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Interview: K. C. Sprayberry

Author Book Review (7)MUAHAHAHAHA!

I mean, hi everyone!  Today I trapped interview another author.  Captive Honored guest, please introduce yourself.

Hey, my name is K.C. Sprayberry. I love writing about teens in trouble, romantic suspense, westerns, and military lives. In my spare time, I read and adore watching Supernatural and NCIS.

Writers gotta write.  Villains gotta villain.  Totally love your TV choices too.  I also love superheroes.  Have a favorite?

Rogue from X-Men.

She’s a popular one.  Is there a special reason you picked her?

Rogue has the inadvertent ability and sometimes remove memories, physical strength, and superpowers from people when she touches them skin from skin. Because of that, she can’t get close to people, making her very lonely and certain her mutation is a curse. She wants acceptance for herself as a person but is unable to have a normal relationship. In a lot of ways, her life seems to mirror mine. Acceptance for who I am as an author has been difficult to get from those around me. It often leaves me feeling left out, standing on the outside looking in.

Well, K. C. you are more than accepted here and always welcomed.  Feel free to come anytime you want,  as long as you don’t mind being in a cage.  Onto happier things, like food!  Dinner is a nice thing.  So which comic character do you want to have dinner with?

Wolverine from X-Men.

I’m noticing a theme.  (Nothing wrong with that!)  And why is he your dinner date?

He’s totally cool. Doesn’t judge anyone except by how they treat him.

Well, when you put it like that, I’m even tempted!  What should the waiter bring you?

Steak and all the trimmings.

Okay, I’m totally going to muscle in on your dinner!  What are we all going to talk about?

I’d want to know if he prefers to be called Logan or Wolverine. What’s his favorite thing to do, when he’s not saving the world. What kind of movies he enjoys. The normal, ordinary things that define us as humans.

I’d probably ask him to slice my steak.  Hehe!  Okay, the radioactive gamma rays are ready, so what superpower would you like?

The power to walk into a room and immediately discern what others are thinking about me. To be able to figure out in a moment if I have to get involved with the ongoing conversation or sit back and let the others do all the taking. The super weakness that goes along with that I would probably know if others are ready to use me for their own schemes or don’t care about me at all.

lie.jpgThis might hurt a bit, so to distract you… Please, tell everyone about what you’re promoting today.

I’m promoting my newest young adult psychological thriller The Lie. It asks the question “How well do you know your friends?”

For high school siblings, Amy and Bryce, the night began with a football game. Bryce was stuck at home with a cold, brought on by an uncaring coach. Amy was in the stands, playing with the band whose funding had been taken away and given to the football team.

Her best friend, Jane, brought the band together to play a prank on the team in protest.

The prank went wrong. Horribly, tragically wrong.

And the lie that started it all would not stop.

Sales Link:

Didn’t get enough K. C. Sprayberry?
Then check her out on the following:

 Goodreads | AmazonGoogle + 
 PinterestManic Readers | AUTHORSdB

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Why UNMASKING isn’t a comic…


Let’s do this backwards!  A countdown.  But not the final countdown.

Reason #3 – Industry Truths
If I took the time to write this all out the chances of it actually getting drawn and made into a comic are super slim (publishing with Penguin would be more realistic of a chance).  As it is, lots of places expect the team (writer, artist, and letterer) assembled before hand.  Very few places take just scripts these days.  There are more comic writers than there are comic artists.  I’m not an artist.*

all_bets_are_off_by_gweberart-d4vjfllReason #2 – I don’t draw fast
*-I’m not an artist.  However, I do draw for fun.  Meaning, I’ve been too busy and I’m super rusty.**

Even at the height of my drawing times, like when I drew that raccoon lady, I was slow.  She took me five days!  So, imagine me trying to draw a page of comics.  A beautiful, what UNMASKING deserves page would probably be seven to ten days each.  I’d be done years from now!


**-I’m rusty.  Even my chibi drawing has suffered.  Le sigh…

I could cut corners (the above).  Now, that took me two writing sessions.  I’d say  for the amount of text that picture covers we’re talking double the production time.  Even when you count edits, revisions, re-reads, and not just pounding on the keys, my story gets done faster being a book and not a comic.

So, why isn’t UNMASKING: LEMON’S THESIS a comic?
Short answer: Because I wanted to make sure it got in people’s hands, being the best it could be, as fast as can be.

UNMASKING #2 will be out Fall/Winter of 2016
Get #1 today!

Before I go, I want to share some good news and some bad news.  I know you’re supposed to end with the good news, but I’m starting with that.

Good News: On March 2nd I did a Guest Post over on the awesome blog of Caren Rich.   I break down some of my character choices when it came to creating Lemon “Em” Law.

Bad News: On February 28, 2016, my dwarf hamster, Gotham, passed away.  He live for almost two months, spoiled as I could manage.  I hope he was happy, because he made me very happy.

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For the release of my new book, I did a video event.  Here’s a list of the videos:

10 am: Introduction – Explains the event
11 am: Reading #1 – I read from the very beginning
Noon: Craft – Comic Banner – Inspired by this craft tutorial
1 pm: Reading #2 – I read an “archive news article”
2 pm: Craft – Comic (Paper) Rose – Inspired by this craft tutorial
3 pm: Reading #3 – Lemon’s “love life”
4 pm: Craft – Mod Podge – Inspired by skimming through Pinterest
5 pm: Reading #4 – Meet the dean of Trimble College
6 pm: Craft – Comic Hearts – Instructions from this page

If you want to watch them all in one go, hit play!

Want the book?
It is for sale on Amazon.

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A New Release From Cassie Donoghue and Verity James

BrotherlyLove-Small.jpgBrotherly Love: Stepbrother Romance
By: Cassie Donoghue and Verity James

Two tales of undeniable attraction and forbidden love…

In Cassie Donoghue’s BURNING DESIRE, a family tragedy brings Lyndsie and and her stepbrother, Kyle, back into each other’s lives. Will the untameable passion between them be enough to overcome the personal challenges standing in the way of their mutual happiness?

All Neka has wanted for years was to be out of the shadow of her perfect stepbrother, Josh. Two months before her dream becomes a reality, Josh seems determined to prove that he’s not the bad guy she’s always thought him to be in Verity James’s UNDER MY SKIN.

More information/buy links

Author site/blog link


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An Unexpected Journey ~ Coming Soon UNMASKING: LEMON’S THESIS

Under the cover of this book... (2).pngLong time visitors of the blog know I have picked the traditional publishing path for myself.  I sell stories, query agents, and so forth.  In other words, I haven’t self-published or had the inclination to.

My choice isn’t because I look down on self-publishing.  It was because I know self-publishing is a whole lot of work!  You either have to be the complete package to produce a book (cover artist to king-hella-$#!+-kicker editor) or you have to believe so much in your project that you’ll invest in it.  I’m not the complete package and I have self-esteem issues, so that’s never been me.

Still isn’t.  However, I found a third reason to self-publish that I didn’t even consider before.  But first, story time!  Gather round.  Form a semi-circle.  Sit however is comfy.  Billy, stop poking Ann.

Once upon a time, more specifically in the fall of 2015, I wrote a novella.  This was an idea I had been kicking around for a year, but over summer it solidified for me.  (Reading comics and watching ONCE UPON A TIME over summer really helped.)

Novellas are a weird creature and few accept them.  There are places and as I wrote it I had a home in mind for this one.  After Thanksgiving, but before Christmas, I sent it in and early January it was accepted.

I wish this was where I said, “And it published happily ever after” or “The End!”  It isn’t.  Things didn’t go smoothly.  As I worked through the bumps, I came to realize I had a very solid vision for this novella.  Any thing less than what was in my mind?  Well, that was just going to kill my creative little soul (or send it to the soul hospital for an extended stay).  This novella had to be a certain way.  My way.

Things progressed and the publisher and I amicably agreed to part ways on this project.  With some liquor in me for courage, I made the excellent choice of hiring Teresa Conner.  She did editing, layout, and cover design for me (because if I had stopped at editing, I could have chickened out).  Teresa let me have my way when it was right and reined me in when I was asking for something stupid (don’t ask about my original cover I pitch).  Any questions I had, she answered them quickly, sweetly, and professionally.  She was fast, efficient, and made me feel like my work was worth taking this route with.

I am just a few (but take a while) steps from releasing my creation upon the world!

Moral of the story Reason number three for self-publishing:
Because no one will do it like you would and how you would is the only way to do it.

So what is UNMASKING: LEMON’S THESIS about?  When is it coming out?  Sign up for my newsletter to find out.  I’ll be announcing that Tuesday.

What do you think of the cover?
Do you watch ONCE UPON A TIME?  Favorite character?
What would make you veer from your writing path?


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