#ROW80 – Goal Clarity

For those that don’t remember, after the great Robin Williams took his own life from what many thought was just depression (but turned out to be a much bigger thing), I had vowed to always be honest about my mental health state on here.  And right now, it isn’t good (don’t worry too much, as it isn’t horribly bad either). I’m having a (usually) mild (though sometimes moderate) episode of depression, which resulted in my Christmas tree staying up 4 days more than I wanted it to (I blame the weather for outdoor decorations being up, though).  I think I feel this way because for the holidays I let go of all my good habits that keep away (with pointy sticks) the depression (beast). So, probably for the start of 2019, I’ll be working hard to regain those. Wish me luck?

As for my goals, there hasn’t been much time for me to work on them.  However, I did come to some clarity on a few of them, so I figured I might as well clarify for my update!

2019 GOAL

(Golden Goal Rule – Once a Goal is Met, Replace it With a New One!)
#1- Sell A Short Story
I have taken inventory and located all my currently “out for submission” short stories.  They are actually all “back home” with me. Well, I guess we know what needs to be done. Time to kick them out again!  And I have a lead. While looking at markets for inspiration for my short story this round, I saw a possibly good fit for PRINCE.  Now, just to send it…

Other Notable 2019 Accomplishments
None Yet!

Round Goals

(Golden Goal Rule – Once a Goal is Met, Replace it With a New One!)
#1 Write 1 Short Story
I found an interesting anthology that is themed solarpunk in winter. That’s why for now we’ll call it WINTER (not the offical title as that doesn’t exist yet… heck character names don’t even exist).  I have a story idea already and I am hoping it works out well for me.
Other Notable Writing Actions This Week
None This Week

#2 Read 1 Graphic Novel
I picked out SAGA VOL. 4 for my next graphic novel read.
Other Notable Reading Actions This Week
I found out my Amazon Dot (Thanks for the present, Mom!) can read kindle books to me, so I might fire that up during cleaning times.

#3 ROW80 Accountability Buddy
I was assigned my partner!  We decided once a week (and if need be emergency) check-ins.  If you’re curious about her, visit Elizabeth Anne Mitchell at https://belledamesansmerci.wordpress.com/  
Other Notable ROW80 Actions This Week
None This Week

Other Notable Round Accomplishments
None Yet!

Notable Life Actions This Week
I went out and spent my holiday bonus.  I bought a bookshelf, which I’ve been needing for nearly a year.  Have yet to build it. However, when I do there will be a Beauty and the Beast display part for my collection which will include my new Belle Funko POP! (my husband Christmased me it to go with my Hot Topic Exclusive flocked Beast POP!).  I also found out Sally’s Beauty supply started carrying Arctic Fox and I picked myself up a bottle of purple rain for when I get my hair done at the end of the month (closer to my birthday). I’ve heard great things, so I’m excited to see how my hair turns out.  So, yeah, 2 projects in the works (if I can ever find the time).

These goals and post were brought to you by my 2019 motto: “Keep It Stupid Simple!

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