#ROW80: Life is Chaos

littleROW80Mother’s Day Update: I struggled with the gift giving this year.  I sent out cards late and couldn’t give proper presents as I was broke because of sick chicken supply costs.  Even though I worked all day, I still had goodness.  My husband bought me something I looked at because he was at a loss as to what to get me, my son gave me a hug, and my daughter gave me a drawing.  A special moment was when my friend/writing mentor came by my work and gave me some cake.

Chicken Update: Still not sure what caused Makoto’s problem, but the root of it all is her vent got hurt.  It is now dilated (thus her waste drips onto her back feathers, which makes her a target for other chickens to peck at, so she must remain separated) and I washed away a large scab during her Saturday bath.  There was more, smaller scab that washed away today’s bath (Tuesday).  I think the scab prevented the vent from returning to the original size, but now that it is shedding the vent is shrinking.  But I also worry that what I consider shrinking might just be wishful thinking on my part.  At the very least, she is finally eating and drinking normally.

Job Situations Update: For the foreseeable future, I will be having more hours at the office (my second) job as a new scheduler (started Monday) gets trained up so she can fill the shoes of our previous scheduler (big shoes to fill).  I’m hoping this lasts only for the next month, because…  This is my husband’s last week at his current job (some of you might recall he was looking for new employment).  After a week off, he’ll be training for two weeks as an assistant-manager and then go to another place to train to be a manager.  Once he gets the promotion to manager (we are guessing in June/July), I’ll be leaving the office job because I will need that time for my family and household responsibilities.  I’ll be staying at the comic shop (first job) and this week I’ll be getting an extra shift because it is convention season.  Did I mention there is another Pokemon event at the store that day?  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Goals Update:
Finish Writing SUMMER (1k/week)– [DONE on 4/26/18]
Edit SUMMER– My goal for this week was to be done rewrite edits and have final edits (real aloud/grammar) underway.  I am done the rewrite edits but have not started the final edits.  I am hoping maybe later today. [Due the 17th/Thursday]   
Send out SUMMER– [On Hold]  
Saturday Submission (1/week)– 2/1.  I did try to make that 5/1, feeling that my slip up should have been followed by not just making it up, but rather overachieving.  Thing is the next 3 places on my submission list were either closed to subs or my project did not fit their prerequisites.  So, I crossed 5 off the list total, but only sent 2.

Catch Up On Comics (7/week)– [Bulk portion accomplished 4/17/18] I have been reading anywhere from 2 to 3 comics (gotten from Free Comic Book Day) during my kid pick up wait and I still have 6 to go.  Yes, I did get a whole heck of a lot!!!!
Catch Up On Graphic Novels– [Finished 4 – last updated 5/1/18] On Hold

Every Tuesday– Bam!

The Plan For This Week
#1- Finish Editing and Submit Summer – Which will mean all my writing goals will be done!!!  With luck, I’ll revisit the editing portion (because then it means it was accepted).
#2- Finish Reading FCBD Comics – With the rate I’ve been reading, that shouldn’t be an issue.
#3- Submit 1- It is a goal
#4- Take the Week of 5/21 Off-  That means I won’t be blogging next week.  I was supposed to be off this week, but I mentioned how my husband is off next week, so I adjusted my personal/non-work schedule to reflect his.  This is part of my mental health care.  Though, it will be a busy week.

My Week Off: I will be taking off from most of my things (running, writing, any chore I can get away with not doing, and so on) the week of 5/21.  However, there are some big things I’ll talk about come my next post… The 23rd I will be having my 3rd biopsy on my thyroid being done.  The 24th we’ll also be attending an IEP meeting for my son’s transition to his vocational school (which he’ll attend next year).  Oh, and my father-in-law also invited us to a cookout (26th).

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#ROW80: Makoto the Unlucky Chicken

littleROW80This hasn’t been the smoothest week for me.  However, it hasn’t been all bad.  So as I explain the bumps, I’ll do my best to balance that all out with something good.

I hurt my back Wednesday taking out the large items we stored for our town’s yearly “big garbage day.”  I was happiest laying down or standing, but sitting was beyond painful.  Even though I was okay standing and walking (in fact sometimes it made me feel better), I went a week without running.  My back’s almost better now, though!

Thursday there was a small bit of family drama regarding one of the kid’s grades, which wasn’t awesome.  What is awesome is that my daughter has a band concert tonight, and seeing the progress the 7th grade (who have been playing 2 years now) band students have made will be so exciting!


Makoto and I watched SUPERGIRL as I syringe fed her water with a dash of apple cider vinegar.

I worked at the comic shop all weekend and, of course, that means something went wrong at home.  Makoto (the hen that had the prolapsed vent last year and had to live in my house as she healed) is sick.  What kind of sick, I’m not sure (I’m trying the remedies for everything it might be), but she’s living in my house again.  She does seem to be getting better.  Today she drank on her own for the first time.  Now if I could just get her to eat her normal food… (She’s been eating everything else like egg, just not her everyday food.)

So how did my goals stand up to the chaos?

Finish Writing SUMMER (1k/week)– [DONE on 4/26/18]
Edit SUMMER– My goal for this week was to be done the read for edits and be 25-50% through edits.  I am 33.3% done my edits, despite skipping Saturday and having yet get to today’s.  I’m hoping I get to today’s, but I have work this afternoon followed by the band concert.   
Send out SUMMER– [On Hold]  
Saturday Submission (1/week)– 0/1.  Was busy separating Makoto from the flock for treatment and flock safety (and safety from flock).    I hope to do one before Saturday to make it up or two this Saturday.  Basically, I am going to try and make it up!

Catch Up On Comics (7/week)– [Bulk portion accomplished 4/17/18] I am caught up with DOOMSDAY CLOCK, but then I got all those Free Comic Book Day comics (not to mention my regular pull).  So, here I am playing catch up once more.
Catch Up On Graphic Novels– [Finished 4 – last updated 5/1/18] On Hold

Every Tuesday– Look, ma!  I’m typing!

The Plan For This Week
#1- Make up that missed submission.  Also, don’t miss this week’s.
#2- 100% done the 2nd draft of SUMMER. Started final edits (read aloud/grammar check). [9 days until submission window closes!]
#3- I almost want to be brazen and say “catch up on all comics.”  But I really did get a lot.  So, one FCBD comic a day and all of my pull

Next week was supposed to be a week off for me from my goals (a mental health break), but my husband is taking the week after that off, so I’m pushing it back a week… Plus want to finish and get SUMMER out in time!

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#ROW80: Because TBR Piles Need To Be Scary!

littleROW80Do you know what the first Saturday in May is?  The answer I am looking for is Free Comic Book Day.  I’ll be working the event (comic shop employee, after all), but before I start my day (at the best day job EVER), I’ll be buying.  Because FCBD is like the Black Friday for comic store sales.  And after I spent all this time catching up… I’m going to drown myself in it all.  (Not that I’ve conquered the pile yet…  However, it is less massive!)

But, I think all of us writers have that problem with any kind of reading material.  We want to read it all, but we only have so much time.  I guess I won’t be getting to my regular book pile as soon as I thought I was (and that pile is scarier)!

Speaking of time…
I am trying to find time every day to work on my writing.  That was step one in a new writing schedule.  I wanted to put it on a rotating system.  Like edit to a stopping point (like scene break or chapter end), switch to submitting (send out 3 things), write something (like a blog post or whatnot), and repeat the process for a while finishing a long list of projects I have going.  Thing is, the deadline for SUMMER is much closer than I give it credit for.  So, I can’t stop working on SUMMER to do other things (at all).  So, I guess I’ll be waiting until after SUMMER is out to rework my goals.

Speaking of goals…
Finish Writing SUMMER (1k/week)– [DONE on 4/26/18]
Edit SUMMER– I am working on this.  Right now I am on my first stage of edits, which is reading for what’s missing (senses/themes/keywords) and intended edits.  I am 25% done with this at this very moment.   
Send out SUMMER– [On Hold]  
Saturday Submission (1/week)– 1/1.  Did it.  

Catch Up On Comics (7/week)– [Bulk portion accomplished 4/17/18] This is now back because now that I am done WATCHMEN, I need to catch up on the DOOMSDAY CLOCK series.  I’ll be reading the 4 issues along with my pull (I hope).
Catch Up On Graphic Novels– I finished the following trades this week: WATCHMEN, I HATE FAIRYLAND volume 3, GIANT DAYS volume 1, and ARCHIE volume 4.  I started WE ARE ROBIN volume 1.

Every Tuesday– Trying to finish this before I have to get my kids from school. (And I did!)

The Plan For This Week
#1- Next check-in I want to be doing my second stage of edits (actually editing/rewriting) for SUMMER (25-50% in).
#2- My focus is back to catching up on single issues again, so DOOMSDAY CLOCK.  If I have time, I’ll pick up WE ARE ROBIN in the evenings.
#3- Submit something this Saturday, even though I will be at work at 10AM to get my sale buying on.

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#ROW80: It’s like exercise…

littleROW80Last week was rough for me.  I worked over double the number of hours that I normally do.  To survive it all, I cut (acceptable) corners on housework, relied on my family for help, and drank lots of rum.  The whole experience really shined a light on something I often say, but I often forget.  If I want it done, to the best of my ability and with little fighting myself, I need to do it in the morning.  Not first thing,  I am barely functioning until about two hours after I wake, but after breakfast and before ten.

For example… Exercise.  I do not have the will to run after I’ve cleaned my house and had lunch.  (I am incidentally writing this at such a time and the thought of running… Nope.)  I can do a couple of chores before that (Tuesdays I usually clean my chicken coop before running), but I had to get to it early.

And, yes, last week I cut (acceptable) corners, when needed, on exercising too.  But I did something every day (minimum of a 1-mile walk).

Looking back on it, I was amazed I did that.  See, I wasn’t always the most consistent when it came to exercising.  In fact, there was a time my writing was more consistent than my exercising.  My how times have changed!  So, I was talking with a friend on Monday about that.  And this isn’t where I say, “To solve my writing consistency problem I just need to schedule it in the mornings!” Because the more I thought about it, the more I realized it wasn’t just early morning scheduling.  Another big part of it was the every day.  I’d say every day might be the biggest part.

So, that’s what’s been on my mind.  That’s a change that may come about within the ROWnd (if things fall into place).  Just not this very moment.  Right now, I need to pick up the pieces from last week.  Maybe next week?  Let’s see what happens.

Now that I have waxed poetic about my consistency problems, it’s time to see if I am consistently making my goals.  (Not the smoothest transition, but it had to be done!)

Finish Writing SUMMER (1k/week)– 1,100/1,000 still in progress (1 scene to go).  I managed to do the same exact amount as last week, which was kind of on purpose because SUMMER is now officially the minimum submission length. I found time to write this Wednesday evening, which was very hard for me (see the above about mornings).  I hope to get this finished this week (actually I need to get it finished and get to edits already).
Edit SUMMER– [On Hold]
Send out SUMMER– [On Hold]  
Saturday Submission (1/week)– 1/1.  Funny story, I was actually originally asked to work Saturday, but I ended up getting the day off.  This was the only writing goal I had faith in doing.  I mean, yeah I did it, but I did it while lazily drinking coffee and filling in my planner, rather than in the rush I expected to be in.

Catch Up On Comics (7/week)– ALL CAUGHT UP! [announced 4/17] Goal Note: I almost fell behind on this again, but last night I caught my butt back up!
Catch Up On Graphic Novels– I had hoped to read two issues in my WATCHMEN trade and two more in I HATE FAIRYLAND VOL 3.  However, I only read one in each.  As the week dragged on, I used my car time to decompress as I either had to go back to the office after dropping the kids home or get ready for my comic shop job.  It was stressful.

Every Tuesday– Yup.

The Plan For This Week
#1- Write that last scene and finish the first of my SUMMER goals.
#2- Resume reading WATCHMEN and I HATE FAIRYLAND.  With luck, finish both this week,
#3- Submit something this Saturday.
#4- Make a battle plan for transition to every day.  Mondays and Saturdays are concerning.  Sundays too, but I am considering a day off like with exercise.  With so much to consider that is why I need a plan!

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#ROW80: Next Wednesday

littleROW80Short version (because I am writing this before bed because if I don’t now I never will): My last day off was Saturday.  My next day off is Wednesday, next Wednesday (April 25th).  Having two part-time jobs isn’t easy.

I’m mostly okay with this.  Rum is helping me be okay.  And if I am insane that’s ok.  I arranged for my weekly therapy session to be a telephone session.  I’m just a little worried about my goals.  I’ll manage, somehow.  I hope.

Tomorrow, I might get to work late (office boss knows) because husky started a second round of chemo (a lesser version that is done via injection) and my husband can’t take her because he has a job interview.  My husky is doing just fine and this is to continue the positive momentum of her previous treatment.  As for my husband… He wants better for our family and this interview may be it.  Please think good thoughts?

And earlier tonight… I missed (but got some pics via text) my son signing an intent to be awesome (my words) for the technical school he was accepted to for his junior and senior years.  I would have missed this even if this was a regular schedule.  But I am so proud that he is chasing his dreams.  I know he’ll make the most of this!

So what happened last week?

Finish Writing SUMMER (1k/week)– 1,100/1,000 still in progress.  My hope is to finish it up this week (the question is when…).
Edit SUMMER– [On Hold]
Send out SUMMER– [On Hold]  
Saturday Submission (1/week)– 1/1.  Slow and steady.

Catch Up On Comics (7/week)– ALL CAUGHT UP! [announced 4/17]
Catch Up On Graphic Novels– I read two WATCHMEN (TPB) issues, and I am hoping to get two more this week.  I also read two in I HATE FAIRYLAND VOL 3.  And, because not all my books are in my car (yes, WATCHMEN and I HATE FAIRYLAND are in my car door so I can read them as I wait for my kids) I also read three in ARCHIE VOL 4 (next to my spot on the couch).
BTW- If you count single issues and trade issues, I read 10 comics this week (beats my weekly 7 minimum to catch up).

Every Tuesday– It is kinda a miracle I’m here.

Plan for the week:
#1- Find time for that 1k.  Which isn’t easy for me.  I’m hoping I can come home early Wednesday and Thursday.  Though everyone will be home and it will be loud.  Fingers crossed I pull this off?
#2- Read two WATCHMEN issues and two more I HATE FAIRYLAND.  Read all my new issues I get Wednesday (I think I have 5 new comics to read, but might be less as I didn’t account everyone’s buys). And, in case you didn’t know, everyone is all about that ACTION COMICS #1000… But I won’t be.  I’m not a Superman fan.  If you are, you might want to go get that.
#3- I think I’ll have time for the submission before work on Saturday, so that.  So many times.  If nothing else, that!!!!

I’m hoping your week isn’t as crazy as mine!

PS: Meet the newest member of my household.  Mr. Darcy!

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