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#ROW80: Choose Your Own Blog Post

littleROW80So welcome to Choose Your Own Blog Post!  (You know, like those 80s novels, Choose Your Own Adventure!)  I am going to try an summarize each topic in a heading (sentence).  If you want to read that part, great!  If not, move onto the next heading.  You read the parts you want to without missing out/overlap.  Are you read?  Then let the blog post begin…

If all goes well, in one month I’ll know if I have thyroid cancer.

As I said before my break, I had a biopsy scheduled (and done) on the 23rd.  At that time, my doctor took samples for two tests.  The first test was the same one I’ve done now 3 times.  And I got the same exact results as last time.  Some mutated cells, but not enough to say it is cancer.  The second test is to test those mutated cells and determine if the genomes for cancer are present.  Those test results should reach me in a month (possibly a month and a half).

But don’t think things haven’t changed, because they have.  First, I have an appointment for a thyroid surgeon in two months.  My doctor wants me ready should this be cancer.  (More on that if it happens.)  Second, my risk of cancer has shot up.  It went from 3-12% to 30-50%.

And in all honesty?  To me, it has always felt like the odds were 50/50.  It is either cancer or it isn’t.  I know statistics and math… But to me, it has always been this much.  However, now that it is at 30-50% it is starting to feel more like 75%.  And that’s scary.

The anthology I submitted SUMMER to was canceled so it won’t be published.

There’s a little more to the story than that.  Seems I missed the publisher’s announcement that the anthologies after a certain point were canceled.  This included the one I had written SUMMER for.  However, the editor did say I could publish the short story through them as a stand-alone piece.  The header, though, lets you know I didn’t pursue this option.

Those that followed along from the beginning know I struggled so much with this piece.  In the end, I was satisfied enough with it to submit it.  Though, I wasn’t happy with it.  While I thought it was a decent piece to be with many, I felt it wasn’t a solo thing.  So, keeping my writing career in mind, I passed on the option.

I am happy to announce the accomplishment of not only some ROW80 goals but one 2018 Goal.

2018 Goals
Have something new published. – Not yet
Finish Querying GRANDMA – [DONE on 5/17]
NEW GOAL- Finish Editing PET As I stated when I made these goals.  When I finish one goal, I need to add a new one.

Finish Writing SUMMER (1k/week)– [DONE on 4/26/18]
Edit SUMMER–  [DONE on 5/16]   
Send out SUMMER– [DONE on 5/16]  
Saturday Submission (1/week)– I’m changing this to one a week since I am now doing a rotating project schedule (I will talk about this more next week after I test it out).  I did 17 queries in order to finish my 2018 goal.  Definitely went to break rocking it!
NEW GOAL: Edit PET – Last ROWnd I was working on this, but I stopped in order to meet the deadline for SUMMER (not knowing the anthology had been canceled).  Since I’ll be cycling my writing tasks, I chose this for my Edits (and it ties to my 2018 goal).  I already started on this.  Chapters 1 & 2 are done! 

Catch Up On Comics (7/week)– [Bulk portion accomplished 4/17/18] [Finished Free Comic Book Day stack 5/16/18] I am a little behind on last week.  I hope to catch up this week.
Catch Up On Graphic Novels– [Finished 5 – last updated 5/29/18] Recently finished DC BOMBSHELLS volume 5.

Every Tuesday– Last week is an excused absence!

There’s a fine line between rewarding and punishing yourself, and I tend to be on the wrong side of that line.

On top of these goals, I have separate goals on a sheet of paper regarding my household and exercise.  My reward for meeting my exercise goals is a random clothing purchase.  I usually don’t buy myself clothes or nice things because I have a little more than enough (I rather pay off my credit card balance faster).  Except recently…

My socks started dying.  I would be putting them on and the top part had worn out.  They started shredding as I pulled them on.  Little by little, I started realizing I was running out.  And as it was I had very few pairs to wears comfortably with my knee-high boots.  So, I told myself… Make those fitness goals and you can buy them.

Only, life.  I was always super close.  But a family event or scheduling issue would make me miss one part of it by one.  I was proud of what I did those weeks, but did I reward myself for it?  No.

And even worse?  I was holding hostage a necessity (a good pair of socks is important when you are working in a store or running).

So this is my PSA:  Rewards are great and motivating things.  Promise yourself a bottle of wine when you sign that contract.  That necklace you saw and thought was pretty?  Run that 5K and buy it!  They should be indulgences and moments of celebration.  But don’t hold dinner off until you finish editing those three chapters, especially because you only have thirty minutes until you need to get in bed.  Don’t keep wearing falling apart shoes because you can’t have a pair until you run a ten-minute mile.  Don’t deny yourself water until the whole kitchen is spotless.  Things you need are not rewards.  They are musts!  Meet your musts ASAP!  

Don’t worry about me, though.  My husband found out what I was doing.  He bought me new socks.  And then, to break the cycle for myself, I bought myself new shoes for work/running the trails with the kids this summer.  The shoes I’ve been using have practically smooth soles (from being worn down).

And, though I could probably add another two discussion topics, let’s close this up with what I’m planning to do by my next blog post check-in.

#1- I will hopefully be up to date on all comics and have at least 1 more trade read.
#2- Edit chapters 3 & 4 of PET.
#3- Have a list of short stories on my hard drive that need a home.  Also Send 1 out.
#4- Find a new anthology to submit to.  Start work on that.
#5- Have my summer schedule worked out.  (And make sure I have time for writing and reading in it!)  Last day for my kids is Thursday.  We have a family fun day planned Friday, so I need it for Saturday and beyond.

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