Yesterday, I shared the A – H of ALICIA. Today, we continue!

I- investigation – Dorndorf’s investigation keeps hitting dead ends, but he’s sure Leon is to blame.

J- jail – Where Dorndorf would like to put Leon for Alicia’s murder.

K- kidnap – Marco’s plan for getting and being with Alicia.

L- Leon – A young man with a troubled past, but a good heart. The narrator of the tale.

M- Marco Roja – The reason Alicia ran from her home. His last name translates as Red.

N- no – Alicia told Marco Roja “no” and he wouldn’t take it as an answer.

O- open- The Laundromat’s emergency exit wouldn’t.

P- priestess – Alicia’s occupation, as well as her mother’s.

Come back tomorrow for Q – Z!
Would you change one of the above?


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2 thoughts on “ALICIA: I – P

  1. High school is pretty scary already, can’t wait to see what you do with it.

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