#ROW80 – A Day Late, But Still Early

row80Why is this post on Tuesday instead of Monday? Short version: I lost something. Tore my house apart to find it. Found it. Had to clean up the mess I made while looking.  My kitchen and pet cages were also neglected in the process.  Now, I’m in catch up mode.  Not my favorite mode, but at least the missing item was found and all is good!

That said, let’s review my goals!

My Goals 2018

Golden Goal Rule: When a goal is met, a new one replaces it.

#1 – Have Something New Published – DONE on 8/1
#1(B) – Update Website and Social Media – DONE 8/6
#1(C) – Edit ALCHEMY – I want to send out PRINCE before I start diving into this.  But in all honesty, I don’t think I’ll finish this before 2018 ends.   I have to read it, take notes, and make fixes.  If I was only focusing on this, maybe.  However, it is a good goal to work towards.  That’s why I am keeping it.
#2 – Finish Querying GRANDMA – DONE on 5/17
#2(B) – Finish Editing PET – DONE 7/29
#2(C) – Query Entire List For PET – In Progress.  Unlike ALCHEMY I think I can finish this before 2018 ends.

My Round Goals

#1- Make a Weekly Writing Agenda & Fulfill It Best I Can
LAST WEEK’S AGENDA (for new agenda, see the bottom of this post)
Tuesday- Edit
I did and I finished PRINCE! 
Wednesday- Link and Instagram – I did! And I decided I needed to add a goal today: ROW visits!
Thursday- Edit and Game (with my guy friends) – Since I finished PRINCE edits, I wrote in my passion project.  I also played CYBERPUNK 2020, the roleplaying game that inspired the video game everyone is dying for!
Friday- Sub – Sent PRINCE out.
Saturday- Sub and Extra Shift at Comic Shop – Extra shift yes, sub no.  I was running behind that morning.
Sunday- Blog(?) – Ran behind again, and quite frankly every topic I have thought up would not come to mind.  So I couldn’t even think of what to write if I had the time.  I think I need to write my ideas down!
#2- Finish Editing & Submit PRINCE  [DONE – 10/9]
I actually squeaked in the final edit right before work.  Then used my first sub day for sending it out!
#3- Query Entire PET List
No Progress
#4- Read Through and Take Notes on ALCHEMY
Starts this week!

#1- Instagram Weekly Pulls and Stay On Top of Comics
All caught up. Will be working on reading a graphic novel until Wednesday hits with more reads…

#2- 1 Graphic Novel
In Progress!

#1- Check-In Mondays
Close enough.  It wasn’t like I was wasting time.  That was an important thing and you can’t leave the living room such a mess that even the dogs can’t walk through it.  
#2- Extra Blog Post Sundays (When I Can)
Not this week.
ADDED #3- Visit/Comment for 2 (or more) ROWers Once (or twice) a Week
I did one on Facebook and another on their blog.


#1- Batman the Drowned Cosplay
I bought a strip of fabric to extend my shirt (I’m going to cut it, add the band of fabric, and then put corset over band). Really I should be working on the cowl.  Hope to have a mock-up fitting this week for the corset.
#2- Daughter’s BEN Drowned Cosplay
Supplies bought!  Still need elf ears, but that’s it.  (There are bonus items we could make, but not until core suit is done.)  Now to craft!  (See picture on right.)
#3- Holiday Stuff
Halloween was not the holiday I meant.

This Week’s Agenda
Tuesday- Blog & Find Out About Saturday’s Possible Extra Shift
Wednesday- Link + Instagram
Thursday- Import and Layout ALCHEMY in Scrivner + Determine what notes I found are useful (Maybe Games With Friends)
Friday- Sub + No School For Minis (Possibly Grandpa’s House if Parents Visit Saturday)
Saturday- Write Passion Project
Sunday- Blog (?)

Now, depending on the answer I get today, Saturday might include, “Visit with my parents.”  If not then, possibly Sunday, if they don’t mind coming late.  If not Sunday, the week after. Things are a bit of a jumble.  This is how I lose important things.  (Gah, don’t want to do that again, any time soon!)

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