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If I Wrote Hyperbole and a Half‘s Back Cover

Umm… Let’s try that again.

Allie Bosh shares stories and perspective in this collection of drawings and tales.  Some stories will be familiar to fans of her website Hyperbole and a Half.  Other tales are new and just as awesome.  BUY THIS BOOK NOW!

My Opinion:
I think it should be obvious.  LOVE IT!  I’m a fan of the website.  And my only complaints are that some of my favorites didn’t make it into the book.  Which ones?  The Alot.  A better pain scale.  The year Kenny Loggins ruined Christmas.  So, yeah.  Read the links and buy the book.

Is there a blog turned book you’d recommend to me?
What are you reading?

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Spray Paint and Cats

The number one thing on my mind? My new guinea pigs.  Which is why it kept slipping my mind that Trick or Treat is Sunday (yes, this Sunday, because my town is broken).  Anyways, I type this with a partly gray arm, because I don’t want my daughter to be sans costume.  And she won’t be.  I finished her weeping angel (one of these guys) costume yesterday, barely before dinner.  Though, I may need to give the dress another pass with spray paint.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

WIPpetWedWhat’s WIPpet Wednesday?
Wednesday is for the day of the week I (and others) share a WIPpet.  The word WIPpet is the joining of the word snippet with the acronym WIP, which stands for Work In Progress.  Using the date to conjure up a math formula, WIPpeteers (the group of people that share WIPpets) figure out how much to share.

My WIPpet Math
The date is 10/22/14.  No math for the page.  We’re going with 2.  As for how much, we’ll do 10 + 22 + 14 = 46 words.

What’s My WIPpet?
I call this one HAMSTER.  To set up the scene… Charles’ dad is late coming home.  Charles daydreams the reason for this is because his dad is buying him a pet.

This Week’s WIPpet
It was so easy for Charles to picture. His dad was at the pet store over by the grocery store. Mr. Collins walked the wall of cats. Some were old and some were young. All of them needed a home.

Charles would have liked a cat.

Want to give it a go or read the WIPpeteers’ works?
KL Schwengel runs the show.
Find the linkie on her page to read the WIPpets or join in.

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