#ROW80 – I Didn’t Take Pictures

I had this awesome idea. Instead of an intro paragraph I was going to post pictures of my Free Comic Book Day (a yearly event that happens in comic shops internationally on the 1st Saturday in May). I figured that explained everything. After all, the biggest day in comics doesn’t happen without lots of prep and effort. Thing is, being comic shop staff meant it was either dead (making for poor photo ops) or I was hella busy (couldn’t whip out the the phone). So I took none. And that’s why you got this lame paragraph.

Honestly? It’s late. I have vodka and I need to get to bed. So, let me just blab about those goals.

2019 Goal

#1- Sell A Short Story
Not for lack of submiting!


#1 Finish my Idea Sheets [DONE 4/2]   

#2 Write MAGIC [DONE 4/19]

#3 Edit MAGIC
I had read for edits done.  I also finished all my noted changes.  Now I need to finish the polish stage. Starting that this week.


#1 Finish SUNSTONE volumes 1 – 5
The guy lending me these chided me.  I must make progress this week!

Other Notable Reading Accomplishments This Week  
You don’t want to know about my huge TBR comic pile. OMG, Free Comic Book Day always ends with me drowning in comics. And the $100 (on sale) trades I bought didn’t help!


#3 Blog Weekly
Written with too much vodka in me.  Sorry.

Notable Life Accomplishments This Week

My hair is purple. (Once again.)

My daughter was dance ready. (An all day process.)

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