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If I Wrote She Smells the Dead‘s Back Cover Blurb:
Teen girl, Yuki, that’s a little bit goth and a little bit otaku smells ghosts the way ghost hunters feel cold spots.  Her classmates think she’s a witch, even without knowing about her supernatural sniffer.  She’s had a long time crush on a guy, but she’s starting to notice her guy friend as a guy.  Also around this friend, it smells of wet dog.  Teenage life smashes up with supernatural powers.

My Opinion:
The voice was very authentic without being annoying, which I have to applaud.  Some teen characters can get too “teen” for me (as I’m old).  I saw the twist with the guy friend coming (sorry), but not the twists with her best friend.  The most interesting stuff involved the guy friend and her trying to figure out her powers.

However, I feel there was a throw away chunk of story.  I guess it was to show how her powers worked and to give her something to test it against.  But, the whole vinegar ghost felt needless.  In part I wish it had more of a tie to the understanding her powers story.  Something heavy like the guy friend’s ancestors.  This bit was quite a let down and very anticlimactic.

Overall, I liked the book, but not enough to start following the Spirit Guide series (5 books in all).  It was good, but I’m not hooked.  I’ll be putting this on my daughter’s bookshelf.

If you were a ghost and Yuki smelled you, what would she smell?
What are you reading?

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Spookifying the Yard

I didn’t make a video this year.  I did take pictures of my yard between groups of people during trick or treat. (Note: This means between 4-6pm, when there’s sunlight out.)

This year we didn’t enter the decorating contest or buy anything new.  Not that we didn’t want to… We saw a couple competitors and knew without the new it wasn’t worth it.  And no new stuff because of a few reasons including they didn’t open a Halloween City near us.  Though, the fence was an inspired new use of stuff we had I’m definitely going to repeat.

So, here’s my yard!



Happy Halloween!

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