I made a promise… ~ #ROW80 Check-In

4I just got home from work, which consisted mostly of me watching videos on how to play Heroclix and read THE VISION #1 -3.  Served some customers too, but mostly the other two.  (Best. Job. EVER!!!!)  But between the time change, the dryer incident of doom, shopping, and work… So am done for the day!

You’re probably wondering about the dryer, though.  *deep breath*  So, yesterday (Saturday) I started a load of laundry and took my dogs for a walk.  When we were done, I placed that load in the dryer and hopped on the treadmill for another two miles (because I got new running/walking shoes on Friday and breaking them in).  This was around 10am… After lunch and a shower, around 1pm, the dryer was still going.  I checked and the inside was ice and the clothes were still wet.  Since it is winter here, I set up clothesline in my son’s room and set fans on it to dry.

I didn’t intend to buy online.  But, I was on Lowe’s website and after messing about, I found that they’d have anything in stock to us in relatively short amount of time (24 hours they call to set up delivery).  So around 6pm last night, we ordered.  At 9pm they called us saying between 7:30-noon we’ll get a call about delivery.  At 9:38am they came, the installed, & they hauled away. LOWE’S IS SO FUTURE!!!

Anyways, I made a promise to my friend that I’ll relax about marketing.  I keep trying to figure out “What more can I do?” Which is fine, but not fine when that’s all I’m doing (writing wise).  So I have until noon Monday to deal with my odds and ends.  Then… ALCHEMY (and some UNMASKING #2)!

When is marketing enough?
Daylight savings? Love?  Hate?

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2 thoughts on “I made a promise… ~ #ROW80 Check-In

  1. I hate the time change…and marketing.

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