#ROW80 – Extra Shifts Means Small Accomplishments

What I have been wanting to do versus what life has given me are not the same thing.  What I want to do is get into a routine for myself. I want to establish great habits involving writing, family life/housework management, and work.  What I’m getting is adjustments every week. Last week, we had my son’s Breakfast of Champions and my dog’s passing. This week was an appointment for my other dog (the good kind) and working extra shifts since Thursday, running the shop solo all day.  And then, because I fear just how much work we still have to do, I have been sneaking home boxes of comics to price. However, I do want to note that my concepts about my schedule, how I can share burdens and adjust if need be (thanks to my husband’s new job), have been spot on.  Life is definitely getting smoother and better! (Now, if it could be more regular…)

2019 Goal

#1- Sell A Short Story
One story came home.  I let it stay a couple nights, but sent it out again.  Really, can’t let them stay too long or they grow roots.  Once the roots form, you forget they are there. That’s when they disappear into your walls like mice.


#1 Finish my Idea Sheets [DONE 4/2/19]   

#2 Write MAGIC [DONE 4/9]
I have a rough draft done!  I haven’t started editing it yet, because the next day I worked on something else.  Obviously, my next stage will be my next goal: Editing and Sending Out MAGIC!

Other Notable Writing Accomplishments This Week  
The passing of Romeo reminded me of a short story idea I had a while back that I hadn’t had the strength to face.  So on Wednesday I wrote up the Idea Sheet for it. I also sent out 1 query (Friday) and (as said above) sent out a short story (Thursday). (Saturdays are writing days off.)


#1 Finish SUNSTONE volumes 1 – 5
With my bringing home work and staying up later than I should pricing… I only started Vol 2.  I am not bringing home work tonight so I hope to finish it up.


#3 Blog Weekly
I am writing this blog before my Sunday workout.  Mostly because it is a cold and rainy day. Being on the couch with a blanket and typing this up is definitely more appealing.

Other Notable ROW80 Accomplishments This Week  
I finally went back and answered a bunch of the comments on my blog!  Maybe, and I’m not making a promise here, I’ll get to visit someone back this week!  That would be awesome.

Notable Life Accomplishments This Week

So much has happened!  Tuesday I took Juliet, my husky, to the doggy oncologist for her final everything is fine visit.  She is now mouth cancer free.  And, yes, with everything she is also getting extra spoiled.

At work I made some labels for the boxes, like for SUPERMAN I did his symbol and his word logo.  I applied them to the comic boxes I have been pricing and it really is a nice presentation. Damn, I wish I had a pic to share with you!  (I want to note that while this was essentially tracing, the “arting” process in these labels really helped me emotionally.) My boss even took said SUPERMAN boxes to the con with him and lined them up on the front of the table (this made me feel insanely proud).  I am also proud to say that BATMAN is officially, entirely done (for now, until he buys more vintage stuff). We found another box’s worth of SUPERMAN Friday and I hope to be done that by close today. (I really like accomplishing things!)

As for yesterday, we started a new 5th edition DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS campaign!  We even got new players (people we knew but just weren’t part of our previous group)! I am so damn excited to be playing again with my friends (my husband’s last job kinda kept this from our lives). I’m playing a race from a 3rd party publisher and the character is super chaotic and weird. I will totally have to draw her!  Then I can do an opening paragraph with the damn stereotype of a gamer, “Let me tell you about my character.”

Time for me to workout. I have a small kettle bell routine, followed by some shoulder mobility exercise, a 10 min HITT, and a 10 minute stretch to do (this is my quick workout for days I am running behind). Do you exercise? Do you have a quick workout? Let me know what you do to stay the awesome you shape you are.

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