#ROW80 – Thank You For Being My Dog, Romeo

Last year, in August, we were told our fourteen-year-old dog, Romeo, had inoperable cancer.  Our other dog’s oncologist said the best we could do with chemo is stop the lumps growth and perhaps shrink it a bit (for $1,600).  And this was on top of old age already kicking his butt (terrible arthritis, unable to control his bladder, going deaf, and going blind).  That’s why we decided to let the cancer take its course. We decided as long as he loved life and was happy we’d continue on “as normal.”

The lump got bigger.  Things got worse. He stopped being happy.  The lump made life a little dangerous (we have stairs in our home and down to the yard and the mobility issues increased).  And, every now and then he couldn’t get comfortable no matter what he did. There were pain shakes. He slept. He ate. He did nothing more.

So, eight and a half years have passed since we met him.  Eight and a half years of an oversized lap dog. Eight and a half years of life, love, and memories.  Eight and a half years ago I made the poor dog, that had been adopted from a shelter and then rehomed to us, a promise.  “This will be your last home.” And I kept that promise.

I’m not heart broken.  I’m not a wreck. I am sad.  I do miss him. But this was the best thing I could do for him.  I loved him a lot. I thank him for being the goodest boy. For being our boy.

Goodbye, Romeo.

2019 Goals

#1- Sell A Short Story
Still waiting to hear back on my out and about babies.

Round Goals


#1 Finish my Idea Sheets [DONE 4/2/19]   
Despite adding at least three ideas this week alone… I somehow finished it!  I now have an arsenal of ideas ready for me to pick from and to play with. In fact, I’m eyeing up my next short story and my first novel project for the year!  Of course… Today I had a short story idea (which I had forgotten) come to me… The ideas never stop!

#2 Write MAGIC
This was the short story I started last round, but was distracted from by Idea Sheets and so forth.  I am back to focusing on this. When I restarted I was 50% done. I am not 75% done. I think I might finish the rough draft this week.

Other Notable Writing Accomplishments This Week  
Sent 3 queries out. I wanted to query five places, but one had a rather involved system.  I could have sent 3 out in the time it took to do that one. Sheesh!


#1 Finish SUNSTONE volumes 1 – 5
I finished volume 1 on 4/2.  It was a good start full of mostly character establishment and a little bit of relationship building.  No drama has happened yet.  But due to the chaos in my life I didn’t start volume 2 yet.  


#3 Blog Weekly
I wanted to write this blog post before work, but my kids were home and I was dragging butt from a bad night of sleep. Still, I made it somehow.

Notable Life Accomplishments This Week
My son earned a spot among the top 25 students of his grade for the third year in a row.  For the first time ever my husband was able to attend the breakfast/awards ceremony (I’ve attended all three years).  

Today at work I finished sorting our special (usually for conventions) DC comics in preparation for free comic book day.  I’d say 2/3 of the main stock is priced and 1/3 of the Batmans are priced. I think I might actually have them all priced by end of next week!

I’m trying to count the wins because it has been a hard week (my dog was just the worst thing that happened… there was quite a bit more stupid crap).

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