Returning to Normal – #ROW80 Check-In

littleROW80If you saw this blog post called something else (Giveaway, Guest Post, and Release Date, I think it was), sorry.  That was a mistake.  I was writing two blogs at once when I started penning this one and I gave it the wrong title and forgot to fix it before posting.

Kids finally started school. Girl child was quite happy to have a yellow folder (instead of the orange folder we threatened to write yellow on).  I had to institute an afternoon, post dog walk, coffee because waking to an alarm before 6 am (after waking 6:30 – 7:00 am all summer) is kicking my butt.  I started my usual schedule Wednesday (used Monday and Tuesday to wrap up some loose ends).  Friday was eventful as my friend’s dog peed blood during our afternoon walk (UTI or kidney stone, being treated) and that set off a chain of events (really long story with details I don’t feel comfortable sharing as they are not exactly mine to share, so let’s leave it at eventful).


This “What Would Darcy Do” poster in GOTHAM ACADEMY issue 1 is not real, but I wish it was. I WANTS IT!!!

The big news of the week was getting my release date (9/15) for SUNLESS (more info here).

With everyone gone all day, I’m back to writing and reading “properly.”  I’m ahead of schedule with my world building hole filling.  I could have been even more ahead, but I decided to use my “extra time” (writing time leftover once done my daily objectives) to work on promotions stuff (arranging promotions posts, reaching out to reviewers, setting up a couple of interviews, and so on).  Exercise is back to being “intense” with yoga and one mile runs (Monday and Wednesday), 3 mile runs (Thursday and Friday), and 2 mile walks (Saturday mornings and after lunch every day possible).  Regarding reading, I finished the graphic novel SHADOW KISS and have started GOTHAM ACADEMY.  One thing hasn’t changed.  I’ve still been a cruddy writing community member, though.

This week, being a crappy community member will change!  I hope to visit 4 blogs (at the very least, but am aiming for 7).  I’m going to add an after dinner (2 mile) walk to my exercise (six days a week, as one night social stuff prevents it).  I’ll be finishing my chapter 5 world building holes this week and I’ll start my next project’s (YELLOW) pre-writing packet, and I’ll work on getting some complete work that’s just sitting on my hard drive (doing me no good) into some slush piles. I also hope to start some new, regular social media habits (like ICYMI Mondays, where I reshare stuff from the previous week, in case you missed it).

Did you have a recent pet scare?
Is there any art or poster you crave, but just can’t have?

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12 thoughts on “Returning to Normal – #ROW80 Check-In

  1. Oooh, blood in the urine? The poor thing! I’m glad it’s being treated, but I can imagine the poor doggy wondering why there’s the smell of blood instead of the proper smell of pee! Our Puppy gets frantic when she’s worried about anything: Mommy being out doing stuff, Mittens hesitating in the pet flap, whether or not there will ever be jerky again. We had a Puppy earlier this year, when she was hit by a car. She fractured her foot, and now her toes are always splayed, but she runs around like nothing happened now. I wonder if she even remembers it – she shows no fear or hesitation running across the street.

    Wow, your physical stamina blows me away! I used to be able to go for long walks and hikes, though I’ve never been much on running; now, though, a trip to the curb to check the mailbox is almost beyond me. Guard your health!

    • He seemed unaware and his usual happy self, which is why at first I didn’t believe what I saw when he peed. He’s a very good-natured puppy.

      Unlike humans, pups tend to let go. Your pup probably thinks it was just a freak thing and hasn’t thought much of it since it happened.

      All the exercise is to guard my health. 🙂 Honestly, about two years ago I was only sleeping or sitting on the couch. So, I’ve worked hard to be this active. To me, it sounds like you would be more active if your health didn’t stop you. I do hope you reach a point where you can enjoy a nice stroll once more.

      • If I were ever to become eligible for a kidney transplant, and if I were ever able to afford the outrageously expensive immunosuppressant drugs I’d need to take every day for the rest of my life, and if I didn’t live in a place where it’s dangerous to your health to go walking most of the year, then yeah, I bet you’re right!

  2. You remind me that I have to get back to doing yoga again too …

    • I totally endorse that idea and hope you follow through on it! 🙂 I look forward to the yoga class I attend and turning off my brain for those 45 minutes, while doing something good for my body.

  3. Well I feel like a total slacker after reading this! Actually, you’ve inspired me to STEP it UP for goodness sake. I take our black lab for a nightly walk and this last week he started favoring his back right leg–then the next day he was fine…and then back to favoring it again. He’s now taking arthritis supplements, which he thinks are treats!

    • Don’t think of yourself as slacking, but rather think of me as over reacting. At this time last year, I was medically obese. In November of 2014, I started to finally face my weight problem head on. When November comes this year, I’d like to be a (medically) healthy weight. As it is, I’m still overweight (medically).

      My husky (the younger of my dogs, age 11) has started lagging during our runs. Though, she’s always been willful. I think she hates that I don’t let her do her business all over the place, so she protests by trying to control the speed. Love her regardless. My old man dog (13) is awesome on the runs, but you can tell he’s super pooped by the end of it. He has arthritis himself, but he tries not to let it slow him down (he’s an overgrown puppy).

  4. No pet scares lately. Thankfully. The only issue is Lucy (my orange tabby), her hips pop out sometime. But thankfully she pops them back in within 30 seconds to a minute. It usually happens when she jumps and land too rough. Hope the puppy continues to improve!

    I think any of my mentor’s original art. Periodically he sells original art, but i never have 400+ dollars lying around. The art is amazing though. A girl can dream though. 🙂

    Have a great week, Gloria!

    • I’m glad to hear while your cat has a chronic problem, it is something that sorts itself out. Orange tabby cats are gorgeous creatures. 🙂

      I’m very happy to report that the doggy is all better! YAY!

      Original art can be quite awesome. I hope one day you can own a piece.

      Thanks for stopping bu, Cindy!

  5. none at moment fingers crossed but with a long life of cats and dogs many in the past:) I agree with others made me feel quite tired reading all your activity:0 however taking stock I’m as active I guess but starting from a very low point – have managed two hours in garden every day this summer ( it hadn’t been touched for three years so was hard labour!! now it is clear and i can walk all the way around it have started clocking up ‘steps’ so on a day when I forget where I have put tools can clock up1000 steps – yay for a decreasing memory:)Had a month of writing proper, just been attending to plot lines which had lost way and timelines which were very wavey – this month I hope to get this dratted WIP to the end –

    all the best with your week – the puppy’s stones (so painful in people how come he wasn’t screaming!)

    • Thank you! 1,000 steps is awesome. I don’t count my steps, but I do so much exercise because I spend so much of my day sitting.

      I have a scary front yard at the moment that I probably should attend to… Maybe I’ll do something during winter and have the cold help me with the weeds. So many weeds!

      The pup is quite well. 🙂

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