One Year With Queenie and #ROW80 Check-In

SAM_0636*Exactly* one year ago, at around four o’clock in the afternoon, I was at a pet store trying to choose between two Syrian hamsters.  Their only difference being one was short-hair and the other long-hair.  I picked the long-haired one and the next morning I named her Queenie.

You guys already know how much I love my hamster.  A part of that comes from failed hamster owning in my childhood. Another part comes from all the fear that we wouldn’t bond.  But, we did.  All of it comes from her being an absolutely great pet that I can do crafts with and spoil in easy/inexpensive ways.  And for her “Bought Ya Day” (and the holidays because this was a lot of work) I made what any Queenie deserves. A Castle!  That’s totally hamster safe and matches her Silent Spinner (hamster wheel) and both of those go well with the wrapping paper I put up as a holiday background… Full holiday cage theme will be put together on tank cleaning Tuesday!

ROW80Now, onto ROW 80!

Let’s go over my goals again, since they were changing so much this past month.  In purple (my favorite color) is the update, if it applies.

Complete “Start Here” sheets for TROLL, ALCHEMY, SPOILERS, and DAUGHTER Done! 10/9

Complete Pre-Writing Packet for one of the above Nope, but I did think about it? I will be doing it for ALCHEMY and I’ll be doing that starting in December.

Write outline and start writing HAMSTER Outline Done! 10/9 & Started Writing 10/13 Finished 11/6

Write “Personal Project” Have not worked on this since October. Will do it in December.

Work on daily word count goals I totally failed at this.  I only wrote twice last week and not much. I had holidays on my mind.

Added 11/6 Write (Start to Finish) RAT Started 11/6 One or two chapters to go. Goal is to finish this up this week.

Revised 11/2: Read 30 pages or 15% or some combination there of a week Minutes Every Friday I finally got back to reading.  I keep saying this and it is true.  I really love I SHALL WEAR MIDNIGHT, but the fact it is Tiffany’s last book makes it hard to pick up.  

Revised 11/2 and 11/16: Study 5 3 breakfasts and 4 lunches per week  Did it.  

Visit 2+ ROWers per check-in I… Um… Maybe?  Things have been crazy around here with snow days and holiday shopping and covering the walls with wrapping paper.  I forget if I did or didn’t.

Revised 11/2: Walk to Yoga (M & W) and Weights and Walking (Th & F) There’s been snow and ice and no one in my town shovels their sidewalk, so I haven’t walked to yoga.  And Friday I skipped (for the second or third Friday in a row), because I had decorating to do.

Anyways, this is going up late because I finally got to start holiday shopping with my husband (for the kids).  We meant to start the 11th, but we forgot it was Veteran’s Day and banks were closed… Then, the 18th we were going to do it, but the kids got a snow day, so canceled…  As for the 25th?  Hubby has to work and the rest of his days off are when the kids are on vacation. So we went out last night and early this morning.  We got everything the kids asked for and have started in on some “surprise” gifts.  Maybe next week we’ll finish them up.  With luck, after I finish RAT (hopefully Monday), I’ll free up some time for myself to shop for hubby (Tuesday and Wednesday).

What’s on your mind this week?
How is the holiday shopping going?

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Holiday Cards!!!

If you’d like a holiday card from my family,
please email me.  

My email is on the right side bar (Please Ask Me) and on the About/Contact page.

My family and I noticed less and less people send holiday cards every year.  We want to keep the tradition of sending cards alive.  So, we’re offering to send cards.  No need to send one back, though we’d be thrilled if you did.  We just want to give people who want to have cards, like us, cards.  So hit me up!

I plan to send cards out November 28th.

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