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“Rocking Christmas Wishes” Soundtrack

  When I chose to write a story based on a rock band I decided there had to be some music involved!  Here are the real songs, in the order they appear in and why I picked them.

Track 1- Ozzy Osbourne “Crazy Train”

Ok, I know this isn’t very Christmas like.  But this is the first song officially played in the story.  I chose it after doing some research and finding out this is a hard song to play and something that would be impressive.

Track 2- Trans-Siberian Orchestra “Christmas Eve/Sarajevo”

When I think of rock and roll Christmas music, this is the gold standard for me.  Man, to this day I remember holiday shopping at the mall and passing by the Warner Brothers Store and this playing on the multi-monitor display in the center of the store.  Heck, I have the DVD and the CD, so I kind of couldn’t avoid putting it in here.  

Track 3- Radiohead “Creep”

Okay, not so Christmasy once again.  This time, I wanted a song that could explain La’s and Kris’ relationship. While often categorized as a song about stalking, I felt it reflected his “specialness” (being Santa) in contrast to her generally feeling like an outsider.  

Track 4- “Silent Night”

She plays this song twice in the story.  The first time is by herself after everything has gone wrong.  The second time, isn’t as sad (not spoilering).  I just wanted a traditional holiday staple, which was slow to reflect these moments where things got quiet.

So there you have it!  The four songs of “Rocking Christmas Wishes,” one of the stories is A Winter Holiday 2017.

a winter holiday 2017-001

Print $18.99
Ebook $4.99

Which was your favorite song on my list?
What’s your favorite Christmas carol?
How about favorite rock song?

***Please Note: That “Rocking Christmas Wishes” will be released as a stand-alone ebook at a later date, for less than the above.  If you want to buy a copy to just support my writing, that might be the one you should wait for.***

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Talking Baller

Saturday night we were discussing heights.  My already too tall friend said, “I wouldn’t mind being taller.”  That triggered my husband to recall Skee Lo’s I WISH.  Which led to me and my husband reciting the chorus.

(Play the song, you know you want to!)

Then my friend asked a question that shocked us. “What is a baller?”  We had a moment of disbelief where we couldn’t believe that A) he didn’t know this song and B) he had never heard baller used before.  We were amazed in a way.

Then we went to explain that in the context of this song it meant a good basketball player.  However, I had to interject that currently it means a very successful man that has all the good things (like a professional basketball player).  Though, when I looked it up today it also means a thug that has done well for himself (which limits who can be a baller even more).

My friend asked, “So the meaning has changed?”

“Yeah,” I said.  “See I WISH came out when we were in high school and the first instance of the current meaning of baller I can remember is in Destiny’s Child’s BILLS BILLS BILLS.  That would be college years for us.”  (Note: All this was a decade and some ago… *sigh*)

(You want to play this one too!)

“Wow language evolves fast these days,” he said.  And we all couldn’t help agree.

Is there any slang that’s surprised you lately?
And slang evolution you like or dislike?

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Yes, I’m Still Listening and Writing To K-Pop

If you didn’t know, my favorite music to write to comes from Korea.  (Also Japan, but it is mostly Korean stuff I listen to these days.) I used to share music on Mondays and even created a YouTube playlist of those songs.  However, I stopped doing those posts and I haven’t added anything new to the playlist in a while.

I’m not going to lie.  Part of it is I found less time to be up to date on new releases.  (Though, I know my favorite K-Pop group, BIG BANG, will be finally having a comeback really soon!  WOOOT!)  Plus… I tend to replay the same songs, as the familiarity helps me stay focused on my writing.

However, some “new” (as in not on my writing playlist) songs have been playing on as I write.  I decided to share a few today.

MAMACITA by Super Junior

This song was released after Leetuk returned from mandatory military service.  Now Shingdong is off to do his service.  I hope they do a cool song like this when he gets back.  A Korean take on the Old West. (Why is there a car and a bull fighter?)

WITCH by Boyfriend

This released around Halloween.  Like I said, not new, new.  But, you can tell the time of year because of the Urban Fantasy/Monsters theme.  The dance is neat with the “magician curtains.”


I had to put some thing in Japanese and a BIG BANG member somewhere in this post, right?  So I picked this song by Daesung (or as he’s known in Japan, D-Lite).  This video is hilarious!

Share a song you write to in the comments!
Which video did you like best?

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A Good Week

ROW80I’m glad to report the poison ivy seems to be gone.  However, lots of little scabs remain.  My “don’t scratch that” willpower exists at level 0.  I figure I should have a “normal” arm by next week.  And the healing up of my arm wasn’t the only good thing.  I finally bit the bullet and watched Leetuk’s return to Super Junior with their song Mamacita.  I was scared of being disappointed, but I wasn’t.  Love it!  Another thing I love is the fact I’m getting more and more together for my guinea pig.*  My father-in-law says the cage he’s building for us is coming along nicely and I’ll have it in 1 week, give or take.  Ideally, I’d spend that week reading some of the books I got from the library sale ($1 for 1 bag of books), but there’s a lot going on this week.

That’s enough about my week.  Queenie, show them my goal progress!


My week was obviously awesome.  I started editing MEOW on Monday and finished it Thursday.  Friday, after much debate, I decided to start to edit the last “in edits” project I had, TJ.  I figured clean the slate “for now.”  (Betas will eventually send me feedback and that means GRANDMA and MEOW will be back on the editing block.)

To stay on track I must:
Read 25 Pages * Edit 8 Pages * Lift Weights 4 Days
Visit 4 ROWers * 5 Study Breakfasts * 4 Study Lunches

As most of my writing stuff happens in the morning, I think I can manage it.  All my busy stuff this week is in the afternoon/evening times: Daughter’s school’s book fair (more books!!!), Son’s doctor’s appointment, and Daughter’s open house/meet the teacher night.  But, there could be complications, so who knows.

Can you ever have enough books?
How was your week?

*- We are getting two guinea pigs as they do best in pairs or more.
However, both won’t be mine.  One will belong to my husband.

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The Future of My Blogging

Last week, I talked about my questioning/answering why I blog.  After answering that question, I asked myself how I can blog to fill that purpose better.  It took a while to get that answer, but I think I have it.


I shared the exciting owl story, but I need to share more!

The answer I came up with was “be more myself.”  Not that I’m not myself, but I very irregularly and disjointedly share about myself and interests.  My interests fuel my writing/refill the creativity well and deserve more celebrating.  Also, I share very little at home, not-writer moments due to fear of being found boring.  If I fear showing these things about myself, how can I ever expect to connect with others?

And as I thought about the above, I also came to realize I wanted was a less formal blog posting schedule.  (Time to break my addiction!)  I do love schedules and what are basically “prompts” to write to, however sometimes that means forcing posts.  Forcing posts is like forcing a smile and can drive people off.  So, I decided to post “regular” posts less often and allow for certain posts to be entirely driven by whim.  After all, I post twice a week already thanks to my involvement in ROW80 (now reporting on Sundays) and WIPpet Wednesday.  It isn’t like the blog will get cobwebs and die from lack of feeding.

However, the choices above made me realize a blogging practice of mine needs to come to an end.  There will be no more Writing Music posts.  However, I plan to add notes to the end of posts when I’ve added to My Writing Music Playlist (contains most of the previous Writing Music songs, minus removed videos, bad quality ones, and NSFW ones).  Because, even though I am moving on, I can’t entirely give it up.

Do you prefer writers that are more themselves or all business?


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