#ROW80 – Pity Future Owners of My Yard

On my property, I have buried many pets. To be honest, all but one have been buried within a 5 foot by 5-foot area (in the front yard).  See the title of this blog post…

I have two Syrian hamsters (Queenie and Duke) I laid to rest in my DIY pet cemetery.  I also buried Gotham (dwarf hamster) there.  And now there are two guinea pigs buried here.  Oreo didn’t get better despite medicine and care.  So she joined her sister who had passed two years ago.  And two days after burying her, I buried my chicken, Makoto.  She was buried in the backyard, though. 

I am trying not to let it ruin my holidays.  So goals have not gone well.

And that’s ok.

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