Finally Ignoring Excuses Not To Write ~ #ROW80 Check-In

4Last week I admitted to starting my year off on the wrong foot.  I decided to be nice to myself and let myself laze about.  I not only needed the rest post-holidays/kids’ winter break, I also needed time to lick my wound after this scheduling defeat.

But there’s a point when enough is enough.  So, I had a plan.  I was going to write Wednesday and Thursday.  On Friday, the kids had off so I’d take off again.  Then, Saturday I’d write.  I’d take Sunday off (today), and Monday (tomorrow) I’d jump back in like normal.  Wednesday came and the schools made it a snow day.  I jumped on that excuse, because just one more day is what I need.

I revised the plan.  Thursday and Saturday write.  Friday and Sunday off.  Monday business as usual.  Then… Thursday was another snow day.  And, I was kind of sick at taking ever opportunity and decided just to do some light stuff (ease back into writing life).  Friday came and I was suppose to take off, but I felt reinvigorated.  I ignored my original plan and wrote finishing draft 1 of B2.  Saturday, I started edits.

In LITTLE WOMEN there’s that lesson their mom teaches them about too much time off and messing around being a bad thing.  Though, they had issues with getting stuff done around the house (I managed to do that bit, just not the writing stuff).  The main point for me was the whole you can get sick of the “nothing” too.  But, I think it is a good reset to reach that point.  Anyways, let’s peek at the goals.

Pre-Write, Draft, Edit, and Submit B2 – Deadline 1/20
I am hoping I can still make it.  Draft 1: Done 1/15 | Editing: In progress…

Take Next Step With YELLOW – No Deadline
Sign up for my newsletter for updates on this. (Yes, there is news, but newsletter people get first dibs and reports on it!)

Main Book: Read 100 Pages – per Week
Didn’t wanna… FIRST TO DIE – James Patterson: 0/100

Read Comics + 1 Chapter of a Graphic Novel/tpb – Per Week
I kept meaning to, but since it was on my goals list kind of didn’t wanna. (My) Comics No – Chapter no (Hubby steals no)

Be a good ROW80 Sponsor – Deadline End of Round
I might have done one?  I don’t know. After I edit today, I’m going to go figure out where I left off.

Stick to Eating Right – Daily
I had a day early in the last week where I was weak and then there was a freaking awesome gathering at the local comic shop (Robot Zero – Geneva, Ohio – Shop there!) where pizza entered my no carb belly: 5/7

Run/Walk 21 miles – per Week
With the kids home and only able to go at a walk (toe injury still in play), the best I could do was a mile.  Am going to try interval running for 10-15 minutes this upcoming week. 4

Attend Yoga – Mondays & Wednesdays
1/11: Yes | 1/13: No (Class Canceled)

So, big goal for this week is make B2’s deadline.  After that, my priority is to get back on track with goals.

Is there a book lesson that you have found to be true/false in real life?
How long does it take for doing nothing  gets to you?

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10 thoughts on “Finally Ignoring Excuses Not To Write ~ #ROW80 Check-In

  1. Snow days?! Sounds like fun. I think I’ve one of those in my entire life. I think a lazy week is a must, especially after the kids have been home. I hope the toe heals soon.

    • They’re fun unless they happen too often and eat into summer vacation. One year it was so bad for me I was in school until June 24th (original end date of like the 6th). Yes, lazy weeks are a must and I’m about needing another with all these snow days! 😉

  2. I think taking time off at the beginning of the year is good — it keeps you from getting over ambitious and falling flat from that New Year’s Enthusiasm.

    As for the disrupted writing schedule — boy is that familiar! I have found, at times, that sometimes you have to find a way to physically enforce the schedule. Not just “I will write on Tuesday” but “I will go to the Mall/TacoBell/Library at 3pm and write there for two hours.” Treat it like an appointment — what would you do with the kids for that? Drop them off at the movies? Or take them along to the library, and schedule your writing time for some kid activity there?

    • Actually, I’m usually much better than I have been about my writing commitments. I don’t necessarily do times/appointments so much as goals and most of the time I have a snow day back up plan (something that became a must after the polar vortex BS of last year). My recent behavior was because I was already stinging and not feeling good from the start of year fail. Basically, I was sulking (which isn’t a bad thing really). But I’m so done sulking and am getting back to work, just slowly as I evaluate where I went wrong in the first place.

  3. A few times a year, I will circle around my writing and poke it with a stick, unable to make forward progress. What helps me most is reading research which somehow brings me to dive right back into the story. I really like your specific goals here and will try them to get my exercise hopes into some kind of a more specific plan. Re snow days? Can’t say I’ve benefitted because it’s been snowing far too long over here in the great Pacific Northwest! And thank YOU for being a ROW80 sponsor!

    • I find most of my stumbling is usually rooted in fear and overwhelming myself. I am always enthusiastic about my work (when I get over myself). I’m very lucky to always be doing research for my current project (YELLOW), since that’s reading comics! 😉

      Thank you right back at you! ROW80 is a great challenge and the more sponsors there are the better!

  4. No school for my kids means no snow days for us, ever. It also means that I’ve been writing seriously since they were 8 and 5 (it wasn’t so much or so often back then, because I’ve always had the goal of not shutting myself off from my family to write.

    Now, they’re 14 and 11.5, and I have a great deal more time for writing, as they both pursue their own passions. I have lots of goals, so, if I don’t feel up to doing one type of thing, there are always others to do…

    I’m the writing mom of two unschoolers, and a wife…so, I’m NEVER doing nothing, even if it might look that way from the outside.

    I’ve learned to trust my instincts, and do what moves me at any particular time. For me, fighting to force myself uses so much energy, it;leaves little for the writing, and that’s discouraging, and so I need more energy to make myself, and that is more tiring, and so on…

    Better for me to move on to another goal I can make progress on. LIfe cycles back.

    • I have a 14 and a 10 year old, so I know what you mean. However, they do go to school. When they are home (off school/snow day), I try to enjoy them and keep them from getting lazy (mentally and physically). I don’t get solid work time until around 1-2pm and my husband returns home around 2:45-3. Not much time. But, they matter more than writing.

      Unlike you I can actually manage to do nothing. LOL But it is something I need to do. I wind myself up very easily and the nothing is when it melts away.

      I love how we can have similarities but still be very different. It makes the world so much more interesting!

  5. It can be hard to stick to your goals when plans get changed. We just had a 2 hour delay last week, but that meant the boy didn’t have school (he only goes in the morning). I was tempted to let it throw me off, but I kept to my schedule.

    • I’m pretty sure if the kids hadn’t been off, they would have had another snow day today. Just went over to the tv station’s weather webpage… HOLY crap, 18 inches???? Warning until tomorrow noon????? Fallon we’re gonna die! The snow is gonna get us!!! I mean, stay warm and safe. 😉

      You know, you’re a very strong and disciplined writer. I totally admire that about you. That’s when I see you take breaks I know it is because you truly need it. 🙂

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