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I Read Yokai Attack!


This is the second book by this duo that I have read.  The first was NINJA ATTACK!  And, in case you forgot, I loved that book.  So question is, did I love YOKAI ATTACK!?

Heck, yeah!  I’m totally ready for a Japanese monster attack.


Rub it in, why don’t you.

Anyways, being a Westerner, I grew up with pixies trying to get you lost in the woods, witches out to cook kids, girls trapped in mirrors (say her name, I dare ya), a dude dropping sand in my eyes to give me dreams, and Big Foot hiding in the mountains.   Half a world a way, it shouldn’t be surprising, they grow up with other things.  That’s where YOKAI ATTACK! comes into play.

Just as my examples are historical to urban legend, so are the monsters in this book.  And just like my examples, some are menacing and some are nothing to worry about.  But, this book just doesn’t tell you about the monsters.  This is “The Japanese Monster Survival Guide,” so it tells you how to deal with them too.

This book is fabulous.  Be you an anime lover that wants to add to their Japanese knowledge… (Because pausing to read the fine print, if they even bother with fine print, totally sucks.)  Be you a writer looking for new/different/interesting creatures to add to your tale…  Be you a lover of knowledge or getting to know other cultures…  Be you any of those things, I think you’ll agree with me!

PS- My favorite is probably the yuki-onna (snow woman).

Do you have a favorite monster?

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