The holidays are underway! Code name YELLOW is done!~ #ROW80 Check-In

sundayROW80My house is fully decorated.  I’ve started holiday sweet making.  My town is blasting carols through the speakers downtown.  The music started the day of the Christmas Parade (Friday), which we attended!  Sadly, the retirement home’s dancing “old ladies” wasn’t in it this year.  (One of my favorites.)  Before the parade we did the most holiday thing possible… We went to the comic shop, so my daughter could get a picture with Spiderman.  What? She’s too old for Santa.  At least she’s not too old for Spiderman!

Aside from getting my holiday on, I’ve been working really hard on writing.  I’m trying to get ahead, because on Friday I have a doctor’s appointment.  Not to mention odds and ends of the holiday will cause their own bumps too.  And I did manage to do it!  YELLOW is out awaiting a Yay or Nay from my publisher!  Cross your fingers for me, okay?

A quick rundown of my active goals:
Polish by Dec 16 – 12/4
With Publisher by Dec 23 – 12/4

Sort Through 45 Pages of Agent List by Dec 9
Send 60 Queries by Dec 23
[39/45 Pages] * [30/60 Queries]

Monday & Wednesday – Yoga + 1 mile
Thursday through Saturday – 3 to 5 mile Run
After Lunch 2 mile Walk (at least) 5 Days/Week
Yes to it all! 5/5

WIPpet Wednesdays
Dec 2 –Nope 

Visit Writer Community Members
Minimum 4 (ideally 7)/Week


With the holidays going on, I have so much on my plate things are obviously slipping.  Like sweeping my floor.  Was supposed to do that Friday, but I’ll be doing it as soon as I’m done this post.  I’m trying to focus on the important part, which is the holidays and the “core” of my work.  Because, I’m not a do all the things gal.  I’m not perfect.  And that’s absolutely okay.

Any parades in your future/past?  Favorite part?
What’s your holiday mantra/philosophy?

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7 thoughts on “The holidays are underway! Code name YELLOW is done!~ #ROW80 Check-In

  1. Congrats on finishing YELLOW and good luck with it! My holiday idea is to not stress out, which is sometimes impossible, but i do try not to b/c stress sucks. 😦

  2. You’re doing great. Kudos! My favourite part of the Christmas season (and pretty much any season) is spending time with family and friends. I have to restructure my To Do list to make time to do so, and that’s fine by me. Have a great Christmas season!

  3. Congratulations on getting those edits done on YELLOW and on setting (and keeping) that ambitious list of submissions. Great progress! I hope to see good news about YELLOW and appreciate your comments about keeping stress manageable through the holidays — as well as those very clear exercise goals. Yep. Good stuff.

    • Thank you. I try to keep clear goals and a plan to act on them. Like with submitting… My plan involves 3 a day (either 3 pages to sort or 3 queries to send). That isn’t much, but adds up in no time. 🙂

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