I Have a Plan!

“No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.”
-Helmuth von Moltke

Okay, to be honest, I have part of a plan.  I’m hoping, when finished, my plan is simple enough even an idiot (that would be me) can do it.

Right now my plan is to have a small vacation (to recover from my kids’ summer vacation) August 24 & 25.  Then the weekend is full of events and is followed by a Monday at the office job playing with invoices.  Then, I’ll start my baby steps to being an active writer once more.

The baby steps will be four days a week actual writing and one day a week blogging.  While I would love to do writing 6-7 days a week and a 2-4 day a week blogging schedule (like I used to do), I know that I need to build my discipline from the ground up.  (Just like I did with my household/life management.)  So, baby steps.

What will I be writing? A 5k-20k story for an anthology submission call I saw (due October 20).  I have been outlining it since August 4th.  Just a few more details and my pre-writing will be done.

Aside from that? I’m not sure.  I need to get on the editing horse as I discovered older versions of some of my lost files (some completed and some not).  I also need to start sending to slush piles once more.  I need to awaken some dormant social media.  I have a lot to do, but not a plan beyond starting to write again.  I hope to know by August 26, when I’ll post some goals as I enter the ROW80 circuit once more. (I miss the ROWers!)

So, yeah!  See that?  Two posts not months apart!  I am so trying to be back.

P.S. – I adopted another hamster!!!!  I named her Jester.

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Where have I been?

To answer where I have been, I have to explain how I was… back in 2015.  Around the end of that year, for the first time in a long time, I was very mentally and physically healthy.  I did a lot of work to get there.  I walked or ran 5-6 times a week, did yoga twice a week, worked hard on goals toward my writing, and kept my family taken care of.  I was majestic.

And 2016?
Yeah, I was going to better!  Awesomer!
THE BESTEST!giphy1That’s not what happened in 2016.

A lot of things happened.  Some things I blogged about on here, until I didn’t.  For the sake of simplicity, I’ll start from the beginning.  In December of 2015, despite my vitamins playing a role in getting me healthy, I decided presents were more important than buying new ones.  And I also lapsed in my exercise because “Holidays are about fun and exercise is not.”  Once 2016 started, I struggled to consistently exercise.  Part of that was because I had started my part time job at the comic shop and folding something new into a destabilized routine ended in multiple failures.

Summer then came.  The disruption of kids on vacation, and prioritizing them first, meant writing, exercise, and also house cleaning were in total disarray.  I realized at this point I had to do something to get things under control, but I mistook this as me not having my priorities set.  I was just lacking a realistic view on my life and planning poorly.

Summer also brought lots of pet emergencies that lasted into fall.  Romeo (dumb dog) had a lump (it was basically an injury, fluid pocket), Oreo had a lump (zit), Makoto (chicken) had a prolapsed vent from soft eggs and got her butt attacked by the others, and then there was Cupcake… We thought it was a UTI, but it turned out to be something that took three different vet clinics and $5,000 to discover was sludge (not crystals as is normal) in her bladder…  Despite all the efforts, we couldn’t make her better and she passed in fall, around Thanksgiving.


Cupcake Left

Also in summer, my husband decided to leave the job he had been in for over eighteen years.  In fall he changed jobs and I decided to try having a second part time.  So here we were adjusting to all this and the weirdest thing happened.  I got a new group of friends.  Friends I did stuff with a lot.  I was always busy!  I started hanging on to life by the skin of my teeth!  Things slipped through the cracks a lot…

When 2017 came around, I realized I couldn’t keep going on like this.  My resolution this year was to get back in control of my life and work towards 2015 me again.

So, my exercise is quite constant these days, I am not blinded sided by up-coming events, my house is lived-in-clean (I’ll never have it Better Homes and Garden style), and I am finally feeling like I have a stable life.  But reaching this point made me realize how important writing had been to the great mental health of 2015 me.  Reaching my goals gave me accomplishments and positive moments to feed off of.  Having stories to work on gave my mind a safe place to go so I could avoid the cycle of negative thoughts I sometimes enter.  It also gave me a community that even my new friends couldn’t replace.

Basically, what I am saying is… I’m back.  And because it has been so long this is going to be a little bumpy.  Cheer me on?

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What are my priorities?


This was my morning the other day.  I like images with my blog posts, but nothing really fit it, so I picked this.

In 2015, 2014, and pretty much every year before it, I had a clear idea of what most important to me.  First, family.  Second, writing.  Third… changed depending and for the purposes of this doesn’t matter.  Just got into the counting of stuff that’s all.  Anyways, my point is that  I had my priorities figured out.

I’m not saying I ran my life like a boss, because usually it was too much one thing (writing, for example) and not enough others (cleaning and exercise, for more example).  Generally, I worked hard, adjusted, and kept at it while having a super clear vision. Except in 2015.  I pwned 2015 like it was a noob.

Then came 2016.  I thought I was just going to kill it.  My plan?  Same thing we I do every night, Pinky year. Try to take over the world. Up my game.

To be honest, it has been an amazing year for me.  Literally, something is always happening.  Mostly good, like getting chickens, my parents visiting, and getting a job.  But, there’s some bad in there too, like spending last week on steroids (please, never again) for the first time ever because I hurt my back so bad it gave me sciatica.  This year has been a total whirlwind!!!!  It has been nothing like how I planned, though.

In addition to priorities, 2015 and previous years had a routine to them.  Obviously from the hints in the previous paragraph, this year not so much.  And as I write this I can’t help but wonder.  Is it that having one (priorities) breeds the other (routine)?  Or was 2015’s success entirely because both were present?  Really doesn’t matter.  Either way, I’m sorely lacking both this year.

I’m also lacking discipline.  When writing was my only job, I could tell myself not watching anime, not playing video games, and taking time away from “fun” stuff made sense.  However, now that I have a job where doing those things is a benefit to me, I find it harder to tell myself I should be writing rather than watching SAKAMOTO DESU GA.  Rather than read a book, I’m more likely to pick up a comic.

And, because 2016 has just been that eventful, I didn’t realize any of this until the start of this month.  So, where have I been?  Busy.  Lost.  Am I back?  Sorry, still busy and lost.  But at least I know it now.  With how things have been, I’m not sure how long until I know what’s going on.  But, when I know, you’ll know.

Stay awesome!

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Interview: Emily Witt

Author Book Review (10).pngMUAHAHAHAHA!

You know what my maniacal laughter that sound means.  Another authors has become prisoner to my blog.  Are you ready to meet our latest test subject guest?

Hiya, I’m Emily. I’m an Australian librarian/archivist living in Canberra. I tend to write romance with a little fantasy thrown in for good measure. When I’m not reading or writing, I can also be found singing in choirs or doing musicals with local theatre groups.

Ooooooo… I like to sing too!  But I sort of follow the Geneva Convention and that bit about torture sometimes, so I’ll spare you this time.  In exchange for my kindness, would you tell me your writer origin story?

I’ve been writing pretty much as long as I can remember. In creative writing assignments in primary school I always went above and beyond what was actually asked because I’d always get carried away. Once we were asked to write about what job we’d do if we belonged to a circus and mine was about three pages long because I wanted to be the ringmaster, lion tamer, acrobat, trapeze artist and probably every performer as well. Everybody else wrote maybe a paragraph. 

Are you sure that isn’t some kind of super power? If it isn’t, that’s a good ground floor attribute to have before becoming a superhero.  But if writing made you a superhero what would be your superpower and what would be your super weakness?

I spent most of my teen years writing fan fiction (mostly of the Doctor Who variety) and thanks to that, I’m quite good at character development and dialogue, but I really struggle with world-building. A lot of my dialogue will stay the same from draft one, but descriptive parts need a lot of feedback and subsequent drafts to get them right.

Gotta love the Doctor!  Though I doubt he’d approve of my experiments.  Speaking of which…  If you could have any superpower, what would you want the radioactive gummy bear to give you?

This is a very good question! Probably the ability to teleport places or at least get there really fast, as I am a fan of a lot of places but not such a fan of the getting there. But depending on the in-universe physics and knowing the limitations of the human body, it’s highly possible that once I got there, I’d be too exhausted or in too much physical pain to actually do anything. I’d have to watch how I used it.

Why don’t you guys check out Emily’s book, while we wait for the gummy to kick in?

AMCFTsmallMost of the young women in Nardowyn swoon over Crown Prince Felipe, but Caitlin has never seen the appeal. When she catches his eye during a royal festival, she has little choice but to begrudgingly go along with his attempts to form a friendship between them, and soon learns that there is more to him than meets the eye.

When Felipe goes to war to avenge the death of his brother, Cait enlists as a nurse to be nearer to him. Here, Cait’s connection to the prince will put her in more danger than she can imagine. But Cait’s never been one to take the easy way out, so if her life is going to turn into some sort of fairy tale, with a prince and a happily ever after, it’s no surprise it will be a more complicated one.

Buy it on Amazon!

Get more Emily Witt on
her blog or her facebook page!

Gloria Weber (3).pngP.S. –

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Interview: Tiffany Shand

Author Book Review (9).pngIt’s Monday and I’m MUAHAHAHA-ing!  That can only mean one thing.  I’ve captured got another author interview.  Shall we see who fell into our trap came to the blog today?

Hi, I’m Tiffany Shand from Essex, UK. I write urban fantasy and all things paranormal when I’m not being terrorised by my demon cats.

Demon cats?  I think I need to get me some of those.  I think they’d make good henchmen pets.  I wonder where you get those, though.  As for you, Ms. Shand, why did you decide to pursue a life of crime writing?

I’ve been writing stories for as long as I can remember. After I left school due to health reasons writing really helped me learn to cope with that. After doing a creative writing course, I felt inspired to go ahead and publish my first novel. 

I’m glad to hear it has helped you.  Usually crime writing just lands people in Arkham with the Joker Cthulhu.  Of course if you have the right skills, you can escape.  What crime writing skill is your best?

I think the strongest part of my writing is dialogue. I love seeing what my characters have to say.


The hardest part of writing for me is writing descriptions – that’s definitely something I struggle with.

Now, drink this and tell me what result we’re hoping for?

I’d love to be able to teleport, but the downside with that is I probably wouldn’t be able to go everywhere.

Yes, there’s usually some sort of range limit with that power.  Here’s hoping, though!


Oh, dear. Ms. Shand escaped on us.  But she dropped this.

Denai Bound Cover.jpgDenai witch, Cate McCray should be enjoying married life with her new elemental husband, Jason. But their arrival in a new city soon has them stumbling headlong into a new case with dangerous connections to the very people that govern their world.

Cate and Jason face opposition from those they once considered allies. Together with their team of enforcers, they must find the killer before anyone else dies.

With danger from all sides and the threat of ancient, dangerous magic, the team must pull together and use all their strength to find their enemy before disaster strikes.

US Amazon | UK Amazon

For more Tiffany Shand visit:
Tiffany’s WebsiteFacebookTwitter

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