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Summer Wrap Up

Pooka ear

My growing girl (4th grader) got her ears pierced this summer. Not pictured (7th grader) son got to stay home alone for the first time this summer. They are growing and I can’t stop it!

The second half of summer was emotionally taxing.  The large part of it was mommy feels.  I have a 7th grader and a 4th grader.  They each are growing and entering firsts that are all about cutting apron strings and needing me less.  A little bit of my summer down was due to the depression I suffer from.  I usually only gloss over the fact I am manic depressive, but after what happened with Robin Williams… I would rather not hide that anymore.  There’s nothing wrong with having depression.

Anyways, summer was rather normal.  We walked, swam in the lake (when the bacteria warnings weren’t up), watched movies on rainy days, did some activities/crafts, read, and the house is reasonably clean through it all. Over summer I convinced my husband that we do indeed need more pets!  Some time between now and March, we’ll be getting guinea pigs!  (I know last time I said rats… Still wants and chickens, but guinea pigs fit the reason we each want more pets.)

Today, the kids returned to school.  I have things I neglected that I want to take care of today (and tomorrow and Friday).  I’ll return to regular writing September 3 (because of Labor Day) and I’ll throw up some ROW80 goals Sunday.  But, before I announce new goals, I better let you know how I did on my summer goals.

Write Friday nights and Wednesday mornings (family permitting) I think I lazied out only 3 days during the whole summer.  That’s not bad at all!
Edit 2 pages 3-5 days a week After week 1 of summer I didn’t do this at all.  I was just too busy or exhausted.
Decide the fates of FLAMES and TJ Yes!  FLAMES needs a rewrite and I plotted that out already, but I’m not in a place to write that, so I set it aside.  TJ needs edits and I’ll get to it soon…
Fix pre-writing packet Done.
Finish pre-writing stuff for at least 2 projects: HAMSTER, TROLL, SPOILERS, and/or CURSED Nope.  Nada.  Nothing.
Finish editing GRANDMA and send to betas. I’m so close to being done edits.  Real close.  By end of September I should be done.

Go to OrginsWent.
Revamped studies I did my studying during the first half of summer, but not the second half.
Once a month, front yard throw down June and July are check.  There’s still some bit of the month left and I plan to later this week.
Read lots! Over summer I read 12 books and have 3 in progress.  That’s not bad for me.

Finish and edit MEOW Finished. Still needs edits.
Attend WriteOnCon This is going on right now. I’m not taking part.  Just have no reason to with all my projects unfinished.

How did your summer go?

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