I Have A Theory! A Zoom Theory!

ReviewI’m not about to say something ground breaking. Even ComicBook.com has said it. I don’t know why they agree with me, because I was too lazy to read the article. I just know that they plus a friend have the same theory.*

In the TV series, THE FLASH, Earth 2 Henry Allen is Zoom.

I mean, look at that head shape! Yeah. That’s totally what I’m basing my opinion on. Head shape. Not comics. (Bet you ComicBook.com has a comic based reason. Maybe I really should read that.)

If you didn’t know, I’m a noob to the (American) comic world. I just happen to have a Pokemon mentality (Gotta Catch ‘Em All!) that kept me from jumping into this fandom wholeheartedly until recently. Thing is, I’m discovering, even if I start with a #1, there’s always some background thing I have to look up. If I had known that, I would have started sooner!!!

But, back to my theory!

I know when the winter/midseason finale hit, Zoom was obsessed with gaining speed. And for a second, I doubted myself. Was it the other (dead) Wells? But, then I was totally, no! In fact, this proves my extended theory!

Zoom needs speed, because he has to travel back in time to save his family. I mean, why haven’t we seen Barry Earth 2 yet? Obviously, he’s dead. I’m willing to bet Mrs. Allen is dead, as well.  How?  Why?  No clue, but I’m sure it mirrors the timing of Barry Earth 1’s loss.

“But, isn’t Zoom already faster than our Barry? Shouldn’t he be time traveling like a mofo, already?”

Hey, Earth 2 has differences! I’m willing to bet, for whatever reason, time traveling in Earth 2 requires more speed.

“But, he’s killing his dead son’s double to do it!  Shouldn’t he be cherishing him?”

Come on! Haven’t you noticed? These Earth 2 people find it so easy to “kill themselves.” Honestly, I find that weird. Is there like a known psychological thing that accounts for this? Are they just eviler on Earth 2? That’s something to think on! Besides, he’s willing to sacrifice Earth 1 Barry for his Earth 2 Barry, because this isn’t the Barry he knew, his Barry.

Look, I have a sound theory, don’t I? Though, I might be totally off on the why. Totally called Lash’s secret identity in AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. I had thought it was Tuna from a restaurant during vacation, so I had that bit wrong. But the person? Called it two episodes before they revealed it! Boo-yah!

Do you have a Zoom theory?
Favorite FLASH character? TV or Comic?
What would your Earth 2 double be like?

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*-My younger brother, however, disagrees and has a different theory. He states that all the other Earth 2 people have come after their doubles, so it is Earth 2 Barry. Again, why do they do that!?

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2 thoughts on “I Have A Theory! A Zoom Theory!

  1. I’m not reading all of this! I missed the first two months of this season. We just caught up with season 1. I’m a little late to the game but I’m loving it. Except for the episode we saw last night. It was a rerun, new to me. Sharkman! I’m not liking that seems too fake 🙂

    • When you catch up, then you should come read this! 🙂

      The Sharkman was the worst effect this season. Though, I feel it could have been worse (as well as it could have been better).

      Want more incentive? Honestly, I feel FLASH (more so than ARROW) has spent a lot of this season setting up LEGENDS OF TOMORROW. I’m excited for when that starts! They have laid lots of cool groundwork.

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