Boring Means Productive – #ROW80 Check-In

littleROW80Now that everything is normal, I’ve become boring!  I fixed my son’s dresser to work until I can give him my current dresser (I get a new dresser when my father-in-law either rents out or sells his house).  My daughter brought home a Scholastic order form and I spotted my friend’s name, Leigh Dragoon, in it.  I made, my hamster, Duke a new platform to reach his wheel.  And my husband is off today to grab our pull list from the comic shop,

I’m made of boring.  I guess that’s why I got so much done this week.



I made progress on all my reading materials, but didn’t finish anything up. On ALCHEMY, I finished not only world building hole filling, but a second draft of chapter 5.  I also took a couple of days to work on my slush stuff.  I sent off two short stories and a handful of query letters.  I also started plotting my next WIP (YELLOW).  Though I think I need to move some stuff around, I have it mostly done.  I visited 7 blogs related to writing communities.  That means I have ceased sucking!  (Seriously, not visiting people makes me feel like a bad person.)  I’ve added after dinner walks and that means I do a minimum of 30 minutes exercise every day of the week.  Healthy! Healthy! Healthy!

So, this week, the kids have off Monday.  I do plan to write Monday, but not as much as usual.   I hope to finish reading GOTHAM ACADEMY (vol 1), reading COOKIES AND SCREAM, organizing notes for ALCHEMY chapter 6, filling in more ALCHEMY world holes, and starting draft 2 of chapter 6 of ALCHEMY.

Have you seen a friend’s work in a place that delighted you?
What’s your boring like? Love it or hate it?

Before I go I want to mention I’ll be part of an event.  Ten Authors, Ten Days hosted by A. B. Funkhauser at her website.


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10 thoughts on “Boring Means Productive – #ROW80 Check-In

  1. I’m all kinds of boring here. Work, school, practice, and volleyball games. I just want a day where I can stay home. Good luck with your author event.

    • I’ve been defaulting too much to staying in (usually hopping on my treadmill instead of walking outside). It’s taking a toll on me (I need my sunlight). So, I advocate a healthy balance, but with you working outdoors, you probably don’t have to worry too much about that. Thank you!

  2. Boring sounds *excellent* to me!
    Okay, maybe a little excitement is okay. 😉
    Have a good writing week!

  3. Boring sounds perfectly fine with me. Especially when it equals productivity. Sounds like that’s where you were this week. Great job!

    • Thanks! I have to agree that boring has its benefits, but I think I’d get bored of boring. Things need to be shaken up so boring can be appreciated. 😉

  4. Sometimes boring is good. If I can just do my daily routine–writing, drinking coffee in the morning and tea in the evening, taking care of my pets, and cooking dinner, then snuggle up with hubby to watch TV in the evening, that’s a pretty good day. Pretty routine, but good.

    Have a great week!

  5. Boring just means that you can focus on the essentials. I did that today, lots of housework and computer work on much that needed work on.

    I get excited when I see my friends James stuff, usually in Barnes and Noble, but once I saw one of his books in a used book store up in Ithaca. Good stuff! Yes, gives me smooshy feelings. 🙂

    • Even if it is crazy, I somehow manage the housework. but deep organizing is another matter!

      It’s fun playing “I know that person!” when in bookstores. 🙂

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