#ROW80: Overwhelmed

The transition to summer is always a bit bumpy.  Adding in my husband’s employment change has made it extraly so.  There’s always so much to do and with the changes it feels like there is extra to do (there actually is like haircuts, doing chores my husband normally does, and so on… though not as much as I feel there is).  I overwhelmed myself with tasks last Friday and Saturday (trying to do it all as fast as possible), so I ended up falling short and missing doing my writing those days.

This week, I have been as careful as I can be.  I planned properly.  Though, planning writing was a bit tricky because I was in the process of changing my process.  Before, I singlemindedly worked on a project.  However, I fear I won’t make my 2018 goal of getting a new work published if I don’t work on some new short stories.  So, I’m now rotating between projects in different stages.

Well, in theory I am.  I kind of rushed my “writing” project last week (FAIRY).  I wrote, edited, and submited it in one night!  Hey, it was less than 500 words and it took four hours.  Thankfully, I got it in one day before the deadline!  But I didn’t count the writing project’s edits and submission in the rotation and went onto edits the next day (for PET)… Then I got overwhelmed.  So, Monday I got back on the horse and edited (PET) some more.  Today?  I sent out FAIRY again, as the market I wrote it for passed on it.  Tomorrow I’ll start a new writing project (PRINCE), but it might take a few weeks to get it done.

Hopefully, I can more whelmed and less over as I work on my goals.  To review, those are (and how I’m doing):

2018 Goals
Have something new published. – Not yet
Finish Querying GRANDMA – [DONE on 5/17]
Finish Editing PET – Working on

(Round) Writing
Finish Writing SUMMER (1k/week)– [DONE on 4/26/18]
Edit SUMMER–  [DONE on 5/16]   
Send out SUMMER– [DONE on 5/16]  
Submission (1/week)– 3/1 Same piece has gone out twice.
Edit PET – There are 12 chapters.  I want to do 3 edit passes.  I am on pass 1 of 3.  I have edited 4 our of 12 chapters. 

(Round) Reading
Catch Up On Comics (7/week)– [Bulk portion accomplished 4/17/18] [Finished Free Comic Book Day stack 5/16/18] I have 2 weeks of comics to catch up on and another week’s coming in tomorrow.  I’m getting in the weeds again!
Catch Up On Graphic Novels– [Finished 6 – last updated 5/29/18] Recently finished DC BOMBSHELLS volume 6.

(Round) Blogging
Every Tuesday– Somehow made it before work…

Plan For This Week
(Which is going to be quick because I have to leave for work in 10 min)
#1- Edit chapters 5, 6, & 7 of PET.
#2- Start Writing PRINCE
#3- Submit another work
#4- Seriously make time to read my freaking comics before it becomes that stack of 200 again and guilt swallows me whole!

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2 thoughts on “#ROW80: Overwhelmed

  1. I’ve discovered that I try to do four times as many things as I possibly can. I’m therefore now working toward reducinbg my expectations to more closely align with my mortality and lack of super-hero-ness. It helps that I have a daughter who’s very willing to say, “You’re a HUMAN,Mom!” when I bemoan not being able to do All The Too Many Things!

    May you find the pace that adds to whelm and reduces over.

    • I can super relate to this. In fact, the reason I have so few goals listed here is that I used to be very much like that and it made me feel super negative. Accepting what I can’t do (also not beating myself over not doing stuff) is something I’ve been working on in therapy. It sucks that we are human. If I figure out how to get powers, I’ll let you know!

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