I’m a big fan of Pemberly Digital.  Using vlogs they modernize classics.  They are probably best known for THE LIZZIE BENNET DIARIES.  I really need to do a blog post about the stuff I’ve watched from them and others (TELL TALE VLOG was kind of cool, if not too short).

Currently, I’ve been watching/catching up on their LITTLE WOMEN release called THE MARCH FAMILY DIARIES.  Usually, I watch while running on my treadmill, which is why I like saving episodes up.  Episode 50 is called THE END, but I don’t know if it is truly the end or not.  (I just ran to episode 48 the other day, so I’ll find out soon.)

However, that’s not the point.  One episode in particular spoke to me as a writer.  This one:

I think the writers out there can sympathize with this.  I also think we all need a Beth in our lives from when we’re really down.

Who is your Beth?
What net based shows or vlogs do you watch?

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Checking In Out of Habit

Our charcoal grill was rusted out after years of abuse. Tuesday we went out and bought our first ever gas grill. (My parents had gas grills, but I hadn't owned one until Tuesday.)

Breaking it in today!

I’m a well trained monkey.  I’m used to talking about what I’ve been doing on Sundays.  So here goes…

The weather has been nice here, until yesterday.  It rained almost all day, which bummed the kids out.  I had promised we’d go to the playground park to throw the football (son) and shoot hoops (daughter).  Of course rainy day meant a movie, and son allowed daughter’s choice of MONSTER HIGH: FREAKY FUSION.

I was hoping this morning’s weather would be better, so we could go to the basketball court today.  It isn’t/wasn’t.  However, the rain doesn’t stop our other plans.  We’re going to the Garfield House in Mentor (Ohio) this morning.  That’s Garfield the president, not the cat.  After that we’ll go to Steak and Shake and then the comic shop for issue #4 of JEM.  And tonight we use the grill for the very first time!!!  (Grilling rain or shine.)

But, enough life talk.  These are usually about what I did with my “goals.”  So, here is some jabber for my typical “goals” stuff.

Since the ROWnd ended, I’ve continued to work on ALCHEMY.  I have the deep details for chapter 3 done (ahead of schedule) and have redrafted two pages of the chapter thus far.

I’ve ironed out not just family routine, but fitness routine.  On Mondays and Wednesdays, I’ll continue going to yoga.  On Mondays, I’ll come home and treadmill after the kids get picked up by their grandpa.  Wednesdays, we’ll go walking at the state park.  Thursday through Saturday, I’ll run the dogs while the kids have a cartoon and then we’ll hit the state park Thursday and Friday and the basketball court on Saturdays.  I doubt I’ll lose more, but this activity level should keep me from gaining back in the meanwhile.

Reading is going slightly better.  I’ve made progress on COOKIES AND SCREAM.  I’ve been using the time my kids dally for reading.  They take forever to get dressed in the morning and now it is to my advantage!  May only be five pages in a day, but that’s more than the previous weeks.

Do you have any blog posting habits?
How was your week?

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