aliciapromowhat2I’ve always been intrigued by the Blogging A to Z challenge.  I also dig it when people explore/share their story characters/worlds in this way.  However, since ALICIA is a short story…  Yeah, not much to work with.  So, I’m doing a short series of posts sharing a thought tied to each letter of the alphabet.

A- Alicia – She’s definitely missing, but is she murdered?

B- basura – Alicia calls Marco’s men this. Translation: trash.

C- coins – What can’t buy Alicia’s loving attention.

D- de la fuente – Alicia’s designation, used somewhat like a last name. Translation: of the fountain.

E- explanation – Leon refuses to give an explanation, because he knows no one will believe him.

F- forest – Alicia walked into forest and was never seen again.

G- glow – Vicente’s tattoos do.

H- hombre de nombre – What Alicia’s people call nobles. Translation: man of name.

Come back tomorrow for I – P!
Would you change a letter?


In case you missed it, Simone Salmon helped me spread the word about ALICIA over at her blog.  I also wrote a guest blog post for A. M. Leibowitz on my use of Spanish in ALICIA.

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