Adults Shouldn’t Read…

Pinterest Blog Writing Banners (2)middle grade fiction.
…young adult fiction.

Aren’t you too old to be reading…
…middle grade fiction?
…young adult fiction?

You’re too smart for that!

Have you ever heard someone say that noise?

Now, I’m going to assume this person meant well. Great Aunt Gladys is a swell lady. She likes decorating her house according to BETTER HOMES AND GARDEN and somehow manages to make Martha Stewart recipes/crafts work.   Her favorite TV shows are medical dramas and she reads biographies. And she says this to you because, just like Will Smith’s parents, she “just don’t understand.

Heck, we all have such things. Personally, I really don’t understand BETTER HOMES AND GARDEN.

It’s just, some people (like Gladys) think that there’s a “right” or “appropriate” way to have fun.   And in caring, they try to help get you on that path. Only, BETTER HOMES AND GARDEN isn’t your fun. Though, you’ll never be able to explain or get them to understand why.

For the record:
The only wrong way to have fun is if your fun hurts others (without their consent).
Reading biographies: Cool
Watching STAR WARS movie marathons: Cool
Tackle football: Cool*
Burning down houses: Not cool

With that out of the way… Regardless of Gladys’ good intentions, there is still that noise.

“Oh, the noise! Oh, the Noise! Noise! Noise! Noise!”
-The Grinch

And that noise can make you feel like crap. That’s exactly how it makes me feel. So, please, let me remind you of some very important things.

You are not alone. Lots of other adults, all kinds of them, read it too. You are not out of place. Everyone likes different things, which is why there are menus. You are not less than or lesser for it.   Liking something doesn’t make you a bad person. You are having fun. Adulting (for the most part) isn’t! Why give up this valuable feeling?

Now, this can apply to more than just the above. Some people get crap for reading adult categories such as romance novels.   Outside of reading, people hear it for liking “kid” things like anime, Hello Kitty, stuffed animals, stickers, LEGO, cartoons, and so on. All of that is noise too.

And since you know how it feels, let’s try to be a little nicer to each other. Remember this short diddy:


P.S.- Of course, some people say they above because they are douches. Still shouldn’t change a thing about your likes. They are just sucky people. And comments on this post from such people (or Gladys types, even) will be deleted because this is a feel good, accepting space.

Do you have a pep talk for those feeling down due to the noise?
Have a noise story with a happy ending?   Please share it!

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*-That is as long as everyone consented to play. If you’re walking down the street and randomly tackling people, espeically Great Aunt Gladys, and screaming “FOOTBALL!” Then: Not Cool!

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2 thoughts on “Adults Shouldn’t Read…

  1. It’s good to get this reminder sometimes! I am lucky that most people around me have the same tastes as me, but every now and then I do wonder if some people are secretly judging me.

    • I’m a little jealous. There are things I like that I have to get on the internet in order to find others that like it. (Small town living!) I must say, the internet is good for chasing the isolation feels away!

      But the secret judging, oh! That’s a tiny fear of mine. However, in the end you need to be happy more than you need to worry. And happy has the same rules as fun! 😉

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