Getting Organized (Part 1)

Before my life got crazy, I talked about how my writing process was lacking organization.  I have been working on fixing that with this:


This is one of my son’s binders from last year.  For some reason, though it had a see through cover, to denote its use they put a sticker on it… Kind of made it hard to reuse.  So I took it!

In that front pocket I just mentioned, is my calendar with my daily writing tasks on arrow tabs (and a lip-shaped post-it note).  More on my scheduling and goals some other time.  For now, know that’s my schedule and that’s where I keep it.

20151007_120614First thing on the inside is a letter from K. L. Schwengel.  Hers is the first street team I ever joined.  She sent me a letter and an awesome pen for being part of it.  (Isn’t that just the awesomest?)  As it is part of my writing life, I tucked it away there for safe keeping.

Opposite that is my supply pouch. Contents: My computer/reading glasses, multiple pens in multiple colors, two highlights, scotch tape, lip-shaped post-its, arrow tabs, a mechanical pencil, and a hole puncher.  I wanted to have as much as I could on hand!  It’s easier to stay on task if all I do if flip, zip, and grab.  Moving laptop off myself, getting up, going to another room, looking, and so on messes with writing too much.

Under the pouch are more supplies and current WIPs stuff.  I’ll discuss how the WIPs are organized in Part 2 (coming soon).  For now I’ll just list the supplies there: folders, tab dividers, 1 tab divider with pocket, index cards (in that pocket), white printer paper (also in pocket), and loose leaf notebook paper.

I know other people tend to do one binder/folder per project.  As I work on multiple things at once, I felt as long as it was separated into sections, one binder would be enough for me.  Plus I work on my couch and hiding it from company is easier this way.

I should also note that a lot of this stuff is re-purposed.  The pouch, papers, and folders were bought from the back-to-school clearance section, but the dividers, pens, and so on were already on hand stuff.  Half was leftover, previous years’ supplies (like the binder).  A little beat up, but not throw away worthy.

Do you prefer all brand new supplies or is slightly used okay?
Where do you get your writing organizing supplies? Anything in particular you look for?

Be sure to come back for Part 2!

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4 thoughts on “Getting Organized (Part 1)

  1. I love reading how other authors work. It gives me ideas that I may incorporate into my own methods. I have two binders: one for my actual project, and another with writing tips in it, like Beat Sheets, Structure Outlines, Master Plots, Motivation-Reaction Unit info, Scene & Sequel info, etc. Sometimes all that info makes me freeze up like a deer in headlights, though, in an aversion to “getting it wrong.”

    I like starting a new project with a brand-new notebook. I love hitting the stores when back-to-school is in full swing and I can get composition and spiral notebooks for $0.50 each! I stock up with waaaay more than I need. I’m an office-supply hoarder.

    • I love reading how other writers do it too. 🙂 I think processes are always evolving.

      I always think about trying to compile tips and such that influence me for when I’m morphing my process. Never do it though. (I’m a touch bit lazy and don’t until I have to!)

  2. I have a box of “school supplies” with a sign on it warning children to keep away. They have a nasty habit of taking all my pens and markers! I love the calendar on the cover.

    • The calendar is one of my brighter ideas. Since they are post it type things, I can move them as I schedule and as events pop up (like getting ahead of schedule or an emergency). I’ll be talking about scheduling/goals at some point and how I arrange it. 🙂

      Thankfully my kids don’t steal my supplies. They have their stuff and their area, I have my area, my husband his, and then common ground/free for all. It somehow works out.

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