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#ROW80 – On A Mission

My friend (she also happens to be my trainer, but she was my friend first so…) told me the other day about a book she loved and how she wanted the sequel. Thing is every trace of that book (for buying purposes) has disappeared. Which is why right now I am on a mission. Once a day, I go deeper down the rabbit hole. I try contacting the writer and go looking for more ways to contact him. I have found two emails, two twitters, a blog, a snail mail address, and a phone number. (This person is a Pastor and one email, the snail mail address, and number are essentially his work ones, which is why they are last resorts.) I feel a little bit like a stalker, but my lack of emotional investment… I’m not dangerous! Promise!

But guys, if you saw her face when she talked about the book that started it all! You’d want everyone who read your books or stories to look like that. And the sadness when she said she couldn’t get the next one? That broke my damn heart. And since I understand social anxiety and since this (contacting another writer as a writer and for a friend to tell them that their book is loved by someone, because all of us need to hear that any chance we can), oh, this I can do.

If you can’t tell by the state of my above paragraphs, I am in a bit of a weeeeeeeeee mood. So, let’s get to the goals.

2019 Goal

#1- Sell A Short Story
Not for lack of trying. Part of me feels like at this rate my efforts will pay off next year.  But, that doesn’t mean I’m giving up!!! More like trying not to be entirely discouraged.


#1 Finish my Idea Sheets [DONE 4/2]   

#2 Write MAGIC [DONE 4/19]

#3 Edit MAGIC
We know I was already done the read for edits phase.  The changes were done last week. And I should have been done the polish phase this week.  But I chose some “me time” for various reasons. However, I am only half done the polish. So I am really hoping next check-in I’ll have a new goal here.


#1 Finish SUNSTONE volumes 1 – 5
I not only finished volume 2 but I also finished volume 3!  No, I haven’t started 4. Soon.


#3 Blog Weekly
In the morning… because I prioritized it over exercise, so I wouldn’t be staying up way too late again. I’ve been abusing my sleep schedule.

Notable Life Accomplishments This Week

I got my mom’s and step mom’s Mother’s Day cards out in time!  (This feels like an accomplishment because I have been struggling to be on top of life events once again.)  I’ll be spending my Mother’s Day working, but as you guys know… That’s a great place to be, so no big!

I also attended my daughter’s band concert.  This might be our last proper band concert as she chose to do Marching Band next year (it is an actual class for her). Oof!  That hits the mommy feels!

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