Ready, Set, Holiday! ~ #ROW80

littleROW80I usually don’t post this late.  However, I’ve been busy!  Today, we went grocery shopping and took a moment to buy a new light-up candy cane (one of my reds just died after one night being on) and two more for good measure.  My husband also got a shrub, light net, because out weeping cherry was screaming “need it!” (Now it is screaming, “Need 2 more!”)  We also had our photo holiday cards printed up (anyone I forgot will just get a standard card at this point).  I addressed them, stuffed them, and then took a dog walk to mail them.  Oh, wrapped presents, as well.  And attended another webinar!

Monday and Tuesday were normal, but the rest of my week was like today.  Wednesday, I finished shopping for my husband, baked for Thanksgiving, and started wrapping presents.  Thursday I read, ate with the family, decorated the outdoors, and fixed two lighting items (a buck and tree) that only half lit.  Friday, we got the tree up, dyed my hair, took holiday card pictures, unpacked all the decorations (they just aren’t all up yet), hung the stockings, and finished the hamster cabin.  Saturday, culled the card list, adjusted outdoor display stuff, dressed the table (table cloth and two trays of holiday knickknacks), and caught up on cleaning.  All week, I’ve been watching JESSICA JONES.


Our Tree

By some miracle, for the most part, I’m still on schedule with my writing goals.  I’m a few queries behind schedule is all.  Sucked at being a community member, though.

Polish by Dec 16 Read aloud pass done. Backwards pass will be started this week.

Sort Through 45 Pages of Agent List by Dec 9
Send 60 Queries by Dec 23
[30/45 Pages] * [18/60 Queries]

Finish ZOMBIE MOON by Dec 23 Read some, about half done.

Monday & Wednesday – Yoga + 1 mile
Thursday through Saturday – 3 to 5 mile Run
After Lunch 2 mile Walk (at least) 5 Days/Week
Monday and Wednesday, yes.  Thursday, nothing.  The rest yes.

Visit Writer Community Members
Minimum 4 (ideally 7)/Week

Comics Read:  THE SPIRIT #1 | THOR #1 | RAT QUEENS #13 | BOMBSHELLS #5

Webinar: Blogging for Business

This Week: Read YELLOW backwards. Send queries and add to list.  Work on my marketing plans.

How are you doing with your holiday juggling?

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