Ray Palmer, Chihuahuas, and Whales ~ #ROW80 Check-In

4I want to akin my current situation to the Ray Palmer plot line from the current season of ARROW.  However, I don’t want to be spoilery (because in today’s society people watch at their own pace).  So, I’ve decided to instead compare my current situation to a chihuahua trying to hump a whale.  The whale probably doesn’t even notice.  I’m trying my hardest.  Nothing is happening.  (Because, “Bitten off more than I can chew” is too cliche and truthfully nearly impossible.)

Let me rewind.  I have to admit, I started the year off with a huge mistake.  Usually, after kids have a break I take a couple or more days off to right the house and relax/goof off.  A vacation for myself, in other words.  I skipped that this time.  Binge reading was the symptom that let me realize I messed up.

Another bump?  I wanted to do all the things at once.  It wasn’t add a new thing every week (usual plan).  It was BAM! (<-Imagine that looking like the Adam West BATMAN fight scene BAM!)  ALL THE THINGS!!!!  I was so overwhelmed.

More bump! Sunday, I was so excited about Gotham’s adoption that I got careless. I rammed my pinkie toe into our fireproof safe.  I was pretty sure I broke it (needed to pop stuff back into place), but I’m 80% better now therefore it had to be just dislocated.  That definitely lowered my activity level (as exercise goals will show).

A yay for the week?  Tiffany Hofmann was having a contest on twitter and I won!  Of the prizes I chose a crit of a first chapter.  I sent over the first chapter of what you guys know as ALCHEMY (though, I showed her the real name).  I have only skimmed, because I don’t want to get on the next of draft just yet… (Need to finish B2!)  However, she gave me a great shove in the right direction!

Okay.  Enough prattling about stuff in general.  Let me prattle about goals.

Pre-Write, Draft, Edit, and Submit B2 – Deadline 1/20
Pre-Writing: Done 1/4 | Draft 1: In progress… Hope to finish Draft 1 today (if I can pay attention long enough).

Main Book: Read 100 Pages – per Week
FIRST TO DIE – James Patterson: 50/100… I was reading, just not this.

Finish A HEARTLESS DESIGN by Elizabeth ColeDeadline End of Round
Started at 54% Finished 1/7… See.

Read Comics + 1 Chapter of a Graphic Novel/tpb – Per Week
Cleared my pull list.  Read some of the stuff from my hubby’s list (though have like 5 of his to go, because they’re piling up again). No progress on CAPTAIN MARVEL tpb.

60 Queries – Deadline End of Round
5 I’m supposed to do 5 today, but I don’t know…

Be a good ROW80 Sponsor – Deadline End of Round
Post: Sent 1/4 | Goal Post Visits: Done 1/5 | 1/6 Check-In Visits: Done 1/7 … 100%!

Stick to Eating Right – Daily
4/7… I probably could have marked this as 5/7, but on my cheat day I overate to the point I got keep-me-awake-all-night-indigestion.  That is obviously not good eating.

Run/Walk 21 miles – per Week
0 (above mentioned toe injury)

Attend Yoga – Mondays & Wednesdays
1/4 & 1/6: Yes… I just adjusted my practice and did class with my toe taped up.  Figured I wasn’t going to run, but I refused to do nothing all week.

Have you already made a new year blunder?
What show are you waiting for to restart now that the holidays are over?

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4 thoughts on “Ray Palmer, Chihuahuas, and Whales ~ #ROW80 Check-In

  1. All of last week was my new year blunder! I accomplished very little, other than reading! Just keep at it! Congrats on the crit of your chapter.

    • Glad I’m not alone and in such awesome company. 🙂 Since I crashed & burned I haven’t done much myself. Binge reading manga at the moment (though that’s losing its appeal, so I might get back to writing soon). Oh and rewatching season 1 of Iryu: Team Medical Dragon (about the evils of Japanese teaching hospital politics and a very tricky heart operation). I keep lying to myself saying it is research. 😉

  2. I often set more goals for myself than I can achieve. I really want to build my author platform this year, since I want to start querying, but I need to balance that with actually getting stories revised and ready for submission and with teaching.

    Congrats on winning the contest! First-chapter critiques can be super-helpful.

    Good luck with your goals! 🙂

    • I don’t like over estimating my goals, because failing them makes me a sad panda. I rather under estimate and then overachieve. However, if I go too light and super overachieve I feel like a fraud. I’m a mess of a goal maker. 😉

      And I hear you on that balance thing. It is hard enough balancing creating and refining. Then there’s promoting, networking, and reading too. Then add in that this is just a corner of life… Those that balance it so well, I envy them.

      Thank you! Hope things are going well with you.

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