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Brand ‘Em! Bran ‘Em Good! ~ #ROW80 Check-In

4.pngIn less than an hour, I’m going to the STAR WARS movie.  So, I’m going to keep this short.  I’ve been wrapping up holiday stuff (Florida relatives sent money this past week for me to shop on their behalf plus holiday baking continued).  I’ve also been working on making my blog and branding better for when I launch my new (more like first eva) newsletter.  See my new ROW80 icon?  (Tell me I’m it’s pretty!  Please!)

So short, like Edward Elric.

Sort Through 45 Pages of Agent List by Dec 9 – DONE 12/9
Send 60 Queries by Dec 23 –  DONE 12/14
[45/45 Pages] * [60/60 Queries]

Finish ZOMBIE MOON by Dec 23 No new reading.  Three days to finish?  Dunno bout dat, yo!

Monday & Wednesday – Yoga + 1 mile
Thursday through Saturday – 3 to 5 mile Run
After Lunch 2 mile Walk (at least) 5 Days/Week
By the end of the week, I was kind of entering “don’t wanna” and then snow… Bad week.

Visit Writer Community Members
Minimum 4 (ideally 7)/Week
0/4 I sucked

Comics Read: I’m not sure which ones I read, but I added them to my massive list.  I’m going to add my weekly pull to my newsletter as a small section so I can stop doing this because I think I missed listing some!

Newsletter Prep: If you haven’t noticed, I have redone the whole blog.  Starting at the main page of and tackling new images for blog posts.  (Please do check out all the changes and let me know your thoughts.)

Okay, I have to go get myself ready!  Thirty minutes to go!

Did you see STAR WARS?  Non-spoiler thoughts, please!
Any new pretties on your website for the new year?

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