Quieting Down

My girl with her school in the parade.  She's that one! ;)

My girl with her school in the parade. She’s that one! 😉

You know what feels good?  Not having to do stuff.  Been doing so much stuff!

There was a small break after my father-in-law’s garage sale and move where I got to catch my breath.  But stuff started back up.  Wednesday, I sent sleepover invites for my daughter’s birthday party (9 days before party).  Then, that weekend was my town’s grape festival.

If you didn’t know, Ohio has wine country.  My town has a pageant*, parade, bands, grape stomping contest, and more to celebrate it all the last weekend of September.  Every year the 5th graders of my local elementary school take part.  My son did it and this year my daughter did too.

As they close streets and parts of town getting her to the start of the parade and picking her up at the end was… OMG…  But I totally managed it.

I took Sunday off to recover from that and then came Monday.  With the party scheduled for Friday, I started cleaning like a mad woman!  Wednesday I cleaned and set up a family celebration for my daughter’s actual birthday.  Then I resumed cleaning.

Orange flavored owl cake by me!

Orange flavored owl cake by me!

The party was not entirely as planned.  My daughter only invited her closest friends (3 girls).  One shared custody/divorce explanation and lots of irresponsibility later, it turned out only her BFF could come and only until 10pm.  The girls had fun together, regardless and that’s important part… I guess.

During this time, I started a 13 week plan, which I’m am adapting steps and parts of.  I might discuss that later on…

I have so much I’ve wanted to blog, but no time to!  I have a long list I’ll need to edit and get in order.

I’ve maintain writing as well.  I’ve started a new WIP (code name) YELLOW.  I’m almost done world building hole filling for ALCHEMY and will then plow through the remainder of the edits.   Oh, and I fixed a bunch of dead links from my Published Works page.

Our newest decorations made by my husband from Dollar Tree finds.

Our newest decorations made by my husband from Dollar Tree finds.

So now, I get to relax.  We’ve started decorating for Halloween.  The new comic shop opens Wednesday.  My 11th anniversary and son’s 14th birthday are at the end of the month (on Halloween).  There’s enough time between now and Trick or Treating (not Halloween) to get my daughter’s Laughing Jill (the creepy pasta) costume together.  All is good and quiet!

What are your October plans?

*- My town also has a winter pageant.  I really don’t know why.

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2 thoughts on “Quieting Down

  1. Busy Busy Busy! My experience with birthday parties has been: no one RSVPs and either everyone shows up or only 1 or 2. It’s crazy. I’m glad your daughter had fun. On a personal note, I really want to stomp grapes. Actually, I want to re-enact that I love Lucy episode where she stomped grapes! Good Luck with the writing plans.

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