m hoping October is calmer than this!!!

Anyways, hubby is excited for the Halloween stuff.  We’re going to go check to see if our favorite Halloween pop-up store is open (we haven’t had one in the area for two years and we’re eager).  So, away I go.  Have a great weekend!

What’s your favorite Halloween supply place?
Decided your costume yet?
Ever done cosplay?  Want to?  Who/What would you be?


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ROW80: Update 9/2


This week has been crazy.  Then I looked at the rest of the month and realized it was a continuing trend.  I’m not complaining about working extra shifts or having to, once again, juggle the parade route madness.  I’m just saying, I made a writing schedule and then threw lots of wrenches at it.  I will, however, do my best to manage and adjust as needed.

This week, I realized my plan to deep clean the house would end in fail if I didn’t ask for help.  My husband understood and has been super awesome stepping up to the plate and getting some entirely done without me!  This week I also started taming Jester.  She really doesn’t like being grabbed in her cage, but once in the cup and out on my chest, I can hold her in my hands without issue.  She is sickeningly adorable.  We’ve been getting into the swing of the school year, with many bumps.  Thankfully, we are smoothing that all out.

And that pretty much summarizes my week.  I think it’s time to summarize my goals progress.


#1) Have written 10,700 words of HALLMARK
880/10,700 — That’s a tiny bit behind schedule.  I was supposed to write yesterday, however, I had a 10 AM – 3:45 office job shift followed by a 4 PM – 7:15 shift at the comic shop.  I hope to write the words I’m  behind today.

#2) Take care of myself
Water: I’ve been drinking water every day, but I could stand to drink more.
Exercise: I should be exercising 6 days a week.  I skipped Friday because I wanted to clean the house before work rather than workout. I also feared working out would tire me out in the long run.  I have yet to exercise today.  But I did manage to add a couple extra dog walks this week, so my activity levels are increasing.
Vitamins: Has been hit and miss.  I’d say 50% success.

20170831_114644#3) Blog on Saturdays
Hi.  Doing it.  Though, I didn’t link it in the group until Thursday?  Might want to iron that out.

#4) Catch up on comics (and stay caught up)
When school started, I had 38 titles I needed to read.  I read about 15-20 before posting my goals.  This week’s pull had 2 new titles (and a trade… We’ll worry about trades another day).  Despite that, I am down to 4 comics to zero out my pile.

Everything is going well, right?  I’m hoping it stays that way.  The holiday should help me out rather than hinder me.  While I do have to work on a writing day, my shared day off with hubby is canceled (he gets off Monday instead, which isn’t a writing day since I’m usually in the office).  Hopefully, HALLMARK will be at 4,330 this time next week and I’ll be caught up on my comics.

US peeps, have any Labor Day plans?  
Have a favorite grill/cookout meal?
What makes your schedule crazy?

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