#ROW80 – Failing My Writing Role Model (Sorta)

Once upon a time, I modeled my writing life after Stephen King.  Kinda. The way I paraphrase his routine is 3k of writing and 4 hours of reading.  For me, it makes sense. Set a writing goal (word count) and take whatever time to meet them.  And if you don’t partake of the written word, then how can you make it?

But remember, my “Kinda” just then?  I never really managed that.  At my best, during my golden era (the end of 2015), I was doing 2k and 1 hour(+) of reading.  

Now here’s the thing, I really couldn’t match him perfectly.  Stephen King doesn’t have kids to take care of (one of which has high functioning autism), a house to clean, a job, and the other things that fill my life.  (Mind you he has his own things, but I assume, possibly wrongly so, his load is quite a bit lighter.) So that 2k/1hour? That was great (I did great things with it).

These days I am not doing that awesomeness.  But as you see from my goals I do try to honor the concept.  Write and read every day. And, maybe (if I’m lucky) I’ll one day hit that 3k/4hours or my old 2k/1hour.

Golden Goal Rule – Once a Goal is Met, Replace it With a New One!

2019 GOAL

#1- Sell A Short Story
Still working on it

Other Notable 2019 Accomplishments

Round Goals

#1 Write 1 Short Story [WINTER – DONE 1/18]

#2 Read 1 Graphic Novel [SAGA Volume 4 – DONE 1/7]

#3 ROW80 Accountability Buddy
My buddy is Elizabeth Anne Mitchell – I talked to her Sunday. I am really enjoying our chats.
Other Notable ROW80 Actions This Week

#4 Listen to KING’S by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff [DONE 1/21]   

#5 Edit WINTER [DONE 2/17]
Edited and sent in!   
Other Notable Writing Actions This Week
Continued sending queries and keeping those short stories out there.

#6 Read 2 Single Issue Comics a Day Until I Catch Up
Goal for week read 14… I read 16.  
Other Notable Reading Actions This Week
I started a new book on my Echo Dot, THE HOOKER AND THE HERMIT by L. H. Cosway and Penny Reid

Other Notable Round Accomplishments
Read CODA Volume 1 [1/15], LADY KILLER Volume 1 [1/20], & ROBOTECH ARCHIVES: MACROSS SAGA Volume 1 [2/9]
Listened to HELL ON WHEELS by Julie Ann Walker [1/28] & THE TEACHER’S BILLIONAIRE by Christina Tetreault [2/4]

Notable Life Actions This Week
I picked up some craft supplies (lace and fabric) from my friend who was purging her supplies.

These goals and post were brought to you by my 2019 motto:
Keep It Stupid Simple!

Written On – Tues 2/19

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