Interview: Caren Rich

Author Book Review (6).pngFinally my author trap got another!  I really should up grade from that carrot, stick, and box deal.  Maybe a nice net…  I digress.  Look!  It’s a wild author strapped to the chair here on my blog!  Caren, want to introduce yourself?

My name is Caren Rich, I live in coastal Alabama. I usually write mysteries and light fantasy.  I have difficulty sticking with one genre, so I don’t. Regardless of the genre my work is always set in the South. I have an imaginary pet gator named Roux, who loves to eat marshmallows and book critics.

I’m not sure of Roux is a good guy or a bad guy, but I like that gator’s style!  You know what else I like?  Comics!!!  Tell me what you’re reading.

There are several comics I read, two are:  Extraordinary Xmen and Silk. I haven’t made my mind up yet about that Xmen comic. I’m still trying it out.  I’ve always loved the Xmen. I’ve read one variation or another since college.  They always have a great mix of characters and flaws. Sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s the hero and who’s the villain.

I’m reading both of those! I can’t help but super approve!!!  I also approve of eating dinners with fictional characters.  Which comic character?  What food?  Topic of discussion?

This question could get me into trouble! Wolverine is one of my favorites, but I don’t think I want to have dinner with him. Rogue would be interesting, we’d have dinner in the French Quarter. Over Shrimp Creole we’d discuss her on again off again romance with Gambit. Or better yet, Catwoman. Over grilled salmon, she could give me lessons on breaking and entering. Strictly for research reasons, of course.

Research?  Suuuuuuure.  Uh-huh.  Now, all the tubes and electros are in place we get to the fun part!  Pick a super power

I have a recurring dream of flying, unfortunately I am scared  terrified of heights. That could actually be an interesting story arc. The ability to fly but too scared to use it. Do mermaids have superpowers? I could rock a fish tail! Not to mention luring sailors to their death could be fun. Just kidding.

Maybe it isn’t the gator that should have me worried.  Oh, well too late to be scared of you now.  We’re almost done.  Stop squirming.  It only hurts at first. Tell the lovely people about your latest work.

Mystic Brew - High Resolution(1).jpgI think fans who like a twist and enjoy dark characters would enjoy my newest release, Mystic Brew.

Blurb:  Coffee shops are  the place to meet and share, Mystic Brew is no different. But not everyone  wants to join in the fun. Jane, a socially awkward writer, prefers to watch from the safety of the back corner. Until vivacious redhead, Margo, pulls her out of the coffee shop and into the world around her.  What secret is Jane hiding? Will Margo succeed in bringing Jane into the light? Or will the ghosts reemerge? A dark and twisted tale of friendship, secrets, and coffee.

It’s only available at Amazon, $0.99

Seems like I’m all done here.  Time to let her go.  If you enjoyed this interview and want more Caren, you can find her at:



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2 thoughts on “Interview: Caren Rich

  1. Thank you Gloria. You don’t have to be worried about Roux. For a gator she’s well behaved…usually.

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