#ROW80: Life is Chaos

littleROW80Mother’s Day Update: I struggled with the gift giving this year.  I sent out cards late and couldn’t give proper presents as I was broke because of sick chicken supply costs.  Even though I worked all day, I still had goodness.  My husband bought me something I looked at because he was at a loss as to what to get me, my son gave me a hug, and my daughter gave me a drawing.  A special moment was when my friend/writing mentor came by my work and gave me some cake.

Chicken Update: Still not sure what caused Makoto’s problem, but the root of it all is her vent got hurt.  It is now dilated (thus her waste drips onto her back feathers, which makes her a target for other chickens to peck at, so she must remain separated) and I washed away a large scab during her Saturday bath.  There was more, smaller scab that washed away today’s bath (Tuesday).  I think the scab prevented the vent from returning to the original size, but now that it is shedding the vent is shrinking.  But I also worry that what I consider shrinking might just be wishful thinking on my part.  At the very least, she is finally eating and drinking normally.

Job Situations Update: For the foreseeable future, I will be having more hours at the office (my second) job as a new scheduler (started Monday) gets trained up so she can fill the shoes of our previous scheduler (big shoes to fill).  I’m hoping this lasts only for the next month, because…  This is my husband’s last week at his current job (some of you might recall he was looking for new employment).  After a week off, he’ll be training for two weeks as an assistant-manager and then go to another place to train to be a manager.  Once he gets the promotion to manager (we are guessing in June/July), I’ll be leaving the office job because I will need that time for my family and household responsibilities.  I’ll be staying at the comic shop (first job) and this week I’ll be getting an extra shift because it is convention season.  Did I mention there is another Pokemon event at the store that day?  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Goals Update:
Finish Writing SUMMER (1k/week)– [DONE on 4/26/18]
Edit SUMMER– My goal for this week was to be done rewrite edits and have final edits (real aloud/grammar) underway.  I am done the rewrite edits but have not started the final edits.  I am hoping maybe later today. [Due the 17th/Thursday]   
Send out SUMMER– [On Hold]  
Saturday Submission (1/week)– 2/1.  I did try to make that 5/1, feeling that my slip up should have been followed by not just making it up, but rather overachieving.  Thing is the next 3 places on my submission list were either closed to subs or my project did not fit their prerequisites.  So, I crossed 5 off the list total, but only sent 2.

Catch Up On Comics (7/week)– [Bulk portion accomplished 4/17/18] I have been reading anywhere from 2 to 3 comics (gotten from Free Comic Book Day) during my kid pick up wait and I still have 6 to go.  Yes, I did get a whole heck of a lot!!!!
Catch Up On Graphic Novels– [Finished 4 – last updated 5/1/18] On Hold

Every Tuesday– Bam!

The Plan For This Week
#1- Finish Editing and Submit Summer – Which will mean all my writing goals will be done!!!  With luck, I’ll revisit the editing portion (because then it means it was accepted).
#2- Finish Reading FCBD Comics – With the rate I’ve been reading, that shouldn’t be an issue.
#3- Submit 1- It is a goal
#4- Take the Week of 5/21 Off-  That means I won’t be blogging next week.  I was supposed to be off this week, but I mentioned how my husband is off next week, so I adjusted my personal/non-work schedule to reflect his.  This is part of my mental health care.  Though, it will be a busy week.

My Week Off: I will be taking off from most of my things (running, writing, any chore I can get away with not doing, and so on) the week of 5/21.  However, there are some big things I’ll talk about come my next post… The 23rd I will be having my 3rd biopsy on my thyroid being done.  The 24th we’ll also be attending an IEP meeting for my son’s transition to his vocational school (which he’ll attend next year).  Oh, and my father-in-law also invited us to a cookout (26th).

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6 thoughts on “#ROW80: Life is Chaos

  1. ruichan2380

    Normally eating and drinking are signs of recovery so hopefully Makoto will be back to her old self soon. BTW is that chicken named after Sailor Jupiter??

    Well done on getting so close to reaching your writing goals!
    Enjoy your time off!

    • My biggest worry is her vent was injured beyond recovery. First-time chicken owner (though I’ve had them two years), so still so much I don’t know. And you totally got it. My three hens are named for Sailor Jupiter. I have Makoto, Kino, and Lita (the name they gave her in the US when they dubbed the series).

      I just literally finished SUMMER and sent it out. With luck we are good. However, the editor is out until May 21st so I won’t learn anything any time soon. Now I’m heading downstairs to read AQUAMAN so I don’t fall behind on my comics. Then, I need to organize those comics! I have a huge pile to put away.

      • ruichan2380

        Well I hope you get a reply soon after May 21 then!
        FYI, in case you want to get another chicken, Makoto’s French dubbed name was Marcy. 😉

        Enjoy pour comics. ^^

  2. Working at a comic shop sounds like so much fun–and has the potential for some great story fodder. It sounds like you’ve got the engines going at full-speed, though, so I hope you get a break soon. Good luck with your submission of Summer. What is it about, if you don’t mind me asking? I can’t help but be curious. 🙂

    • I think working at a comic shop is different than any commercial retail (big box, department, or even bookstore) job. There are communities and big things it ties to that you don’t think of off hand as a customer. Not long after working here (I’m literally replying to this from the comic shop during my extra shift), I came up with this great idea for a series of novels. I am hoping, once I am back to top strength (which quitting my office job should help in, even if my home life will become more taxing), I will finally get around to at least mapping that idea out. So maybe you’ll hear more about that in winter!

      I am not going to neglect my break next week. After a six-day work week, I’ll so need it. Especially, since I am lapsing in some of my routine self-care for a few weeks. I want to say, after my break I’ll be getting back to routine, but life starts changing big then (husband’s new job and summer vacation for kids around the corner).

      And finally to your question about SUMMER. (Sorry I am long winded today!) The anthology I submitted to has the requirement that the story takes place on the first day of summer (hence the code name). Aside from that, I can tell you it is about a woman unsatisfied with her job being forced on a mandatory vacation. Sounds kind of normal, but she works for a shadowy organization that kills monsters that burst out of people when they get angry. I feel it is somewhat a “summer action flick” kind of story.

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