A Busy Week – #ROW80 Check-In

littleROW80I’m soooooo happy that week is done with.  Sooooooo happy!  It was hella busy.  (See me busting out that late 90’s slang right there?)  As I said last week, my priority was surviving this and getting my kids ready for school, which starts Monday.

Pucca (my daughter) had a great time at her friend’s party on Sunday.  They had our local animal guy and she held a snake. Monster (my son) got new pants, which was less exciting, but needed.  Monday, I packed their bags for school, labeling all the things and the last of the back to school shopping was done.  Tuesday Monster went to his pediatric neurologist and we got paperwork to see if adjustments need to be made.  Wednesday, Monster went to his school orientation, met his teachers, and got the paperwork (including schedule).  Thursday, Pucca had her orientation.  That night, I sat down and wrote our home address six times on a single sheet of paper. (*twitch*)  Friday, they both headed off for their last summer sleepover at Grandpa’s.

On the first day of summer vacation we went to Baskin Robbins for ice cream cones. Today, we’re going to end summer the way we started it.

aliciapromogone2Now, I’d say all (but the party) I knew would go down since summer started.  I just kind of didn’t mark it on my calendar (I do that at the start of the month).  Which is why when asked about a release date, I decided that it would be awesome for my publisher to release ALICIA on Tuesday, the 18th.  I. R. G. Nus.

I thought I had a plan going into this, but it turns out… Nope, that was only a vague idea.  I’m floundering a bit and that’s why I’m “not done yet.”  With SUNLESS releasing soon (but I don’t know exactly when), this will be something I need to fix.

And that should have been enough in my week to make me feel accomplished.  It was a very packed week, after all.  However, one night I took some time to map out my work for the next month and figure out my daily schedule and to do lists.  I also managed to find time Friday and Saturday to do polishing edit passes on PLANET, which I sent off.

Tomorrow, is the kids’ first day of school.  And I’m taking the day off go to the pet store (four towns over), grocery shop, and (if I have time) re-pot my orchids.  Tuesday, things will get closer to normal, but there might still be some things to do.  Wednesday, for sure, is when life will try to resume “standard school year operating procedure.”

This week, I’ll be working on ALCHEMY world building holes.  That reminds me that I have to revise my goals… My distractions led to a not so productive second half of summer and that made finishing ALCHEMY this round impossible.

How did you start your summer?
How will you end it?

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7 thoughts on “A Busy Week – #ROW80 Check-In

  1. Hugs on being so busy! I hope things calm down for you soon!

    • This week is definitely the slow decline into calm. And I’m so excited for that!!! Getting back to normal and being able to work properly is awesome.

      Hope things are going great for you. Keep being awesome!

  2. Take a deep breath and eat chocolate. That’s what I do 🙂

  3. The thought that summer is over makes me soooo incredibly sad. I just do not know where the last three months have gone! Of course, I can see that because I don’t have kids in school anymore, so summer just makes me jealous because I can’t take the summer off like my kids used to. Ah, well.
    Here’s to a productive upcoming week!

    • Summer went by very fast, without a doubt. I do think there’s something to summer being different without the school connection. I’ll miss these days when the time comes.

      Thanks for stopping by, Chris!

  4. I started summer finishing a show, and ending it starting a show. It was the months of writing, editing, and finding new pattern with my current work load. There were some adventures and a few frustrations. I am not ready to give up summer, but there are parts of Autumn that are glorious and can’t wait for. The big one being Doctor Who premier September 19th.

    Here’s to a new and productive week, Gloria!! Oh and did you ever find that yellow folder?

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