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New Release: WINTER ANTHOLOGY 2017

a winter holiday 2017-001.jpgText messages send Halia on a quest.

Can he capture wondrous enchantment?

An unusual stranger captivates Gina’s heart.

Time travel via Victorian mistletoe.

Will Sara Anne find a daddy by Christmas?

A rip-roaring ride through a Hawaiian Christmas.

Never Was Mrs. Claus Rocks!

What happened on your best New Year’s Eve?

Follow your heart, trust your instincts.

How does Emlyn Goode celebrate Christmas? Food, friends… and murder.

The incredible talents of Eddie Edwards, Leigh Podgorski, E.B. Sullivan, Debbie De Louise, Jeannie Sharpe, Justin Herzog, Gloria Weber, A.F. Weeks, A.A. Schenna, and Susan Lynn Solomon combine in this holiday anthology. Be prepared to experience the winter holidays as you never have before, with tales that will make you laugh, cry, and remember what the spirit of these holidays is all about.

Print $18.99
Ebook $4.99

***Please Note: That “Rocking Christmas Wishes” will be released as a stand-alone ebook at a later date, for less than the above.  If you want to buy a copy to just support my writing, that might be the one you should wait for.***

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March 2nd & 5th: Unleashing UNMASKING!

Under the cover of this book... (2)One week from today, UNMASKING LEMON’S THESIS officially releases!*  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!

So, pick your favorite social media (as long as it is Twitter, Facebook, G+, YouTube, or this blog) and follow me.  I’ll be alternating between reading excerpts and sharing some crafts (and perhaps food making) hourly.

I haven’t quite figured out my schedule.  But, it will be geared toward releasing in the afternoon to evening.  (For example: 2pm-6pm.)  The more I can find to share, the longer the event will be.  Now, I’m not sure if the videos will be pre-made or made on the day (maybe both).  It depends if I get a handle on my life schedule.  However, on that day, one way or another, this will be happening!

But that’s not the only event going down!  I’m also doing a book signing!  (In fact, while typing this up my books for the event arrived!  SQUEEEE!)  The info is in the image:

Gloria Weber (2)

Come celebrate with me here (March 2nd) or at Robot Zero (March 5)!
And be sure to get your copy if UNMASKING: LEMON’S THESIS!

*- I say official, because being a self-publishing noob, I messed up!  Print editions of UNMASKING: LEMON’S THESIS are already for sale online.  

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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, Especially With Books

Pinterest Blog Writing Banners (3).pngI have what I like to call a Pokemon mentality. For those that haven’t heard me use this phrase, let me explain. I’m totally all about the tagline.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

This means, I need the complete set of movies. Every doll in the franchise. The entire collection of snow globes. And, yes, I must collect all 150 Pokemon.

What do you mean there’s way more than that now? It was hard enough back then, with the trading and limited stones, to get just those!

Ahem. Sorry.

This mentality has bled over into my reading. Except we need to change it up a little.

Gotta Read It All! Bookemon!

To be honest, I try to convince myself that it is okay to quit. But, have you heard this one? You can learn a lot about writing by reading a good book. You can learn even more from reading a bad one.

I heard it somewhere and became addicted to the Kool-Aid. That’s how I convince myself to finish these not right for me books. I call it important writer learning.

Learning good.   Finishing book good. Brain must suffer!!!

So, I spend months reading a book I don’t like.  Months.

Which is how the reading pile grew. Currently?   Two tote bags full! I keep them my living room closet. Plus waaay too many free ebooks I’ve racked up on my Kindle app. Oh, don’t get me started on my Amazon wish list or the books from series I’m following, but haven’t bought because I have too much.

I- I- I- sigh.

I obviously have to do something about this. I can’t go on like this. I think it is time I start breaking up with books. So, here is my new personal dating reading policy.

All books get a fair shot, or 100 pages to be exact.

I figure by page 100 I…
1)Will have made up my mind if I like it or not (usually by less than that, to be honest).
2)Have “learned” enough from reading a bad* one.
3)The book would have earned its way. (They are a purchase in many cases.)

As if right now I’m torn on if I should share my book break-ups. I’m leaning toward yes. See, I’ve recommended stuff I didn’t like before to others. In particular, I’m thinking of WIZARD BARRISTERS, an anime. The animation, acting, and plot are all good. Beautiful even. I should have loved this anime, but we just didn’t have chemistry. After two episodes, I broke up with it.** I recommended this to my friend and he loved it (thanked me for the recommendation too).

Do you have a book reading policy?
How much does it take for you to know if you like
a book/tv show/movie/comic? How long to you give it?

Hmmm… Will I or won’t I publish my book break-ups? The final decision will be announced in my newsletter! So be sure to subscribe, if you haven’t already. Bonus: You get a FREE ebook for subscribing.

*-Bad as in fit, not bad as in badly written. Because, most books I can’t finish are great books, just not great for me books.

**-Which turned out awesome for me, because I moved on and found LOG HORIZON, an anime I love.


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Adults Shouldn’t Read…

Pinterest Blog Writing Banners (2)middle grade fiction.
…young adult fiction.

Aren’t you too old to be reading…
…middle grade fiction?
…young adult fiction?

You’re too smart for that!

Have you ever heard someone say that noise?

Now, I’m going to assume this person meant well. Great Aunt Gladys is a swell lady. She likes decorating her house according to BETTER HOMES AND GARDEN and somehow manages to make Martha Stewart recipes/crafts work.   Her favorite TV shows are medical dramas and she reads biographies. And she says this to you because, just like Will Smith’s parents, she “just don’t understand.

Heck, we all have such things. Personally, I really don’t understand BETTER HOMES AND GARDEN.

It’s just, some people (like Gladys) think that there’s a “right” or “appropriate” way to have fun.   And in caring, they try to help get you on that path. Only, BETTER HOMES AND GARDEN isn’t your fun. Though, you’ll never be able to explain or get them to understand why.

For the record:
The only wrong way to have fun is if your fun hurts others (without their consent).
Reading biographies: Cool
Watching STAR WARS movie marathons: Cool
Tackle football: Cool*
Burning down houses: Not cool

With that out of the way… Regardless of Gladys’ good intentions, there is still that noise.

“Oh, the noise! Oh, the Noise! Noise! Noise! Noise!”
-The Grinch

And that noise can make you feel like crap. That’s exactly how it makes me feel. So, please, let me remind you of some very important things.

You are not alone. Lots of other adults, all kinds of them, read it too. You are not out of place. Everyone likes different things, which is why there are menus. You are not less than or lesser for it.   Liking something doesn’t make you a bad person. You are having fun. Adulting (for the most part) isn’t! Why give up this valuable feeling?

Now, this can apply to more than just the above. Some people get crap for reading adult categories such as romance novels.   Outside of reading, people hear it for liking “kid” things like anime, Hello Kitty, stuffed animals, stickers, LEGO, cartoons, and so on. All of that is noise too.

And since you know how it feels, let’s try to be a little nicer to each other. Remember this short diddy:


P.S.- Of course, some people say they above because they are douches. Still shouldn’t change a thing about your likes. They are just sucky people. And comments on this post from such people (or Gladys types, even) will be deleted because this is a feel good, accepting space.

Do you have a pep talk for those feeling down due to the noise?
Have a noise story with a happy ending?   Please share it!

P.P.S.- If you want to keep hearing my thoughts on writing, books, comics, and so forth you should subscribe to my newsletter. I’ll keep you up to date with my blog posts and provide bonus material. Plus, you get a FREE ebook for signing up!

*-That is as long as everyone consented to play. If you’re walking down the street and randomly tackling people, espeically Great Aunt Gladys, and screaming “FOOTBALL!” Then: Not Cool!

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Cover Reveal: TORN by Kate Sparkes

Kate Sparkes is cool, funny, smart, kind, entertaining, and a very talented writer.  For all those reasons, and more that I can’t think to list right now because I have yet to have coffee, I’m honored to be part of her cover reveal.  So, I’ll shut up and show you the awesome cover!


Aren Tiernal knows that safety is an illusion, that his cruel and powerful brother will never forgive his betrayal. Still, returning to Tyrea to challenge Severn for the throne would be suicide. It’s not until Severn himself comes to collect what’s owed to him that Aren decides to risk everything in an attempt to bring down the most powerful Sorcerer Tyrea has ever known. The mission seems doomed to fail, but it’s Aren’s only chance to save himself, his country, and the woman who thawed his heart.

Rowan Greenwood has troubles of her own. Though she should be a great Sorceress, years of being closed off from her magic have left her unable to control her incredible power. When a pair of ominous letters arrive from her home country, Rowan has to choose between her new life and a chance at saving her family—and just maybe changing an entire country’s beliefs about the evils of magic.

Torn apart by separate quests, Rowan and Aren will have to discover untapped strengths and confront their darkest fears in order to overthrow a ruler determined to destroy them both.

Bound Trilogy: Book Two
by Kate Sparkes
Release Date: March 31, 2015
Price: $2.99

Book Cover by Ravven

bound sale 1

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