#ROW80 Round 2 End of Round Summary

Instead of wanting to write this, my body is begging me for a nap. I guess I don’t want to think about what I didn’t achieve. I also don’t want to think about the stress, drama, and mental health dips that went along with everything. Things just haven’t been smooth. Personally, professionally, creatively, and so on.

So, yeah. My mental health has been better. Right now, I’m not 100%. I want to avoid this. I don’t want to admit I’m not ok. “Others have it worse than me.” “Right now I’m not that down.” I’m invalidating my feelings. That’s not cool. So, I’m not good. I’m not terrible. Just not good.

Since I got that out there, I think you’ll understand why I don’t want to dwell on these goals. So let me summarize.

2019 Goal

#1- Sell A Short Story 
I have 5 stories out in different slush piles. No bites (some nibbles, but… alas). I’m doing what I can so there’s that.


#1 Finish my Idea Sheets [DONE 4/2]
Actually, I have 1 more story I remembered that I need to do (but it was post this goal that I remembered it).   

#2 Write MAGIC [DONE 4/19]
This is the 5th story out there floating about.

#3 Edit MAGIC [DONE 5/21] 
It took me longer than I wanted it to.


#1 Finish SUNSTONE volumes 1 – 5 
I got 1-3 done. I am also behind on my purchased comic reading which makes it harder for me to justify reading this.  


#1 Blog Weekly 
I missed 2 or 3 before my blog the 2nd of June. Then I missed all until this one.

So I accomplished some (not as much as I wanted). Partial credit isn’t bad. I just feel like I am not doing my best (because in some ways I am not, and I don’t mean effort).

Right now I am regrouping. Well, right now I am going to hit post then I am going to make dinner. But in general, right now, I am regrouping. Summer is always hard for me. Balance is hard. And my struggling? That’s ok. It will be ok. See you next round…?

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