#ROW80: Chunky Peanut Butter


row80Things have been far from smooth.  (Get the blog post name now?)  I don’t want to be negative on here and complain.  I can say that I am trigger hair ready to cry and get angry.  It is overshadowing the cool stuff. Like, guys, I’m almost back to my awesome running I was doing around Christmas last year.  The twenty minutes straight.  In fact, that’s my next run (Week 5 Day 3).  Crazy part?  It isn’t as hard as I remember and I don’t know why.  Still, all the things not going right are clawing at my nerves.  And my anxiety is Godzilla like in response (and not benevolent Godzilla… It’s Smash-Tokyo-Terrible-Lizard-Style).

That’s why I am going to hop into my goals.  My report covers 8/13 to 8/19.

My Goals 2018

Golden Goal Rule: When a goal is met, a new one replaces it.
#1 – Have Something New Published – [DONE on 8/1]
#1(B) – Update Website and Social Media – [DONE 8/6]
#1(C) – Edit ALCHEMY – On hold until I submit PRINCE.
#2 – Finish Querying GRANDMA – [DONE on 5/17]
#2(B) – Finish Editing PET – [DONE 7/29]
#2(C) – Query Entire List For PET Before End of Year

My Round Goals

#1- Do At Least 1 Full Cycle of Writing Weekly
1st Part of Cycle – Write – Wrote twice this week (once for the cycle and another as a pallet cleanser between Edit Phases).  I am working on a project I’ll refer to as PP.  I love it.
2nd Part of Cycle – Edit – Finished my read through for edits and started proper content edits. 
3rd Part of Cycle – Submit – Sent out a short story that came back.
#2- Finish Writing [DONE 7/11], Editing, and Send Out PRINCE
On Editing phase.
#3- Finish Editing PET [DONE 7/29]

#1- Pull List Pic (Instagram) & How Caught Up I Am

With the kids back in school, it is that time of year again… Car reading time!  I have loaded my car door with comics to help pass my wait time.  In other words… I’m still behind, but only by 6.
#2- Read 1 Trade/Graphic Novel Weekly
From now one I think it is just simpler if I note when I succeed… which is only twice so far. Which SUCKS!
[MORNING GLORIES Vol 2 7/23 * RUNAWAYS Vol 1 7/9]

#1- Blog Every Monday
Well, hi!

#1- Have My Friend JP Do My Hair
Bought the dye and have a chat window open to schedule with her…Maybe after dinner?
#2- Clean Up My Desk Area [DONE 7/12]
#3- Build Makoto a Coop [DONE 8/17]

#4- Give the Main Coop a Window
I don’t know if this will happen because the above one was sooooooo hard!  I’m kinda done with power tools for the year.

Plan For The Week
#1- Edit at least 2 of the obstacles in PRINCE.
#2- Properly export my manuscript for PET from Scrivner for submitting purposes.
#3- Send at least 1 query for PET.
#4- Write another 500 on PP.
#5- Survive the first week of the school year.



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