I Read Spinning in Her Grave


Last summer I read the first two books in this series.  It is a series I try to keep on top of.  It’s mystery with a touch of magic.  Of course I’m on top of that!  I mean I spent the last Saturday of August watching a MURDER SHE WROTE marathon.  And I love stuff like BEWITCHED!  I’m a geek and obviously into really old television shows.


Yes, hamster master!  I mean… Eat your bell pepper, Queenie.

The main character is Kath and she inherited a fiber shop (that’s yarn, threads, strings, and stuff) from her grandmother.  She also inherited witch powers.  So, Kath is still trying to get the hang of everything (from talking with a ghost to running the store).  Naturally that isn’t enough, so she now has to solve the murder of Reva Louise during the town’s historic festival. Though, some people might just tell you Reva deserved it.


Of course!  I liked this book.  I liked it more than the second book. Though I’m not sure if I loved as much as the first book.  For the love of all things, read LAST WOOL AND TESTAMENT!

The mystery in this book felt well done.  I love how everyone has to face “speaking ill of the dead” as Reva wasn’t well liked and not a good person.   On top of the mystery, there’s also danger as Kath gets locked in a burning building that builds on the series’ romantic arc.  And I was so glad about that!   At the end of the last book I wasn’t sure if there was a romance or even a love triangle.  By the end of this book there was no question left.  And another series arc involves Geneva, the ghost.  Kath is trying to figure out Geneva’s past and why this girl ended up a ghost. This arc is definitely building very slowly, but the little crumbs readers get are very tantalizing.

Queenie and I give it 4 out of five yogurt drops.
Though, Queenie didn’t read it.

Are there any festivals where you live?

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