Can My Pets (Please) Not Die This Year? ~ #ROW80 Check-In

littleROW80I use Facebook’s look back thing, that shows you what you posted on that day various years ago.  And the pictures have been hard.

The first picture I saw yesterday was late my dog, Betty.  There she was under the naked Christmas tree, as I had set it up for a family picture. It is a beautiful picture.  It is the last picture I ever took of her.

The picture after that was of the chewable castle in progress with my late hamster, Queenie, inspecting progress.  Unlike with Betty, this wasn’t the last picture I took of her.  But, tomorrow would have been the two year “bought ya” day for her.  So, I know what is coming.


Betty’s last picture.

Long time readers might remember that Queenie died two weeks before Betty.  And Queenie’s death-aversary is coming up this week, meaning Betty’s isn’t far off either.  These anniversaries make what happened on Wednesday with my dog, the husky known as Juliet, a very scary thing for my family.

Every morning, boy child gets to bus stop.  I come in and feed the dogs.  The dogs then are let out in the backyard to do their business.  With it being winter, I close door and fiddle with stuff (uncover guinea pig cage, put dirty glasses in kitchen, and so on) until a dog barks or paws the back door.  Wednesday, instead of two dogs, there was only one.  Juliet went missing.

High winds had rattled our back gate open.  Since it was dark and the door doesn’t have a good view of the gate, I didn’t know.  I had to go outside and walk off my back deck to see.  I’ll save your the over 1 hour of agony I experienced: She’s home and she’s fine.  A guy dropping off his girlfriend at work picked her up (to keep her safe) and returned her to me.  My husband and I then promptly zip tied the back gate shut so it wouldn’t happen again.  (Zip ties are cheaper than tears.)


Right after Juliet got home.

So, yeah.  This holiday season, what I really, Really, REALLY, REALLY want is to not lose another pet.

Anyways, aside from all that… I made a chewable Christmas tree for Duke (my current [evil] hamster).  I still need to make his cabin (for his food bowl and nesting material) and covering tissue boxes in wrapping paper for his wheel platform.  I’m hoping Tuesday he gets his holiday theme (if not a week from that).  I finished the bulk of holiday shopping (just stocking stuffers left).  And the car is all fixed up and back!!!

On the writing side of things I got a lot done. (Here’s the check-in part, finally, sorry for the wait!)  Aside from goals (under this paragraph), I’ve been attending some webinars regarding marketing.  Because, I feel I’m always flailing about when I try to do it.  Figured some strategies wouldn’t hurt.  (In 2.5 hours I have another to do.)

Draft 2 by Nov 25 – DONE Nov 21
Read and Take Edit Notes by Dec 2 – Draft 2 was all I needed
Draft 3 by Dec 9 – Draft 2 was all I needed
Sort Through 45 Pages of Agent List by Dec 9
Send 60 Queries by Dec 23
[21/45 Pages] * [15/60 Queries]
Monday & Wednesday – Yoga + 1 mile
Thursday through Saturday – 3 to 5 mile Run
After Lunch 2 mile Walk (at least) 5 Days/Week
Yoga instructor canceled Wednesday, which worked out as I was running all over the neighborhood looking for my dog.  Skipped Saturday workout as reward for finishing YELLOW (and so I could do housework).  After lunch walks: 4.5/5
Visit Writer Community Members
Minimum 4 (ideally 7)/Week
0/4 Total fail.  


Duke in Queenie’s castle.

This Week: I plan to finish holiday shopping for my husband.  Wrap presents.  Enjoy American Thanksgiving.  Take the family holiday photos.  Arrange holiday cards (trying something different this year).  Oh, and writing stuff too!  I hope to read aloud (for edits) YELLOW.  I hope to add more agents to my list and query agents off that list.

If you’d like my notes from the webinars (2 Email List growing ones, 1 Pinterest to market web courses, and one about growth channels) I’ve attended, email me.  They aren’t directed at writers, so your mileage may vary, but there’s interesting, adaptable ideas in there.

What do you REALLY want this holiday season?
What favorite holiday recipe are you looking forward to partaking in?
Got a cute pet holiday picture to share with us?

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Two More Goal Types: Concept and Habit

Yesterday morning, my husky got out of my yard and went missing.  She was found and returned to us, thankfully.  My morning was filled with panic, relief, and exhaustion from all the emotional stress.  So, I kind of forgot to post this.  Sorry it is a day late.

Last Wednesday I posted about how I work out my measurable goals.  And that got me to thinking about how I set up quarterly goals (which I use in my current 13 week plan and in my ROW80 participation).  And while measurable goals are a good part of it, there are two other goal types that make up the team.

I’m going to talk Habit Goals first, because I need them to explain Concept Goals. Plus, they are pretty quick to explain.  These are the goals you want to do as a habit.  Be they scheduled (Run 3+ Miles Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) or a quota (Visit and Comment On 4 Blogs Every Week or Walk 5 Days a Week).  This isn’t a one and done goal (with a deadline/finish line), but a habit I want to form or an on going activity I don’t wish to neglect.

Concept Goals are the the kind of goals most people come up with when they go to set a goal in the first place.  I’m talking “Read More,” “Be a Better Writer,” or “Lose Weight.”  I like to think of these as a theme for other deadline/ finish line measurable or habit goals to fall under.

Let’s take “Read More” as an example.  Let’s start with finishing a book with a deadline measurable goal.  The book is 400 pages, I want to read it in one month (4 weeks).  I’ll need to read 100 pages a week or 14.2 a day.  But, I usually do my goals in quarters, right?  So let’s do that for 3 books this make-believe quarter (that’s a quota style habit goal of 1 book a month).  However, I think I can read even more than that!  So, let’s add in a couple more habit goals.  Read 1 short story a week from any online publication and let’s read a poem a day, too!

See how I made an abstract more concrete and track-able?  And when I deal with goals keeping track is the most important part.

Anyways, now that I’ve covered my goal types, I can totally talk to you guys about how I set Quarterly Goals.  Not making promises, but we’ll see if that gets up there next week.

Do you like your goals track-able or not?  Why?
Is there a goal type you think I missed?

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