Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, Especially With Books

Pinterest Blog Writing Banners (3).pngI have what I like to call a Pokemon mentality. For those that haven’t heard me use this phrase, let me explain. I’m totally all about the tagline.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

This means, I need the complete set of movies. Every doll in the franchise. The entire collection of snow globes. And, yes, I must collect all 150 Pokemon.

What do you mean there’s way more than that now? It was hard enough back then, with the trading and limited stones, to get just those!

Ahem. Sorry.

This mentality has bled over into my reading. Except we need to change it up a little.

Gotta Read It All! Bookemon!

To be honest, I try to convince myself that it is okay to quit. But, have you heard this one? You can learn a lot about writing by reading a good book. You can learn even more from reading a bad one.

I heard it somewhere and became addicted to the Kool-Aid. That’s how I convince myself to finish these not right for me books. I call it important writer learning.

Learning good.   Finishing book good. Brain must suffer!!!

So, I spend months reading a book I don’t like.  Months.

Which is how the reading pile grew. Currently?   Two tote bags full! I keep them my living room closet. Plus waaay too many free ebooks I’ve racked up on my Kindle app. Oh, don’t get me started on my Amazon wish list or the books from series I’m following, but haven’t bought because I have too much.

I- I- I- sigh.

I obviously have to do something about this. I can’t go on like this. I think it is time I start breaking up with books. So, here is my new personal dating reading policy.

All books get a fair shot, or 100 pages to be exact.

I figure by page 100 I…
1)Will have made up my mind if I like it or not (usually by less than that, to be honest).
2)Have “learned” enough from reading a bad* one.
3)The book would have earned its way. (They are a purchase in many cases.)

As if right now I’m torn on if I should share my book break-ups. I’m leaning toward yes. See, I’ve recommended stuff I didn’t like before to others. In particular, I’m thinking of WIZARD BARRISTERS, an anime. The animation, acting, and plot are all good. Beautiful even. I should have loved this anime, but we just didn’t have chemistry. After two episodes, I broke up with it.** I recommended this to my friend and he loved it (thanked me for the recommendation too).

Do you have a book reading policy?
How much does it take for you to know if you like
a book/tv show/movie/comic? How long to you give it?

Hmmm… Will I or won’t I publish my book break-ups? The final decision will be announced in my newsletter! So be sure to subscribe, if you haven’t already. Bonus: You get a FREE ebook for subscribing.

*-Bad as in fit, not bad as in badly written. Because, most books I can’t finish are great books, just not great for me books.

**-Which turned out awesome for me, because I moved on and found LOG HORIZON, an anime I love.


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3 thoughts on “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, Especially With Books

  1. I’ll usually give a book up to 25%(if I’m reading an ebook). For a physical book that I’ve paid for(I’ve gotten ones from MiL that she got from book sales/thrift store), then I usually finish them. But, most of those are already series/authors I know I like. Sometimes it’s the voice, or I’m just not connecting with a character. And sometimes I keep reading anyway.

  2. I’m quite particular with what I read these days. If I find myself skimming text or checking ahead then I’m not enjoying the book and I’ll probably drop it.

    Names are important for me. If I don’t like the character’s name then I’ll struggle to get into the book, especially if they are the main focus. Also, those books that handle multiple characters by chapter can put me off. If I don’t like a character then I know I’m going to be skimming.

    As for comics, it is usually 3 issues. TV shows get about the same. I have to admit that I was very close to dropping ‘Sons of Anarchy’ when I first saw it. An awful start. Then there are those pilots that just scream to be dropped. ‘Lucifer’ is one of those. The comic was great, but after watching the pilot, I have to say it looks like being yet another ‘supernatural-lite police drama’. They lost me after 25 minutes.

    • I’m not picky with names, because I’m one of those people that sucks with them. I refuse to use character names I can’t pronounce. Though, I’ll read such books and refer to them as stuff like “M-person” (if their name starts with M). Read a whole book like that and then the villain was also an M name I had no clue about, so “Other M-person.” A name can be a big part of a character, so I can see where you’re coming from. It’s just I care more about who they are and what’s going on over that. (My thinking the character is being stupid for sake of plot and me rooting for the bad guys because I rather see them dead are the bad signs.)

      I was considering watching LUCIFER, but I have enough stuff I watch. (More than I probably should be watching, to be honest.) You made me feel not so bad for skipping it. Thanks! 🙂

      Seems I’m more indulgent with comics. I usually allow the first arc (hence why BATMAN BEYOND made it to issue #6 before my husband and I both dropped it).

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