Author Interviews

Author Book Review (1)On Mondays, I feature a short interview with a geek-tastic author to help them promote something.  I’ll put her/his picture (or book cover or something if they are camera shy) in the graphic to the right, too!  Hey, did you see what I did/am doing to geek-tastic?  To me that’s the important part.

What makes an author geek-tastic?  Their interests and/or their works.  Hold on.  You there.  In the back.  Why is your hand raised?

“That’s too vague, Gloria!”

Oh.  Fair enough.  After all, geek is a term that encompasses so much!

Currently,* the geek-awesome-sauce I’m looking for has a thing for superheroes (be it cinematic universes, television incarnations, or actual comics) and comics (this includes comic books, graphic novels, manga, manhwa, web comics, and so forth).

In case that wasn’t clear enough, what I’m looking for are writers that are into comics or someone promoting a work about superheroes/super villains/super powers.

Example 1: A shoujo manga collecting Regency Romance Writer.  She’s geek, but writes other.
More example: A sci-fi getting the word about about his novel featuring a kid that fell in toxic ooze, got super powers, and is now keep the alley under his bedroom window safer.  Writes geek.

Are you a good fit?  Are you up for it?
If you said yes twice, that’s mighty nice!  

Now, here’s what you do.  Send me an email and in the body of the email include the information/answers for the following:

1) This is your space to informally introduce yourself to my readers.
Attack of the Example: Howdy, my name is John Doe and I live in Wyoming.  I like writing aliens and bar scenes.  In my spare time I hunt beetles.

2) Pick a question and answer it:

What’s on your pull list and which is your favorite/should I be reading?
Who is your favorite superhero?
Why? (If you can, work into answer if from movies, TV, or books.)

3) Pick a question and answer it:

If you could have a dinner with any comic book character,
which one would it be?
Why? What would you eat?
What would you talk about or ask them?
Who is your favorite super villain?
Why? (If you can, work into answer if from movies, TV, or books.)

4) If you could have a super power what would it be?  And ever power comes with a downside.  What’s the super weakness that goes with that?

5) What are you promoting today?  (If you can tie it to a super or not comic property, such as “I think fans of RAT QUEENS will dig my fantasy novel.”)    Include blurb/sales pitch and sales links.

6) Website, blog, and other social media links.

7) Attach an author picture and/or picture for your promoted thing.  Please do not do the above in an attached document.  The pictures should be the only attached items.

That’s it!
Send that all to:

I’ll write around your answers to make it look like we had a conversation.  Want to see what this turns out like?

*- The paragraph started with “Currently,” because
the focus will change to something else in the future.
Feel free to come back and see if this has changed!