More Good News – #ROW80 Check-In

4Let’s open with a bit of honesty.  I’ve been very anxious lately.  Wake up in the middle of the night, fear inducing thoughts, can’t sleep for hours anxious.  Also, random chest tightening, heart pounding anxious.  It is all fear of failure/success and impostor syndrome related.  I’m telling you this, because I promised some time back that I would be open an honest about this stuff.  Right now, there’s no need to worry about me.  I’m dealing just fine and I think I’m getting over this wave.

What I really want to focus on right now is some good news.  Newsletter peeps might thing I want to talk about *that* bit of news.  No.  That’s going to stay in the newsletter for now.  What I want to talk about today is other good news.  Yes, there’s something else!

I wrote a short story that is somewhat a follow up to ALICIA.  Leon and Dorndorf are in it, but they aren’t the main characters.  On my goals I called it B2.  Its real name is BLANCA and it was accepted for a Valentine’s anthology!  Once it is out for pre-order/sale, I’ll share more info.  I’m super excited.

So, other than that.  I read lots of comics.  I made Gotham’s cage into Gotham City.  My kids got straight A’s on their report cards (8th & 5th grade, if you didn’t know).

Enough babbling.  How did I do with my goals?

Pre-Write, Draft, Edit, and Submit B2 – Deadline 1/200
Editing: Done 1/19 | Sent: Done 1/19 – As I said above. Accepted.  Signed contract.  Went over revisions/finalized.

Take Next Step With YELLOW – No Deadline
Sign up for my newsletter for updates on this.

Main Book: Read 100 Pages – per Week
FIRST TO DIE – James Patterson: 0/100 – Comics won.

Read Comics + 1 Chapter of a Graphic Novel/tpb – Per Week
Caught up on this and read a whole tpb CAPTAIN MARVEL #1-6 [2014].  It taught me (GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’s) Star Lord’s dad (J’son) is a major douche and that space cats lay eggs.

Refine and Follow Social Media Use – Deadline End of Round
Meant to.  Didn’t.

Be a good ROW80 Sponsor – Deadline End of Round
I was caught up through 1/17, but am now behind again.  My sponsor post should go up Monday.  I hope it doesn’t suck.

Stick to Eating Right – Daily
6/7 We had fast food while waiting for the lady to be ready to do our taxes and then I ate a bunch of gouda favored potato chips later that night (yesterday).

Run/Walk 21 miles – per Week
5 – Toe isn’t 100% healed.  I don’t feel it when I’m walking/running.  I feel it when I switch from upward facing dog to downward facing dog and I roll over my toes as well when I’m
 in certain balancing poses.  However, my knee didn’t like that I started running again (after weeks off) and got a bit iffy, so I’m increasing slowly.

Attend Yoga – Mondays & Wednesdays
1/20: Yes | 1/18: No (Class Canceled)

This week, my husband will be home, but I plan to get back on task.  Well, I also plan to take my birthday off.  And there are places we want to go (like the book store).  So, I have lofty goals of getting back on task, but what I actually do might not match up!

How do you balance writing and your birthday?
If you could get me a birthday gift, what would it be?

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4 thoughts on “More Good News – #ROW80 Check-In

  1. I use my birthday as an excuse to get more books! If it’s a school day, it doesn’t change how I spend my day. Hmmm, I bet you would like tickets to the Batman vs Superman movie! Happy Birthday.

    • Mooooor books!!!! Actually, I’ve been sucking at reading lately. So I’d feel too guilty if I got more.

      Thank you for the happy birthday! You know, I wouldn’t turn down a chance to see that movie. 😉

  2. I relate to the fear of failure/success – and the sleeplessness. Congrats on the anthology, that’s a pretty good birthday present!

    • It’s good to know we aren’t alone when it comes to the fear/sleeplessness. 🙂 And, yeah! It totally was a great present. Thank you!

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