Interview: Torrance Sené

Author Book Review (4).pngMUAHAHAHA!  I mean, welcome once again to my secret lair blog.  Today, I’m happy to say I captured got another author here with me.  Everyone, say hi to Torrance Sené.  Torrance, your turn or you gets the hose again.

Hi! I’m Torrance and I’m a tea addict. Alongside my leaf water affliction, I’m also an erotic romance author. I sex people up and cause them mucho angst, huzzah! Sometimes I throw in werewolves. Being a god is fun.

Oh, nice way to put it. We are, indeed, gods.  Though, I’m a little bit more Loki than Thor.  I better be careful…  Speaking of Loki and Thor: Comics!!!  Tell me what comics I should be reading.

You are actually already reading my favourite comic of the moment: The Wicked + The Divine. I’m terribly behind in it, mainly due to a twist that broke my heart and I haven’t been able to pick it back up. Character deaths, man. They are brutal. But I am just so in love with the blending of world mythology and the art! McKelvie is wonderful! Wilson’s colouring is stellar! (And I have a massive crush on Luci.) Since you are already reading that one, though, I’ll recommend Loki: Agent of Asgard to you! And Young Avengers! Phonogram is also fab!

The covers of PHONOGRAM are super eye catching and always tempting. I have been leaning towards picking that one up. And that Loki title is on my radar too!  You raise the temptingness!  You are a villain!  And that’s supposed to be my job!  Villain, I say!  So tell me your favorite villains, oh evil one.

My favourite villain is a tie between Dark Phoenix and Loki. Phoenix for sheer incomparable badassery and Loki for the fact he’s a fun little shit (and Thor verse is my favourite in Marvel). As I came into the comic world via movies (and telly when I was little, but DC didn’t stick to me like Marvel does. Sorry, Bruce!), it was Famke Jensen (yes, I know, shit adaptation) and Tom Hiddleston from the Marvel films who pulled me in. That being said, I am going back and getting into the comics when I can.

As a noob myself,  I think that it is great that so many people are learning of the awesome because of all the different ways these comics are now out there (television, movies, Netflix, and so on).  And Loki… Can’t blame you there.  Nope.  Not at all.  I mean, Loki.  Loki.  Loki…

Huh?  Wha- Eek! Drool.  Sorry.

All right!  I have all the pieces hooked up.  So, what superpower would you like?

Hmm, I’d want the ability to teleport. Think of the savings! I could even visit you!

Oh, that would be so fun.  We could drink tea together and read comics, while looking at the snow.  But there’s always a downside.

Downside? I imagine I’d have to pack lighter than I do now. Oh, dear.

I suck at packing light too.  Then again, you could just go back and forth a lot.  Any other choices?

Other than that, being able to bend reality like Scarlet Witch would be badass.

You know with the right medication…  Reality usually does need some bending, that naughty stuff.  Speaking of naughty, your work!  What are you here to promote?

Today I’m promoting the fact I finally got off my lazy ass and made a newsletter! Sign up for news, updates, sales, giveaways, and exclusive freebies, y’all, if erotic romance is your thing! (I’ll have some legit new releases soon. I promise.) Visit my site to signup!

Okay, it’s time to unbolt the shackles and let Torrance go.
If you want more of Torrance visit her:
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Pinterest | Instagram

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  1. Thanks for having me!

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