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Why UNMASKING isn’t a comic…


Let’s do this backwards!  A countdown.  But not the final countdown.

Reason #3 – Industry Truths
If I took the time to write this all out the chances of it actually getting drawn and made into a comic are super slim (publishing with Penguin would be more realistic of a chance).  As it is, lots of places expect the team (writer, artist, and letterer) assembled before hand.  Very few places take just scripts these days.  There are more comic writers than there are comic artists.  I’m not an artist.*

all_bets_are_off_by_gweberart-d4vjfllReason #2 – I don’t draw fast
*-I’m not an artist.  However, I do draw for fun.  Meaning, I’ve been too busy and I’m super rusty.**

Even at the height of my drawing times, like when I drew that raccoon lady, I was slow.  She took me five days!  So, imagine me trying to draw a page of comics.  A beautiful, what UNMASKING deserves page would probably be seven to ten days each.  I’d be done years from now!


**-I’m rusty.  Even my chibi drawing has suffered.  Le sigh…

I could cut corners (the above).  Now, that took me two writing sessions.  I’d say  for the amount of text that picture covers we’re talking double the production time.  Even when you count edits, revisions, re-reads, and not just pounding on the keys, my story gets done faster being a book and not a comic.

So, why isn’t UNMASKING: LEMON’S THESIS a comic?
Short answer: Because I wanted to make sure it got in people’s hands, being the best it could be, as fast as can be.

UNMASKING #2 will be out Fall/Winter of 2016
Get #1 today!

Before I go, I want to share some good news and some bad news.  I know you’re supposed to end with the good news, but I’m starting with that.

Good News: On March 2nd I did a Guest Post over on the awesome blog of Caren Rich.   I break down some of my character choices when it came to creating Lemon “Em” Law.

Bad News: On February 28, 2016, my dwarf hamster, Gotham, passed away.  He live for almost two months, spoiled as I could manage.  I hope he was happy, because he made me very happy.

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I Read…


If I Wrote Hyperbole and a Half‘s Back Cover

Umm… Let’s try that again.

Allie Bosh shares stories and perspective in this collection of drawings and tales.  Some stories will be familiar to fans of her website Hyperbole and a Half.  Other tales are new and just as awesome.  BUY THIS BOOK NOW!

My Opinion:
I think it should be obvious.  LOVE IT!  I’m a fan of the website.  And my only complaints are that some of my favorites didn’t make it into the book.  Which ones?  The Alot.  A better pain scale.  The year Kenny Loggins ruined Christmas.  So, yeah.  Read the links and buy the book.

Is there a blog turned book you’d recommend to me?
What are you reading?

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Dressing Queenie For Halloween


Since it is the month of Halloween and Queenie is blogging with me I thought one of us should dress up for the blog posts.  Obviously I picked her and not me.  And I chose to draw costumes on a picture of her.  I mean, could you imagine really trying to dress a hamster up?  So this is the option I went with.  Expect a new costume for every week in October!

Is there a costume someone bribed you to wear?
Any wacky costume memories you want to share?

Dear WIPpeteers, 
I miss you.  I’ve got literally nothing new or even in edits
right now.  As soon as I have something down on
HAMSTER, I’ll come running back.
Love, Me

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Gamer Girl Cred


My copy on my dining table.
Click the picture for more information on the game.

Yesterday, I said I needed to share more about myself/my life.  The universe provided and put me to the test to keep my word.  So, here’s something about me you may or may not know.

I’m a gamer girl with gamer cred.

Yes, I play video games, but when I say gamer (at least for this post) I mean rolling D20’s while sitting around a table with friends and envisioning my character crawling through dungeons and slaying dragons.  In other words, I’m into pen and paper role playing games (RPGs).

Anyways, back when I first started using Twitter, I was super on top of the independent RPG scene.  This gave me chances to do some cool stuff.  Some of it I even got credit for.  Which brings me to my most notable directly RPG related accomplishment: I won a uniform design contest held by Atarashi Games.

I bring this up, because yesterday I got an awesome surprise in my mailbox.  I got my copy of TOKYO BRAIN POP!  That’s the uniform I designed on the cover.  It’s a super cool game that has you playing Japanese high school girls that should be starring in their own anime/manga.

I’m really proud to be a part of this, even though it was in a very small way.

What odd “claim to fame” do you have?

~*~      ~*~      ~*~

How I’ve been feeding my geek side: Played some UNDERWORLD (The above kind of RPG).  Tried (and failed) drawing a tin woman.  Watched episode 2 of BOYS BEFORE FRIENDS.  Played OKAMI (on my PS2).

Recent Additions To My Writing Music Playlist:
LUCIFER by SHINee  – Her whisper is the Lucifer.
KOEWOKIKASETE by Big Bang – Theme for the J-drama OHITORISAMA
HIGH HIGH by GD & TOP – My two favorites from Big Bang
I HATE YOU by 2NE1 – Chibi style MV.
I YAH by Boyfriend – Once used this as a code name.

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Read It and Smile!


Bookstore haul: 2 science books | 2 bargain bin books | lots of Ga’Hoole books
(Click to make bigger)

Books, draft, and dictionary.

I was talking to my son about what he’s been reading (Narnia series, which he’ll be done before the end of the month) and what he hopes to read.  Turns out the boy has a thing for non-fiction of the science variety.  And that got me thinking, finding books for him was going to be a bit of an issue as he’s too old for picture books (the basics) and other books tend to be too adult (how to have sex on Mars?  Really?  Really).  There’s no MG/YA version of non-fiction books and there should be.  Honestly, as an adult, I’d kind of appreciate something like that (some where between expert/deep study and light entry level).  Did that make sense to you or am I babbling?


Want to join the challenge? Click the logo!

Image on the right says most weekly goals were met.  Go me!

Rain and sacrificing my once a week Zumba time led to miss on exercise, but still real close!

Extra words this week thanks to me discovering #WriteClub (@FriNightWrites).  I can see me getting addicted to that.

In the To Do List Goals area there was progress of sorts.  Edits for PMGCB are on hold as readers are reading it and I’m awaiting feedback.  Finally it is fit for other eyes!

Plans For This Week: I don’t know yet.  Part of me says, “Just stick with weekly goals and rest otherwise.”  The other part of me says, “You have pre-writing sheets you need to finalize and start using, lady!”  And right now, I don’t want to decide.  So, it will be a surprise!  (I know, that was lame.)

WIPpet Wednesday
This is when WIPpeteers share a bit from a work in progress (or WIP) and use the date to decide how much to share.  KL Schwengel runs the show.  Find the linkie on her page to read other people’s work or join in.

Sharing Math and Sharing What?
July 10, so that’s seven (July) sentences from page 10 from my WIP code named FLAMES.  That’s right.  Since PMGCB is resting, I’m pulling out the other thing I’ve been working on.  This is a Fantasy YA.  And I probably picked a rather random bit…

“Governess,” I said trying out the new word.

The night stand’s drawer opening was louder than my words. I plunged my hands inside and removed the mystery solver. A dictionary. My dictionary. The only gift Issac ever gave me. It made me think maybe he didn’t hate me as much as I thought.

Wrap Up
I got nothing. Let’s go to the questions!

Are there any book holes you see in the market?
Are there any other challenges/groups I should look into?

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