Today Was Trick Or Treat – #ROW80 Check-In

While (American) Halloween will be mostly celebrated Saturday the 31st, my town is broken.  So, today is Trick-or-Treat here.  Which means I spent from 2pm to 4pm prepping the family.  (Though, not son.  He’s out grown and became disinterested.)  Then 4-6pm I handed out candy.

Me wearing my daughter's costume from last year, weeping angel, and attacking my daughter

Me wearing my daughter’s costume from last year, weeping angel, and attacking my daughter

My husband as a shadow mage.

My husband as a shadow mage.

My daughter as the creepy pasta known as Laughing Jill

My daughter as the creepy pasta known as Laughing Jill

Yesterday, I was at Geek Expo…

So, I’ve been busy.  I did account for this in my schedule.  I had today and tomorrow as off days.  Editing is on schedule.  I caught up on RAT QUEENS and additionally I read SAGA volume 1.  After 4.9 miles Friday morning, all other exercise has been forfeit by events (the above mentioned and some other stuff family related).

Any Hallo-plans?
Any geek-tastic conventions in your area?

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8 thoughts on “Today Was Trick Or Treat – #ROW80 Check-In

  1. I love the skeleton hands in the yard. Great costumes. I wanna go to Geek Fest!

    • Got the hands at the Dollar store and bought a pack of 12 eyeball balls. Split the balls and glued the eyes to the hand. Everyone loved them! 🙂

      Geek Expo is awesome. Keeps growing and maturing every year. They start the events with Historical European Martial Arts (sword fighting)! That’s what I go for. Held a rapier that had the basket hilt design with cats. Totally fab! Even fabber? The price- $5 to get in.

  2. I took my daughter shopping to get a costume and fell in love with a pair of adult-sized wings. One of these days I’m actually going to throw a costume party. That way I’ll have a legit excuse to buy wings. Mind you, they would be very inspiring as I participate in PiBoIdMo next month. Hmm, I wonder . . .

    • I have a pair of black see-through butterfly wings (with a touch of glitter). They are huge!!! Love them. I wore them last year. I totally advocate the purchase of wings!!! I hope you get your party some day. Hope it is a hoot and a half and that you do it regularly.

  3. I actually do have Halloween plans this year. I finally live in a neighborhood that gets trick-or-treaters, so I’ve stocked up on candy to hand out. Then I’m going to a Halloween party with a murder-mystery theme. And the day after Halloween my women’s spirituality group is celebrating Samhain. So it will be a busy weekend.

    There is a con called MystiCon about an hour away. Tickets sold out this year before I could buy mine, so I haven’t been. I plan on buying tickets early for next year’s event.

    Love the costumes! Happy Halloween.

    • I hear you regarding the costumed candy beggars (not that I mind, I love them). We lived in a couple places where getting 10 people was a good show. Though, there’s definitely a decline, here it is good. I love giving. My gripe is that it is always held not on Halloween and that it is 2 hours during daylight.

      Hope you have a great time with your group. 🙂

      Okay, your con sounds way better than mine! (Looked it up.) Mine is only 5 years old, though… So maybe when it grows up? 😉

  4. I do a small ceremony with the Hubs for Samhain to honour those in my circle of friends and family who have passed probably Friday night. Saturday is Doctor Who night and there will be much Whoing with the Whovians starting around, watching the new episode and banter afterwards.

    BTW, nice Weeping Angel costume.

    I have a tech rehearsal in the morning, but am planning on dressing up ar the Runaway Bride and one of my best friends will be Doctor 10, in pinstripes.

    A for conventions, the local Twin Tiers Comic Cons was in August, i made it there this year. It’s in it’s second year and still smaller, but there was a still more than I thought there would be. I’ve been to Faerie Con in Hunt Valley, MD in November and Connecticon in Hartford, CT in July. Still new to Cons, but been enjoying myself, and therefore want to go to more. 🙂

    • That sounds like a busy weekend. It also sounds like a great one. Hope all is fantastic for you.

      Thanks! Donna was my favorite companion! WOOT! And 10 is my fav. So, major awesome sauce you have going on.

      Hmmm I wonder how your small con compares to mine. The one I went to is 5 years old and started as a Halloween party (so 4 years as a con, is more truthful). I know Salt Lake City Comic Con’s first year made it rival NY or SD, so I wonder how things scale and such. (If that makes sense)

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