aliciapromokeep2With A – H and I – P of ALICIA shared, that means today it comes to an end.  Please forgive X.

Q- questions – Dorndorf has a lot of these, but very few answers.

R- red – The color of Vicente’s tattoos.

S- security camera – In the Laundromat incident it was damaged, so Dorndorf has no clue what really happened.

T- tasty – Alicia enjoyed trying a chocolate milkshake for the first time.

U- under- Under a tree or underground and buried is where Dorndorf expects to find Alicia.

V- Vicente de la casa Roja- One of Marco’s goons. His designation is de la casa Roja, which means “of the Roja household.”

W- washing machines – Helped Alicia and Leon hide from Vicente.

X- Xerox – There’s probably a Xerox machine at Dorndorf’s police station.

Y- yuck- Alicia didn’t like eating French fries with mayonnaise.

Z- zillion – How many tries it would take Dorndorf to guess the truth about Alicia.

Hope you enjoyed this quick series!
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