Laziness Saved Me Panicking ~ #ROW80 Check-In

The car in question.

The car in question.

This morning, I was feeling very lazy.  So, instead of us heading out as a family to go grocery shopping, my husband went out alone.  About 45 minutes ago, I got a call from him.

“Remember that part, Bob [our mechanic] said was gonna eventually break?”
“Yeah,” I said knowing where this was going already, but still hoping it wasn’t going that way.
“It broke.”

Obviously, my husband is just fine.  He told me it was quite scary when it happened (thank goodness I didn’t have to experience that).  But, a broken down car wasn’t our biggest problem.  See, that’s our only car.  Bob’s business is a 5 or 7 mile jaunt from our house.  And I mentioned grocery shopping.  This happened after the shopping was done.

So, for the last hour I’ve been trying to get hold of local friends and digging up tow truck driver numbers.  Thankfully, Paul Jessup (he’s a writer/my mentor) was home and able to help.   We are so very thankful too!  With luck, both my husband and him will be here in an hour’s time and the scary/hardest part of this will be over.

The rest of my week?  Hasn’t been that eventful.  Son got an A on his rubber band powered boat (after rebuilding it Monday night and making adjustments at school).  My daughter caught up on all the comics she missed out on while grounded last month.  We played Monopoly on Friday and watched THE SECRET OF KELLS on Saturday as a family.  See? Boring!

littleROW80Writing is going very well… (Now to the part most of you came to see.  I’ll only be talking about the active goals.)

Read and Take Edit Notes by Nov 18 I’m totally on schedule for this. In fact, should be done this today, if I get to the scheduled edits.

Sort Through 45 Pages of Agent List by Dec 9 [15/45 Pages]
Send 60 Queries by Dec 23 [6/60 Queries]

Finish ZOMBIE MOON by Dec 23 Read some yesterday as my Windows 10 updated. 

Monday & Wednesday – Yoga + 1 mile Yup
Thursday through Saturday – 3 to 5 mile Run Yup
After Lunch 2 mile Walk (at least) 5 Days/Week 5/5

Visit Writer Community Members
Minimum 4 (ideally 7)/Week 4/4


This Week’s Plan: By this time next week, I should be working on YELLOW draft 2.  I’ll be querying and adding to my query list this week as well.  My yoga instructor is having her wisdom teeth removed Tuesday, so no Wednesday class (will replace with running).  Walk everywhere (thankfully, everywhere I need to be this week is within walking distance).

When was the last time being in a mood saved you?
If you could call any fictional character to come to your aid when your car broke down, who would it be?

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2 thoughts on “Laziness Saved Me Panicking ~ #ROW80 Check-In

  1. I missed out on this one- EXTRAORDINARY XMEN #1, I hope it was good. I’ve had things like that happen. Never to my husband, always me. Glad to hear your hubby is safe. The most eventful thing to happen this week is we took the Christmas tree out of the box to discover the lights don’t work! Of course these lights have to be ordered online. Always check on that before you buy a prelit tree! Anyway, the kids and hubby spent Friday and Saturday morning stripping the lights off so I could restring it. It’s done now and looking beautiful. Hope you have a good week.

    • My husband used to collect XMEN when he was a kid and lately complained that superheroes weren’t his cup of tea anymore (though, occasionally some pop onto his pull list, only to be pulled off- thus was the fate of BATMAN BEYOND & I think what will happen to NEW AVENGERS). So, when I heard of the new XMEN title, I asked if he was considering it. He said he wasn’t getting it, but come new comic day, he totally got it. And it sucked him in.

      It has so much going from the start. The mist, the hate of mutants, the unrest, and everyone scattered… Get it if you can find a way.

      Oh, I know that pre-lit horror. That’s the kind we use. A few years ago, I tested my tree. Lit up fine. The kids and I decorated it. Lit it up. Looked great. Next day, lit it. The whole middle was dark! I tested every stinking light on that tree. Changed fuses. Nada. Ended up having to undecorate that tree and redecorate a new one (because, we wanted a taller one anyways).

      I won’t be taking the tree out just yet, but we’ll be doing holiday pictures real soon. We’re thinking individual portraits this year, which we’ll combine to make a holiday card. And tomorrow, we start the kid shopping!

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