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Interview: A.B. Funkhauser

Author Book Review (8).pngCome one!  Come all!  See my latest captive author interview!  Let me take off the sheet so we can see who we have today…

I’m A.B. Funkhauser and I’m an undertaker living in Toronto, Canada. When I’m not doing what I’m trained for, I write, lecture, draw, listen to R – E – C – O – R – D – S, and Chill and Netflix. I enjoy long walks in the woods, don’t mind the beach, and love tooling around the chilly Canadian countryside in winter in a convertible with the top DOWN. I wear a tuque when my hair isn’t big and I do say “Eh” and I say it proudly, eh?

Woot!  The interview and my crimes has gone international!!! So, what comic goodness are you reading up there in Canada?

The New York Times Best Seller list never lies, so I’m keeping an eye on ONE-PUNCH MAN, VOL. 4 by ONE and Yusuke Murata and NARUTO: THE SEVENTH HOKAGE AND THE SCARLET SPRING by Masashi Kishimoto. Blame the kids, they got me hooked.

Manga is an excellent choice!  Heck, even Stan Lee has worked in manga.  He had a hand in making Karakuri Dôji Ultimo.  And- Whoa, I better stop or I’ll end up monologue-ing like a villain.  Speaking of villains, got a favorite?  Other than me, of course.

I totally got into Fish in season one of GOTHAM, but now I can’t take my eyes off Penguin. Robin Lord Taylor is AMAZING. Of course, it helps that he’s a snappy dresser and loves his mum, but there’s more to it than that. His relationship with Jim Gordon is so complex and curious. In Gordon he seeks a friend, a brother, someone who can approve of him. It’s touching and heart breaking. Now, when he goes off the wall as he often does, he is high camp: zany, homicidal, funny beyond belief, even at his most sadistic. I think his vulnerable side is a great balance to all the crazy. I keep hoping he’ll find some peace, but then, if he did, he wouldn’t be Penguin.

Well, we villains are quite zany!  Know what else is zany?  Superpowers!  They can be so helpful, but there’s always a price, the weakness.  Tell me which superpower you’d like and I’ll dump the radioactive ooze on you.

Easy! I’d be a more controlled version of Storm. Let it rain a half hour each day between four and four-thirty in spring-summer; let there always be snow Christmas Day; keep the water behind the levees at all times; and let there be enough humidity to keep skins soft and mosquitoes down. What’s the weakness? The planet is busted up into different hemispheres limiting my dream to where I dwell, so many will be left out. That makes me sad.

Tell the lovely people why you’re here today, as we wait for the ooze to take effect.

OFFICIAL SCOOTER COVER.jpgI’m getting the word out on my second novel SCOOTER NATION releasing March 13 through Solstice Publishing and Amazon. It’s a bewdy, combining gonzo mortuary revenge themes with a little bit of romance and a lot of humor. There are many players vying for control of the street they live on, but only a handful will triumph against the evil wafting from City Hall and an over inflated showboat of a fitness guru, all hell bent on transforming a real community with real people into fakey punk plastic. I’m so excited because the unlikely avengers in this scenario are a rag tag crew of funeral directors and a gang of scooter bound sextenarians crusading for the rights of the disabled. The challenges are herculean in that they must put aside civilized behavior—everything they’ve been taught to believe is right—to achieve their ends. The question I hope to leave readers with is: Are these people heroes or villains? What is the difference?

Kindle Version | Paperback

Want more A.B. Funkhauser?
WebsiteScooter PagePodcastTwitter
FacebookPublisherGoodreadsAmazon Author Page

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Newborn Book Babies Are Like Real Babies ~ #ROW80 Check-In


What I mean is, they both require a whole lot of attention for that first bit.

Cynthia Louise Scott and I connected on Twitter last week.  First thing she told me was that she missed my posts.  So, I am making sure I post today.  It doesn’t matter that I need to clean the bathroom, call my father, order guinea pig food, and a thousand other things.  I’m a freaking sponsor and I’m super failing!  Today, I’ll be making it up as best as I can.

That said, you either do or will understand why I’ve been so busy at some point.  UNMASKING: LEMON’S THESIS 100% officially released March 2nd.  Wednesday I did a big video event (readings and crafts) to celebrate the release.  Thursday, my writing time found me at my job (I can’t call it work, because I enjoy my time there too much to consider it “work”).  I got home in time to do mom stuff.  Friday, I reached out to the wonderful writers* I have connected with (and some complete strangers).

12805985_1340666412626634_7747000645496474296_n.jpgAnd then came Saturday.  I left my house at 11:15 am and didn’t get home until 7:30 pm.  I did my first ever book signing.  You might have seen me promote it once or twice.  To be honest, I was kind of there for the event too, though. I even got a question through.  “Which Blue Beetle will be in Rebirth?” (There’s 3 it could be!)  Dan Didio totally dodged my question.  (I want Jamie Reyes, for the record.)

12778789_1340665629293379_1761550489203664574_o.jpgYou might be wondering how it went.  I sold out of books and I got a pre-order for one more.  (Ordering more books is part of the thousand things to do, along with sweeping the floor, brushing the dogs, doing the kids’ laundry, and more.)  I’m excited and nervous as I order more.  Will it keep going this well?

Truth is, it will keep going well if I keep working hard at it!  If I keep reaching out and making connections.  As long as I keep looking for opportunities.  Then, yes, I will keep doing this well.

So, how have I been doing with my goals?

As well as I have been doing with my posting here.  Terribly.  I’ve been dropping the ball a lot (not just writing, with everything).  I get done what must be done, though.  I keep saying, “This week, I’ll get it under control.”  Because, last year?  OMG, I was on top of everything!  I juggled like I never juggled before.  This year so far has been chaotic, but super eventful (mostly good).  One of these weeks, I’ll be right and finally get everything under control and running smoothly.  For now, rather than beat myself up, I’m focusing on the awesome things I’m accomplishing.

Want to help me promote?  Please contact me!  I have a media kit.  Can do guest posts, interviews, and other things.  Can you spare me a RT?

What have you been neglecting?
Have you ever failed at goals while feeling you succeeded?
Is there any place you would like to do a book signing at?

*- Some are ROWers, some are WIPpeteers, and some are through other projects I have worked on.  All of these writers and kind, supportive, and helpful.  I totally appreciate the support and feel super lucky to know all of them.

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Signing Today!!!

Gloria Weber (2)

And a reminder that I did a Guest Post on Lemon “Em” Law (the main character of UNMASKING: LEMON’S THESIS) over on Caren Rich’s blog.

Special thanks to A. M. Leibowitz, Fallon Brown, A. B. Funkhauser, Kate Sparkes, Emily WittTracey Ward, and Isabel Jordan for helping spread the word about UNMASKING: LEMON’S THESIS.

Can’t come? Still want the book?
Buy it on Amazon!

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Why UNMASKING isn’t a comic…


Let’s do this backwards!  A countdown.  But not the final countdown.

Reason #3 – Industry Truths
If I took the time to write this all out the chances of it actually getting drawn and made into a comic are super slim (publishing with Penguin would be more realistic of a chance).  As it is, lots of places expect the team (writer, artist, and letterer) assembled before hand.  Very few places take just scripts these days.  There are more comic writers than there are comic artists.  I’m not an artist.*

all_bets_are_off_by_gweberart-d4vjfllReason #2 – I don’t draw fast
*-I’m not an artist.  However, I do draw for fun.  Meaning, I’ve been too busy and I’m super rusty.**

Even at the height of my drawing times, like when I drew that raccoon lady, I was slow.  She took me five days!  So, imagine me trying to draw a page of comics.  A beautiful, what UNMASKING deserves page would probably be seven to ten days each.  I’d be done years from now!


**-I’m rusty.  Even my chibi drawing has suffered.  Le sigh…

I could cut corners (the above).  Now, that took me two writing sessions.  I’d say  for the amount of text that picture covers we’re talking double the production time.  Even when you count edits, revisions, re-reads, and not just pounding on the keys, my story gets done faster being a book and not a comic.

So, why isn’t UNMASKING: LEMON’S THESIS a comic?
Short answer: Because I wanted to make sure it got in people’s hands, being the best it could be, as fast as can be.

UNMASKING #2 will be out Fall/Winter of 2016
Get #1 today!

Before I go, I want to share some good news and some bad news.  I know you’re supposed to end with the good news, but I’m starting with that.

Good News: On March 2nd I did a Guest Post over on the awesome blog of Caren Rich.   I break down some of my character choices when it came to creating Lemon “Em” Law.

Bad News: On February 28, 2016, my dwarf hamster, Gotham, passed away.  He live for almost two months, spoiled as I could manage.  I hope he was happy, because he made me very happy.

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For the release of my new book, I did a video event.  Here’s a list of the videos:

10 am: Introduction – Explains the event
11 am: Reading #1 – I read from the very beginning
Noon: Craft – Comic Banner – Inspired by this craft tutorial
1 pm: Reading #2 – I read an “archive news article”
2 pm: Craft – Comic (Paper) Rose – Inspired by this craft tutorial
3 pm: Reading #3 – Lemon’s “love life”
4 pm: Craft – Mod Podge – Inspired by skimming through Pinterest
5 pm: Reading #4 – Meet the dean of Trimble College
6 pm: Craft – Comic Hearts – Instructions from this page

If you want to watch them all in one go, hit play!

Want the book?
It is for sale on Amazon.

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