Returning to Normal – #ROW80 Check-In

littleROW80If you saw this blog post called something else (Giveaway, Guest Post, and Release Date, I think it was), sorry.  That was a mistake.  I was writing two blogs at once when I started penning this one and I gave it the wrong title and forgot to fix it before posting.

Kids finally started school. Girl child was quite happy to have a yellow folder (instead of the orange folder we threatened to write yellow on).  I had to institute an afternoon, post dog walk, coffee because waking to an alarm before 6 am (after waking 6:30 – 7:00 am all summer) is kicking my butt.  I started my usual schedule Wednesday (used Monday and Tuesday to wrap up some loose ends).  Friday was eventful as my friend’s dog peed blood during our afternoon walk (UTI or kidney stone, being treated) and that set off a chain of events (really long story with details I don’t feel comfortable sharing as they are not exactly mine to share, so let’s leave it at eventful).


This “What Would Darcy Do” poster in GOTHAM ACADEMY issue 1 is not real, but I wish it was. I WANTS IT!!!

The big news of the week was getting my release date (9/15) for SUNLESS (more info here).

With everyone gone all day, I’m back to writing and reading “properly.”  I’m ahead of schedule with my world building hole filling.  I could have been even more ahead, but I decided to use my “extra time” (writing time leftover once done my daily objectives) to work on promotions stuff (arranging promotions posts, reaching out to reviewers, setting up a couple of interviews, and so on).  Exercise is back to being “intense” with yoga and one mile runs (Monday and Wednesday), 3 mile runs (Thursday and Friday), and 2 mile walks (Saturday mornings and after lunch every day possible).  Regarding reading, I finished the graphic novel SHADOW KISS and have started GOTHAM ACADEMY.  One thing hasn’t changed.  I’ve still been a cruddy writing community member, though.

This week, being a crappy community member will change!  I hope to visit 4 blogs (at the very least, but am aiming for 7).  I’m going to add an after dinner (2 mile) walk to my exercise (six days a week, as one night social stuff prevents it).  I’ll be finishing my chapter 5 world building holes this week and I’ll start my next project’s (YELLOW) pre-writing packet, and I’ll work on getting some complete work that’s just sitting on my hard drive (doing me no good) into some slush piles. I also hope to start some new, regular social media habits (like ICYMI Mondays, where I reshare stuff from the previous week, in case you missed it).

Did you have a recent pet scare?
Is there any art or poster you crave, but just can’t have?

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A Giveaway and a Guest Post

Simone Salmon is doing
a Rafflecopter giveaway
and one of the prizes is my story,

Think anyone missed that?

I promise the other announcement is smaller.  I did another guest blog, “Writing When I Don’t Want To,” over at K. L. Schwengel’s quite spiffy website.  You really should go look at it.  The website, I mean.  It really is very spiffy.

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