#ROW80: Can things (please) get better?

littleROW80As I type this I am on business day 4 of the 3-5 business days wait for my biopsy results.  In other words, no word (yet).  It would have been awesome to open this post with good news.

In fact, I wanted to be more positive this week.  But, shall we look at my past week-ish?

Tuesday (1/16) – My school district went to state minimum bussing and I became my kids’ bus.  Husky bled from her mouth and trip to vet got us “It’s cancer!”
Wednesday (1/17) – Biopsy Day (it was emotionally and mentally worse than physically so)  My mom sent me a present, which was nice.
Thursday (1/18) – BEST DAY I HAD IN A WHILE!!!!  And that was even taking into account my neck was aching from the biopsy.  I was hoping it was the start of awesome.
Friday (1/19) – Neck hurt way less.  Mid-morning I got news that Thursday night my great aunt (my grandma’s sister who has been like a second grandma to me) passed away.  Scheduled my husky’s surgery for Thursday.
Saturday (1/20) – I spent most the day dealing with my feelings (also known as crying a lot).  I gathered myself enough to remember it was my brother’s birthday and sent him a text.
Sunday (1/23) – I was busy.  Not necessarily a good day, because I was still emotional, but a passable day.
Monday (1/22) – My yoga instructor informed us our class was going on indefinite hiatus come the end of the month.  I need yoga.  I’m working on a backup plan, but I’m so emotionally spent I can’t right now.
Tuesday (1/23) – Parenting is hard.  Today was harder.

Now, that we have that covered… Let’s talk about my goals.

Writing Goals
1) Finish Reading PET for Edits – See that awesome Thursday?  It was very awesome and I had extra time to write so I got *ahead* on my editing.
2) Send 5 things out into slush – On hold until PET is done.

Reading Goal
1) Read at least 5 Comics a week – 0.  Wednesdays are my comic day and since I was obviously busy.  And I was so worn out the rest of the time I couldn’t even muster the energy to read.  I am hoping to get back on track tomorrow.

Blogging Goal
1) Blog on Tuesdays – It’s Tuesday and this is a blog post.

I am too scared to say “this week will be better!” or “I’ll have 2 great days!”  That feels like I am tempting fate.  With Juliet’s surgery/biopsy Thursday and my results still pending… Don’t want to tempt fate.  I do want to have as normal a week as possible and I want to have a lot of fun this Saturday… That’s my birthday.  I’m hoping that’s not too much to ask.

Have any suggestions for how to pass time while waiting for news?
Tell me good things, please?  Your wins of the week?

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4 thoughts on “#ROW80: Can things (please) get better?

  1. Sorry you’ve had a rough week. Fingers crossed you get those biopsy results soon and they are good news.

    • It is now 6 business days and 8 days since my biopsy. The office opened at 8am. At 8am I was leaving my dog to have her surgery. At 8:07am I got an email saying the results are in my chart. (But because it pertains to cancer I cannot access the results only the fact that they are in.) I have called twice now trying to find out those results (as I had done at 1pm yesterday) and got voicemail (same as yesterday). I will continue to call every hour until I get a reply.

  2. Sounds like the longest wait in the world for those darn biopsy results…Sorry to hear you had such a rough week. I’m sending positive vibes that you get excellent results from that biopsy.

    I’m also sorry to hear about your pup. Heartbreaking news. On the positive side, you did excellent on your goals. Hope the rest of your week is positive and productive. Hugs!


    • Thank you. I got the results and they were non-results (insufficient cells). I need another biopsy which is less than thrilling.

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