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2014 Round 1 End of Round Report

ROW80If round 1 had a super villain for me, it was snow.  Or, perhaps, better put: Snow Days.  It wasn’t until February that I got the hang of how to deal with them.    But, there were so many in January that things were already a bit blah!  I had expected to be done two complete Writing Cycles by this point.  Tuesday, I finished only the first part of my second go around.

Through it all, I kept up with my other new plan, sticker rewards.  When I first conceived the stickers, part of me wanted a sticker for all the things I do regularly. Though, I made myself go down to three.  I find myself sticking with the three, but wanting to go back to the idea of stickers for all the things (housework, studying, visiting blogs, and so on).  Not sure what I’ll do, but will decide by April 1st.

The only other thing to report is about my standing desk.  It has cut a lot of “crap” time from my computer use.  By “crap” I mean endlessly watching videos, reading web comics, and other “fun” things that often acted as a distraction to my writing.  That’s great for my writing, but when I’m in the mood to draw digitally and tired since it is the end of my day: Not Cool.  Not sure what I want to do about this “situation.”

But, what are most people really here for?  The goals break down.


My Nemesis!

Every Week
Review Grammar 4 Days (breakfast) Not a lot of the time, but through no fault of my own.  This suffered not just from Snow Days, but 2 hour delays (as kids were here for my breakfast).  When I could do it, I did it.

Study Japanese 4 Days (lunch) Same as Grammar, but done on days where there were 2 hour delays, so a little more than Grammar.

Visit 2 ROWers (minimum) Each Check-In I didn’t do it perfectly.  At the very least, I think I managed at least 2 for one of the check-ins.  But, I think I did the visits for the most part.

Before Round Ends
Write/Finish 1 Short Story I wrote NERITE and gave it one pass through edits. Not “finished,” but pretty far along.


Do you have a suggestion for my standing desk issue? (This is my current set up.)

Write 10,000 Words On TJ/MEOW Originally, this was supposed to be just TJ. When that project fell short on words, I added MEOW.  I got 10,264/10,000 | 102.6%.  But, those weren’t the only words I wrote this round.  In total, I wrote 27,976 words across 5 WIPs. 

Complete 5 Projects (from project/procrastination list) I wanted to get some things I’ve been meaning to do done and I did the bare minimum, even after having hopes of doing more.  5/5

It wasn’t a bad round.  Lots of outside forces were at play.  I did pretty good with the time I had.  (That’s what I keep telling myself.)

Between rounds, primarily Friday and Monday, I hope to edit NERITE and send it off to my Beta readers (at latest April 1st –  hope they don’t think it is a joke).  The submission deadline for that is getting close.  But, today I’m taking the day off, as I earned it for finishing Cycle 1.2.

Does your writing life have a super villain?

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