How I Saved Gotham (My Hamster)

1937154_1299622793397663_5885281944173834667_n.jpgI’ve talked about it before.  I’m very pro-adoption.  When Queenie died, long time readers of my blog, will recall I started looking for a new hamster through shelter listings.  (I had been watching them since Queenie was a live, actually.)  However, when I was ready to move on… There were no adoptable hamsters.

Even after I bought Duke (Queenie’s successor), I kept an eye on the listings.  Because… *shrug*  (Anyone surprised by that, really?)

It was Saturday night and I brought the shelter listings up on my phone.  After over a year of watching, for the first time ever, there was a hamster listed!  The next morning, I kept opening the listing and started obsessing.  When the shelter opened (noon), I called and what I learned sealed the deal.

3849_1299656403394302_6619144147000711963_n.jpgOn Sunday, January 3, 2016 I adopted Gotham (I named him).  There’s a reason for his name. (Other than being able to say, “I saved Gotham.”)  I’ve been desiring a pair of dwarf hamsters for a while.  I had names picked out.  Harley and Quinn for girls and Batman and Robin for boys.  However, this was a lone dwarf hamster.  Sticking with the comic theme, the natural choice (given the other names) came to me as Gotham.  Though, he could have totally been Commissioner Gordon. (Gotham’s better than that, though… Right?)

By now you know that Gotham is a male dwarf hamster (vet thinks he be a Winter White hybrid, but either way he’s definitely got Russian Campbell genes).  He’s of unknown age, tiny (even for his type), and he was abandoned.  He waddles (knew this from the call) and I am fairly certain the cause is a lump that seems to be growing on his side.  I spotted the lump the morning after I got him and they hadn’t mentioned the lump at the adoption center.  Not that it would have stopped me.  (Most lumps on hamsters are inoperable and if they are, older hamsters are at super high risk of not surviving.  He will likely have to live with this.)

12400912_1299656426727633_2860231018029122641_n.jpgBasically, who knows how long I’ll have with Gotham.  I vow to make his life with me, be it a week or years, the best I can.  That’s why I wanted to adopt in the first place.  For the hamster.

Once he settles in, his cage theme will match his name. I’m going to make a backdrop of Gotham (bat signal in the sky) and maybe make a small “apartment building” (tissue box done up to look like one).  Since he has trouble walking, I’m not going too elaborate.

Sticking with a comic theme, what would you have named him?
Ignoring my comic theme, what would you have named him?

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8 thoughts on “How I Saved Gotham (My Hamster)

  1. He is adorable, and I don’t generally like hamsters. Kind of reminds me of a hedgehog. No ideas for names….maybe George.

    • Yeah, dwarf hamsters are so round and cute looking (that’s why I wanted two for double the adorbs). The fact he is so tiny also makes for the squees.

      You say George and I think Wickham. (I’ve got such a Pride & Prejudice addiction!) Any George you had in mind?

  2. I love that you adopted a hamster (I also adopted my hamster Flash).

  3. Gotham is a great name for a hamster. I’m so glad you were able to adopt through a local shelter. There are so many animals out there in need of forever homes. Gotham is lucky that you found him. I know you treat your animals like royalty and he’ll have a great life with you. Congrats!

    • On day, I’ll hold Gotham in the palm of my hand.

      ^I now say stuff like that endlessly. LOL It is a very fun name. 🙂

      He’s getting used to the house already and doing great. Adopting has been so fulfilling!

  4. Happy hamster, happy Gloria, happy Gotham! WIN!

    Personally, I would have probably named him Tribble. Hamsters kind of remind me of tribbles with legs and faces. =)

    Once, long ago, I had an adopted guinea pig I named Hamlet. It wasn’t the obvius ‘pig’ pun – at least not at first, It was because a friend had made me an audiotape of Mel Gibson’s Hamlet, and I’d been listening to it in the car on the way to pick him up.

    My daughter’s current and very elderly guinea pig, Midnight, whom we didn’t name, was adopted from friends who no longer wanted her.

    When you hold Gotham in the palm of your hand, I do hope you’ll take pictures! =)

    • Love the adoption stories! And you’re so right. I assumed HAMlet for pig at first, but I can see why you picked that name. It was just good timing that an accidental pun occured. 🙂

      Of course there will be pictures! He’s taking food from me, but very wearily (and super gently). No interest in biting me at all (Duke could learn a thing or two from Gotham). Hopefully in a couple of weeks (not that these things can be timed).

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