#ROW80 – Routine Routine Adjustments

row80At this point, it is becoming routine that I need to adjust my routine.  I just can’t get one that works for this school year.  I do make small gains and solve a problem or two, but the whole thing refuses to come together.  It’s like I’m taping up a crack in an egg just to find another crack and the insides just seep everywhere…  Life needs to be a little less messy. You know what?   I’m just hoping I finally got it right this time.

Anyways, so much happened this past couple of weeks.  So much is happening this week.  Let’s talk about my goals and see if I can cover everything.  Ready?

My Goals 2018

Golden Goal Rule: When a goal is met, a new one replaces it.

#1 – Have Something New Published – DONE on 8/1
#1(B) – Update Website and Social Media – DONE 8/6
#1(C) – Edit ALCHEMY – I want to send out PRINCE before I start diving into this.  But in all honesty, I don’t think I’ll finish this before 2018 ends.   I have to read it, take notes, and make fixes.  If I was only focusing on this, maybe.  However, it is a good goal to work towards.  That’s why I am keeping it.
#2 – Finish Querying GRANDMA – DONE on 5/17
#2(B) – Finish Editing PET – DONE 7/29
#2(C) – Query Entire List For PET – In Progress.  Unlike ALCHEMY I think I can finish this before 2018 ends.

My Round Goals

#1- Make a Weekly Writing Agenda & Fulfill It Best I Can
This hasn’t been working out for me.  Mainly because I prioritized everything else (cleaning, family stuff, exercise, weird projects) ahead of writing.  I have decided to fix that.  I might not finish my daily goal, but I will at least take one hour of my morning (Tuesday and Thursday through Saturday) to work on writing from now on.
#2- Finish Editing & Submit PRINCE  [DONE – 10/9]
#3- Query Entire PET List
No Progress
#4- Read Through and Take Notes on ALCHEMY
In all honesty, I am having a hard time facing this project.  This was one of the many WIPs set back by the computer disaster that cost me a hard drive.  I think I lost a year’s work on it and at least 1.5 revisions (and I was practically done after the last one).  So going back to an inferior version and not even being sure I have all the notes for that version…  It is just so overwhelming.  So with luck, I will put on my big girl panties this week and finally do what I need to!

#1- Instagram Weekly Pulls and Stay On Top of Comics
So much I didn’t Insta!  Let’s start with the obvious one: Last Week’s Pull!!!!  I didn’t even take a pic of it.  That’s because I was so busy that day.  Oct 31st was not only Halloween but my son’s birthday.  I  bought my comics and came home to pack up my car, decorate a cake, and get everything together to go to my father-in-law’s so we could all celebrate together.  As for the not obvious missed pic, it is the Halloween Comic Fest (HFC) haul.  Sure it has less comics than Free Comic Book Day, but I still got quite a few.  And while I am all caught up reading my pull, I am still working on the HCF ones.  However, I didn’t forget the week before’s pull pic!  So there’s that at least.

#2- 1 Graphic Novel – [DONE 10/15] -> Make that 2! [DONE 10/29]
Finished I HATE FAIRYLAND VOL 4 right before starting my mental health break.

#1- Check-In Mondays
Last week was a mental health break, so that doesn’t count.
1 Fail: 10/15.  

#2- Extra Blog Post Sundays (When I Can)
I have 2 blog posts I want to do.  #1- Testimonial for my friend’s trainer services (she helped me get so damn fit).  #2- How I made my recent cosplay.  Let’s see if I can find time this week.
ADDED #3- Visit/Comment for 2 (or more) ROWers Once (or twice) a Week
I didn’t really during my mental health week… Sorry.  Back on it Wednesday!

#1- Batman the Drowned Cosplay
I wish I didn’t pull my head back like a turtle when I jump…

#2- Daughter’s BEN Drowned Cosplay
She loved it!

#3- Holiday Stuff
Giving myself a week before I start because of elections and son’s first ever overnight school trip (my anxiety is a bucking bronco I am barely holding on to).  

This Week’s Agenda
Tuesday– VOTING (1st thing after dropping my kids) + Reading some research materials for passion fun project + Binder (which I will do first before reading the research because I need to face my fears)
Wednesday– Links + Instagram
Thursday– Leave my house at 4:45 am so I get my son to his school by 5:15 for that school trip and get back in time to start getting daughter ready for her day of school and I am assuming this day will be hard as hell + Import and Layout ALCHEMY in Scrivner + Sub that story
Friday– Read more research + Write in for fun passion project + Get son and possibly be late for work (just the way things are)
Saturday– Prepare my holiday marketing materials and plan + Social Plans
Sunday– Blog Post if I can!


Tugie (Short for Tortuga, named by the previous family)

Things I didn’t work into the blog post:
*Seems we didn’t win the decorating contest.  There were some last minute entries that were wow.  And the 1st place from last year upped their game so much.
*My husband is being transferred again.  He’ll be closer to home and near my son’s school.  It feels like a big win in a way.
*We got my son a turtle for his birthday! (I know…  I have so many already but it was a rehome situation, can you blame me?)
*My father in law gave me a cute heater/fake fireplace (it is small) and I can’t wait to put stockings on it… Squee!  (But not till after Thanksgiving… Unless I use it in the Christmas card photo shoot… OoOoOoOoOoO!)

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