#ROW80: Looking forward to a quiet week (13 Week Plan Finally Explained!)

littleROW80The General Update: After weeks of something or other going on, I finally have a quiet week.  I am so happy!!!  I thrive when nothing is happening.  And since nothing is going on, let me take this chance to fully break down that 13 (really 14) week plan.

The Long 13/14 Week Goal Explanation: Back in 2015, I achieved great feats of doing because I had my life in order and I also was following a goal setting plan.  In 2016 my life fell apart.  In 2017 I picked up the pieces.  This year I am trying to rebuild toward awesomeness.  To do that,  I have modified said goal setting plan and used it to refine how my life.

This process starts by picking a main goal.  My main goal currently is to live life according to my priorities.  As my main goal is supposed to be broken down into three goals that help reach main goal, I used this to set my priorities (in order).

#1- Family | #2- Self-Care | #3- Feeling Accomplished

Those goals are broken down into three further goals.  For Family and Self-Care I basically used the goals to define what I did to make them priorities.  For example, Family meant:

#1- Being aware of family scheduled events/appointments.
#2-  Keeping the house (lived in) clean.
#3- Having a regular family game night.

Feeling Accomplished was trickier.  I broke it down into three spheres of my life that make me feel awesome for accomplishing stuff.  Those were: work, home, and writing.  I picked one goal for each of those and I am working at those.  In the case of writing, I wrote, “Finish taking edit notes for PET.”  My home goal involves cleaning a room where I kept a fish tank, which was empty.   (*hint* *hint*)

Then I mapped out my next 13 weeks.  To be honest, most of my goals are met with accomplishing daily habits and regular tasks.  I used the three weekly target goals to draw attention to the weekly tasks I’d likely drop if I wasn’t paying attention to them.  And I told myself every week I met all three goals I got a $1 treat… Which could be saved up and spent on something like a new pet.  (*hint* *hint*)

While doing the week planning, I realized I had an odd number of weeks to work with.  I had one spanning two weeks (same goal for weeks 1 & 2, 3 & 4, so on).  So, I decided halfway through I could have a week off.  It’s smart to do that on so many levels (especially to combat and avoid burnout).  But, then I realized should I start another 13 weeks right away after finishing this set (kind of the plan), I will then have 12 weeks in a row of goal getting and risk burnout.  Which is why week 14 will be another mental health week off.  So that is why the 13 week plan is now a 14 week plan, though week 14 could be a float week between the two and not really need to be part of the plan.


Finally, My Goals:
Writing Goals
1) Finish Reading PET for Edits – DONE!   (Been done)
2) Send 5 things out into slush – Done.  (Been done)
ADDED 3) Write 2k/week on SUMMER – Last week I wrote 2,073/2,000 words!!!  This week I am at 1,000/2,000, so I’m set up to succeed (hopefully).

Reading Goals
1) Read at least 5 Comics a week – 8.  I almost had 9, but I am working on a super-sized issue.  I have caught up with Aquaman and stayed up to date with my pulls. I hope to keep this trend going.

Blogging Goal
1) Blog on Tuesdays – Yup, even though I should be getting ready for work…  That explanation took a while!

So, looks like I’m going to thrive (be thankfully boring) for the next couple of weeks.  The week of March 11th… Things get more complicated then.  So, I’m enjoying this now.

If you owned Maleficient what would you name him?
What sorts of things make you feel accomplished?
How do you fend off burnout?



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#ROW80: Back to the Word Mines

littleROW80Along with ROW80 goals, I have a 13 week (which I realized part way through needs to become a 14 week) goal plan to help me live my life in a way I am happy with and in line with my priorities.  Last week was Week 7 (of 13… I mean 14), the midpoint.  That happens to be my mental health vacation week.  So, I took a scheduled week off from all my goals, ROW80 and life-wise.  And let me tell you, it was really hard for me to do that.  I kept wanting to work on stuff I was doing already and seeing other projects I wanted to do.  Thankfully I was busy with life (my husky had chemo that week and an event with friends, on top of normal weekly things) and was able to avoid my “keep working!!!” temptation.

And even though now would be a fantastic time to discuss those 13 (actually 14) week plans… I can’t!  I have to get ready for work.  So, I’m jumping into my goals.

Writing Goals
1) Finish Reading PET for Edits – DONE!   (Been done)
2) Send 5 things out into slush – Done.  (Been done)
ADDED 3) Write 2k/week on SUMMER – SUMMER is a code name, not the actual title.  It is a short story for an anthology, due out in May.  I am trying to give myself lots of time to edit it.  I just started that this week, so first week is in progress.

Reading Goals
1) Read at least 5 Comics a week – 5.  I stuck with reading my newest comics (just 2) and 1 comic per pick up.  As there was no school Monday, I didn’t break above the minimum.

Blogging Goal
1) Blog on Tuesdays – Last week doesn’t count as missed as it was scheduled off.  And here I am today!

I’m hoping to be caught up on my comics by the end of next week.  I’m also hoping to have a new pet come this weekend.  I’m having big hopes, but it might take longer if life keeps being as “LET ME OFF THIS RIDE!!!” chaotic as it has been.

Any guesses as to why I picked SUMMER as a code name?
What kind of pet do you think I’ll get?
Do you think I was late to work?

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#ROW80: Sick Kid + Snow Day = Late

littleROW80I’m supposed to blog on Tuesday, but…  Tuesday morning my daughter said, “I feel like crap.”  Knowing twelve-year-olds I said, “get the thermometer for me and we’ll figure out from there.”  Only, it wasn’t tween sneak.  So, I was Super Mama Bear all day.  And then I went to work.  When I came home I was dead.  Which is why I found out this morning was a snow day… I slept in like a pro!  So, that’s why I am a day late.

The past week has been a mixed bag like that.  Bad news?  The husky has cancer.  We don’t have enough info yet to know how upset we should be.  We have an appointment with a specialist tomorrow. The good news?  Our taxes are done.  Things went well with that.  With my husband’s change in work, this is his first full year at this job, there were fears.  Thankfully, they were unfounded.

If life was a mixed bag, what happened to my goals?

Writing Goals
1) Finish Reading PET for Edits – DONE!   (Been done)
2) Send 5 things out into slush – Done.  Just this week done!  Which means I am in need of new writing goals.  I’ll be deciding those this week and then taking a week off.  Because I have scheduled mental health breaks after every 6 weeks of work.  So next week, await a new goal in this section!  Then expect nothing done on it. (LOL)

Reading Goals
1) Read at least 5 Comics a week – 12.  When I started trying to catch back up I divided my reading into 5 waves.  Wave 1 was stuff that belonged to my daughter and I was holding hostage so I could read it before I gave it to her.  Wave 2 was everything I was super excited to read and I knew I could breeze through.  Wave 3 was stuff that was a mix of harder to read plus excited and slightly less excited but easy to read.  Wave 4 is DC’s current event: Metal! Wave 5 is thick reads.  Black Monday Murders, for example.  And well…  I’m making progress.  Progress that is technically part of next week’s update, so I’ll tell you next week.

Blogging Goal
1) Blog on Tuesdays – A day late, but close enough?

Anyways, it is 7 minutes to my bedtime: 10PM ET.  I’m a lightweight.  I’ve already stated my intent for next week within my goals.

What makes you feel good when you’re sick?
What do you do to pamper your sick loved ones?
How do you tackle that pile of reads?

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#ROW80: Making the Best of the Worst

littleROW80Biopsy Update: They need to redo my biopsy because the sample they sent for testing had “insufficient cells.”  I’m annoyed I had to wait 6 business days for this information (after I was promised 3-5 business days), but I’m not as scared to go through this again (in March, so my thyroid can heal from the first go).  At least this time I know what’s happening and how to get there.

Husky Update: Her surgery went well.  They removed the mass and cleaned her teeth up.  Her biopsy will be in Wednesday afternoon.  She’s been in a good mood and eating softened up food just fine.

Back Update: On the Friday before my birthday, I spent a long time in a chair that made my back a bit cranky.  On my birthday I picked up my son’s laundry basket and my back noped right then and there (as in lots of pain and no worky).  Standing, sitting, or anything other than laying were miserable for me.  I was sick of all the setbacks and decided not to let it stop my plans or ruin my day.  Thankfully, my husband and friend, though both wanted me to just rest, let me have my way.

Birthday Update: I’m another year older!!!  I got some great presents from my mom and husband.  My father-in-law’s usual card was a source of joy.  I loved my carrot cake and the time I spent playing Savage Rifts.  I don’t get people who don’t celebrate their birthday.  Celebrating anything is fun!

Now that you know the state of my life, let’s talk the state of my goals.

Writing Goals
1) Finish Reading PET for Edits – DONE!  On my birthday, after I hurt myself, I found myself on the couch unable to do anything.  Then I realized that I had yet to do my editing for the week.  So, I ended up doing it all at once.
2) Send 5 things out into slush – On my schedule for Thursday (back up day is Saturday).  I also need to locate a file for possible next project.

Reading Goal
1) Read at least 5 Comics a week – 11.  I am so happy about this right now.  Mostly because I found an extra, perfect, moment to add comic reading and I should get about 5 extra a week (depending).  I wait in my car for both my kids to finish school (state minimum bussing).  In order to be easily found I have to be at my son’s school 20 minutes early.  Then he and I go and wait another 10 minutes at my daughter’s school for her to be dismissed.  By week 2 my son was playing a Sega handheld (a Christmas gift from my father that has classic Sega games built in) while he waits.  I was inspired by him. 

Blogging Goal
1) Blog on Tuesdays – On time and almost done.

Well, this week I hope to get 4 extra comics read, as today is a snow day (no waiting in a car and hurting my back- booyah!).  I hope to get that other Writing Goal conquered.  And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get my head wrapped around the timetable for my next project.

How do you spend a snow day?
Give me an update on you?  Your writing?
Are there any daily tasks you use to squeak in productivity?

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#ROW80: Can things (please) get better?

littleROW80As I type this I am on business day 4 of the 3-5 business days wait for my biopsy results.  In other words, no word (yet).  It would have been awesome to open this post with good news.

In fact, I wanted to be more positive this week.  But, shall we look at my past week-ish?

Tuesday (1/16) – My school district went to state minimum bussing and I became my kids’ bus.  Husky bled from her mouth and trip to vet got us “It’s cancer!”
Wednesday (1/17) – Biopsy Day (it was emotionally and mentally worse than physically so)  My mom sent me a present, which was nice.
Thursday (1/18) – BEST DAY I HAD IN A WHILE!!!!  And that was even taking into account my neck was aching from the biopsy.  I was hoping it was the start of awesome.
Friday (1/19) – Neck hurt way less.  Mid-morning I got news that Thursday night my great aunt (my grandma’s sister who has been like a second grandma to me) passed away.  Scheduled my husky’s surgery for Thursday.
Saturday (1/20) – I spent most the day dealing with my feelings (also known as crying a lot).  I gathered myself enough to remember it was my brother’s birthday and sent him a text.
Sunday (1/23) – I was busy.  Not necessarily a good day, because I was still emotional, but a passable day.
Monday (1/22) – My yoga instructor informed us our class was going on indefinite hiatus come the end of the month.  I need yoga.  I’m working on a backup plan, but I’m so emotionally spent I can’t right now.
Tuesday (1/23) – Parenting is hard.  Today was harder.

Now, that we have that covered… Let’s talk about my goals.

Writing Goals
1) Finish Reading PET for Edits – See that awesome Thursday?  It was very awesome and I had extra time to write so I got *ahead* on my editing.
2) Send 5 things out into slush – On hold until PET is done.

Reading Goal
1) Read at least 5 Comics a week – 0.  Wednesdays are my comic day and since I was obviously busy.  And I was so worn out the rest of the time I couldn’t even muster the energy to read.  I am hoping to get back on track tomorrow.

Blogging Goal
1) Blog on Tuesdays – It’s Tuesday and this is a blog post.

I am too scared to say “this week will be better!” or “I’ll have 2 great days!”  That feels like I am tempting fate.  With Juliet’s surgery/biopsy Thursday and my results still pending… Don’t want to tempt fate.  I do want to have as normal a week as possible and I want to have a lot of fun this Saturday… That’s my birthday.  I’m hoping that’s not too much to ask.

Have any suggestions for how to pass time while waiting for news?
Tell me good things, please?  Your wins of the week?

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