Off and On Track – #ROW80 Check-In

littleROW80A lot happened this week.  Some of it was quite trying (governmental bureaucracy and my father-in-law’s dead beat tenants).  Some of it was celebratory (11 years happily married and my son reaching his 14th year of life).  Some of it was fun (my husband took off work this past week and we visited the comic shop a lot).  Some of it was scary (my father-in-law fell off a ladder and is in the hospital having his punctured lung drained).  And I swelled with pride (report cards came in and my kids are awesome).

Are you surprised my writing plans (and lots of life stuff) got a little off track?

I’m probably 9 pages behind on ALCHEMY edits.  I can probably catch up on that and still meet my original deadline.  If things go according to plan, which this week proved isn’t always a guarantee.  I did manage to meet a goal.  I reached over the half way mark of HEARTLESS BY DESIGN, which means reading ZOMBIE MOON is my last reading goal to achieve.  But on the failing side, I am not sure if I even visited 1 blog this week!  I did terrible record keeping, but I know that I definitely didn’t visit 4.  Exercise was a B- (did yoga, lots of dog walks, missed a day of running, walked “to town” a lot).

Which brings me to talking about YELLOW.  Before I talk about progress, I think I need to share what’s been going on.  See, everyone that reads it loves it.  Not like “nice job,” but “holy crap!”  Makes me feel super validated and freaking proud.

And, that kind of made me wish it was longer than it is…  Could it be made into a book?  Forget everything that drove me to write this and force this story into a shape I never intended!  They love it!  What if it is this story or nothing?  Basically, crazy writer brain took control.  So, I freaked out over the idea for over a week, but I was too busy (see past week) to do anything about it.

However, after much thinking and plotting, I felt YELLOW shines because I remained true to what it is (novella).  So, I’m not pushing it.  Onward, I think YELLOW will only need a second draft (no 3rd) before going into polish.  I’ll make it shine and get it out early!  I’m also preparing YELLOW 2/METAL, but I’m behind on the Pre-Writing (in theory, outline is done, but character updates/new stuff has yet to be touched).

This week, if I were insane I’d say I want to catch up and return to being on schedule.  I’m going to try and spread that over the next two week (goal is to be back on track by 11/11-ish).  So, my goal is to not fall behind more and make up some ground.  I also hope to rein in the horrible eating the end of summer through Halloween has let me develop (stressful part of year leads to bad choices).

What has your crazy writer brain been bugging you about?
Got a super awesome highlight for last week to share?

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2 thoughts on “Off and On Track – #ROW80 Check-In

  1. Congrats on the anniversary and birthday. I hope your father-in-law feels better soon. Congrats on the response from Yellow. I can’t wait to read it. My highlight is positive feedback on s story I had on CC. That made me feel good.

    • Thank you! We called to check on my father-in-law and he’s already doing better. With luck the tube will be removed from his chest today. 🙂

      Positive feedback is awesome! That’s what helps us keep at it and going forward.

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