#ROW80: Can things (please) get better?

littleROW80As I type this I am on business day 4 of the 3-5 business days wait for my biopsy results.  In other words, no word (yet).  It would have been awesome to open this post with good news.

In fact, I wanted to be more positive this week.  But, shall we look at my past week-ish?

Tuesday (1/16) – My school district went to state minimum bussing and I became my kids’ bus.  Husky bled from her mouth and trip to vet got us “It’s cancer!”
Wednesday (1/17) – Biopsy Day (it was emotionally and mentally worse than physically so)  My mom sent me a present, which was nice.
Thursday (1/18) – BEST DAY I HAD IN A WHILE!!!!  And that was even taking into account my neck was aching from the biopsy.  I was hoping it was the start of awesome.
Friday (1/19) – Neck hurt way less.  Mid-morning I got news that Thursday night my great aunt (my grandma’s sister who has been like a second grandma to me) passed away.  Scheduled my husky’s surgery for Thursday.
Saturday (1/20) – I spent most the day dealing with my feelings (also known as crying a lot).  I gathered myself enough to remember it was my brother’s birthday and sent him a text.
Sunday (1/23) – I was busy.  Not necessarily a good day, because I was still emotional, but a passable day.
Monday (1/22) – My yoga instructor informed us our class was going on indefinite hiatus come the end of the month.  I need yoga.  I’m working on a backup plan, but I’m so emotionally spent I can’t right now.
Tuesday (1/23) – Parenting is hard.  Today was harder.

Now, that we have that covered… Let’s talk about my goals.

Writing Goals
1) Finish Reading PET for Edits – See that awesome Thursday?  It was very awesome and I had extra time to write so I got *ahead* on my editing.
2) Send 5 things out into slush – On hold until PET is done.

Reading Goal
1) Read at least 5 Comics a week – 0.  Wednesdays are my comic day and since I was obviously busy.  And I was so worn out the rest of the time I couldn’t even muster the energy to read.  I am hoping to get back on track tomorrow.

Blogging Goal
1) Blog on Tuesdays – It’s Tuesday and this is a blog post.

I am too scared to say “this week will be better!” or “I’ll have 2 great days!”  That feels like I am tempting fate.  With Juliet’s surgery/biopsy Thursday and my results still pending… Don’t want to tempt fate.  I do want to have as normal a week as possible and I want to have a lot of fun this Saturday… That’s my birthday.  I’m hoping that’s not too much to ask.

Have any suggestions for how to pass time while waiting for news?
Tell me good things, please?  Your wins of the week?

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#ROW80 Check-In: Biopsy Day

littleROW80Yesterday, I lost it.  The dread of today made me move slow.  I had time stolen from me because of the failed levy from the fall election resulted in my kids’ bussing being canceled and it was my first time driving them to and picking them up from school.  And, because crap just fell that way, I had a huge TO DO list.  So at 1 PM I was on my couch crying.  What stopped my crying?  My husky’s bloody mouth.  There was a bleeding lump in her gums.  And the vet threw out the word I just can’t deal with right now because of my own lump… Cancer.  We’re waiting to see what happens (if antibiotics make the lump disappear or if doggy surgery is needed).

SAM_0253So, today, I’m exhausted.  It is only 9:33am as I type this and I just want to sleep.  My appointment is at 12:45…  I can’t wait for this to be over with.

In the face of my being a huge mess, how are my goals going?  Well…

Writing Goals
1) Finish Reading PET for Edits – Still on schedule.
2) Send 5 things out into slush – Still waiting for my other goal to be done.

Reading Goal
1) Read at least 5 Comics a week – Read 10 last week.  Still seriously behind in general, however.

Blogging Goal
1) Blog on Tuesdays – It’s Wednesday… Close enough?

I’m not sure how goals will go this week.  Today is my main comic reading day and I (obviously) have other plans.  There’s an event for a group I’m a part of happening Saturday and because I don’t trust my mental state, I have yet to RSVP.  Honestly, I only have been thinking about today for days.

I’ll be updating via social media later today (after family answers back, because they deserve to know first) when I should have results and how it went.

Tell me a happy thing from your day/week/month, please?
What’s a song/movie/show that’s your happy place?
Anything happy really…

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#ROW80 Check-In: 3 Centimeters

littleROW80Medical Update
As I stated back in October of last year, I had some blood work done, which led to more blood work (turned out fine) and an ultrasound.  On the 3rd I finally had my appointment with the endocrinologist about that ultrasound.  First the good news.  All my thyroid levels are ok and there is no antibodies present that usually are associated with thyroid cancer.  The bad news is that I have a 3cm mass on the right side of my thyroid.  The next step is getting a biopsy to make sure it isn’t cancer (only 3% that it actually is cancer).  That happens the 17th.  I’ll talk about this more once I have the results… But I’m hoping it turns into a “not cancer and it isn’t killing you, so just leave it for now” thing… That would be lovely.

Goals Update
Writing Goals
1) Finish Reading PET for Edits – I have this set at one chapter a week because that is all I can push myself to do (as I’m a stressed-out mess).  On this past Saturday, I did Chapter 3.
2) Send 5 things out into slush – Not until PET is done.
Reading Goal
1) Read at least 5 Comics a week – I read 6. I have made reading the comics I am up to date with a priority (as to not fall behind on them again).  I also read one title I had canceled from my pull to wipe it clean off my slate.  I’m hoping to maybe continue this trend.
Blogging Goal
1) Blog on Tuesdays – Hello, Tuesday.

Once this scary stuff is over, I would love to talk about what I’m doing to start my 2018 off on the right foot.  I’d like to talk about all my goals (there are life ones not listed here) and “the plan.”  But I had my therapy appointment today (we had 2 weeks off and a lot to discuss) and I have pet cages to clean before I head off to work.  I’ll talk to you next week.

Any big wins?  Any big plans?
Any normal sized things?
Let me know what’s up with you in the comments!

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ROW80 Round 1 2018 Goals

Pinterest Blog Writing BannersLast ROWnd got away from me.  I didn’t even do an end of round summary.  Part of me wanted to start this post with that information, but then I thought, why dwell on what was a very hard ROWnd?  Why revisit when I can start fresh?  So, that’s all I’m going to say about it.

For those that don’t know, I try to be honest about my mental state.  Right now, I am feeling a bit depressed and overwhelmed by everything.  Kids.  House.  Jobs.  Pets.  Cleaning.  Projects.  Like I said… Everything.  I am working on it but that takes time.  It takes trying and failing at different approaches.  It means shifting my time and priorities.  That’s why I am doing a super goals light ROWnd.

Writing Goals
1) Finish Reading PET for Edits
2) Send 5 things out into slush

Reading Goal
1) Read at least 5 Comics a week

Blogging Goal
1) Blog on Tuesdays

I know I usually include some self-care goals here.  However, that’s a lot of the stuff I am working on and trying to figure out in order to get myself on the right track again.  So, I’ll stick to the above.  I am hoping that I am able to achieve these goals in order to keep moving forward.  I rather slow down than stop.

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#ROW80 – Fumbling Into December

4My Holiday Fails (so far)
* The pumpkin roll cracked and crumbled, not because it was too dry but because it was too moist.
* I forgot to set up my children’s advent trees in time, but they are done now.
* I forgot to schedule the time to make my friend’s pet carrier (present for her hedgehog).
* I didn’t get enough lights for restringing my two deer.
*I haven’t finished decorating.

Honestly?  Could be worse.

Despite all those fails I am on track with most holiday things.  The baking is on time.  The outdoors is decorated.  Tree and village are up and lit each night.  I only have the decoration repairs and one box of decorations to go to be done.  And I paused writing this post to place the picture card order so we can pick it up while out grocery shopping tomorrow.  Oh, this year’s card picture is just insanity (we can’t do normal).

And my therapist is trying to help me have less to worry about and is encouraging me to add even more to my schedule… Or maybe she’s trying to break me?  No, I’ll stick with her trying to lighten my mind by giving me tasks to work on (because I do have small freak outs about these tasks when I’m having down days).

But how am I doing on my goals?

#1) Finish and submit HALLMARK
I promoted the anthology this is in at the end of the week!  See my posts announcing it, the soundtrack, and my favorite Hallmark holiday movies.  Once the story is released on its own (later on, date TBA) I’ll do another announcement and probably one promotion post about all the CW/Superhero actors that keep showing up in these.

#2) Edit PET
It is in Scrivner.  I also separated it by chapter.  AND!!! I have made my reading for notes checklist for senses and themes.  The goal for next week is starting to read for edits.

#3) Writing Business on Saturdays
Blog on Saturday: I missed last week because I was busy catching up on holiday stuff. The tree was supposed to be done Friday, but I only got it put together.  The kids and I trimmed it Saturday when I would have been writing this.  (And time with them is obviously more important.)
Send 3 Submissions: If I have time after I make the list for fudge making supplies, I’ll do this.  However, it is almost dinner and then game (Savage Worlds) time.  I might have this slip through the cracks once more.  Not that many places are open to submission this time of year.

#4) Take care of myself
Cardio 4 times a week –  4/4
Yoga 2 times a week – 2/2
Toning/Strengthening Videos 6 times a week – 4/6 – I actually have decided Saturdays I only do running or toning.  That means this should be “/5” and will be updated next week.
Drink at least 2 sports bottle of water a day – Plant Nanny has been ensuring at least this. Usually more.
Vitamins daily- Maybe I should get back to this, at least with vitamin D.  I’ve been forgetting and too busy to do that.

#5) Stay caught up on comics
I am so far behind. I need to start taking comics with me when I go places to read and catch up.  I’m 50-ish issues behind… And the annual of KLAUS comes out this week!!!

So, this week I have to set up my router extension, read PET (at least start reading it) and take edit notes, survive 3 appointments for 3 different family members, make various types of fudge, send holiday cards, finish decorating, attend a band concert for my trombone playing daughter, make my friend’s hedgehog’s present (which I hope to deliver the 11th with her surprise batch of fudge), and start wrapping presents.  I think I’m forgetting something…

What’s been your least successful goal this round?
What holiday treats are you making and sharing with others?
Are you surviving the holidays?

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