Very Ahead of Schedule ~ #ROW80 Check-In

sundayROW80Yesterday, I went to a Merry Star Wars party at my friendly, local comic shop, Robot Zero.  Hopefully this doesn’t tarnish my geek cred, but I’m not a huge fan of Star Wars.  Yes, I’m totally seeing the new movie, but not until it has been out a couple of weeks (and there will be space and it won’t be so crowded).  Thing is, I could (*gasp*) be okay waiting to see it on DVD.  However, my husband can’t wait.  We don’t do the movies that often and, yes, the movie does look like it is going to be cool, so I am looking forward to it.

However, since I’m not a huge Star Wars fan, why did I go to the party then?  I like being part of the geek community.  I like meeting others excited to talk about geek stuff.  Sure, lots of people were there to talk Star Wars (“Did you get tickets for opening night?”), but there was other talk too.  Obviously, comics.  Classic cartoons.  A touch of gaming stuff.  Talk about kids (turns out my daughter’s BFF’s dad knows the owner too).  And how awesome it is that we have a store like that in our town.

That party is kind of what I want the future of my blog to be.  I want to be geek-tastic, fanboy/girl friendly, and embrace this culture (instead of fearing what others think, watering down my posts to be more universally acceptable, and eventually pretending it didn’t happen).  I want to write blog posts that might not be your cup of tea (like Star Wars is for me), but still holds something of value (maybe a cool concept used in a comic that inspires something for a novel).

My goals were set to run all the way to December 22nd.  However, I am likely to be done early.  I, literally, only have queries left to do!!!  That was even after tacking on finishing HAMSTER.  Let’s take a peek at my week, shall we?

Sort Through 45 Pages of Agent List by Dec 9 – DONE 12/6
Send 60 Queries by Dec 23
[45/45 Pages] * [36/60 Queries]

Mid Level Priority Goals
Finish ZOMBIE MOON by Dec 23 – Read some

Monday & Wednesday – Yoga + 1 mile
Thursday through Saturday – 3 to 5 mile Run
After Lunch 2 mile Walk (at least) 5 Days/Week
Walked to Yoga + did yoga M & W.  Ran 3 miles Thurs, walked 4 miles Saturday, and ran 2 Miles Friday (had a Dr’s appointment).  5/5 Dog walks

Visit Writer Community Members
Minimum 4 (ideally 7)/Week


Two More Webinars: Bettering Your Blog for 2016, & 10 Ways to Publish a Kindle Series Fast.

HAMSTER: Polished ~ Wrote Synopsis ~ Wrote Query

So, I’m going to focus on finishing that and then I’m going to work on my plans for 2016 in regards to upping my presence and shifting into “Party Mode.”  Then, I’ll figure out my next 13 week plan.

What do you aim for as your blog feel?
Are you amping up/revamping or staying the course for 2016?

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2 thoughts on “Very Ahead of Schedule ~ #ROW80 Check-In

  1. You’ve done wonderfully on your goals, Gloria. Brava!!

    I’ve been thinking all Round about my blog, and the light finally went on when I read, “fearing what other people think.” That’s been my problem!! I’m a geek, and I should let my own brand of geekdom reign. I’ve been so worried that no one would want to read what I write about, I’ve been paralyzed and silent. Thank you! May you fly your geek flag high and proudly!!

    • I’m not going to lie, it can be so hard to embrace the geek flag and to let it fly freely. I always end up chickening out and second guessing myself (hence, “eventually pretending it didn’t happen”). However, I’ve seen so many people own it and fly it with great success. It can be done! I wish you luck. Don’t fear or doubt! Be you because no one else can!

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