Keeping It Short – #ROW80 Check-In

littleROW80Recall from TV or movies a washing machine that was filled with way too much soap.  Some person always discovers this said machine and the bubbles are endlessly spewing everywhere.  The TV/movie person always tries to pop, sweep, and contain these bubbles.  However, more bubbles keep coming and coming.

Those bubbles are my anxiety at the moment.  However, I’m not panicking or flailing trying to deal with it all.  Perhaps not so gracefully, but quite mindfully, I am facing each anxiety spiking occurrence once at a time and as they come instead of dreading.  But, to be honest, there is a wee bit of dreading (I try to calm and stop myself when I notice it happening, so baby steps).

In other words, so much is going on!  And it is only going to get busier.

Still, I managed to do a complete edit pass on PLANET.  I need to polish and send it at this point.  I’m hoping to do at least one polish pass done this week (if not the two I need to do).  Despite not wanting to, I have managed to stick with exercising.  I read some while waiting for things (like my husband when he was getting blood work done), but no awesome progress. I failed at being active in most my online communities.  I did zero work on ALCHEMY.

Honestly, my main goal this week isn’t a writing goal.  My main goal is having everything ready for school’s start (a week from Monday).  That means attending 2 open houses, filling out two things of paper work, taking kids to appointments, and buying the last of the back to school clothes that we need right now.  And if possible, find a yellow folder. (Yup, still.)

What calming routines/rituals/activities do you use to soothe your nerves?
How are you spending the end of August?

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14 thoughts on “Keeping It Short – #ROW80 Check-In

  1. I like the analogy with the soap bubbles. I feel that way many times. Just yesterday, at my cousin’s house, I tried filling my water glass at the refrigerator spigot, not knowing that it was broken and once the water started flowing, there was no way to stop it. I panicked, as we all do, when things go awry. And more often that panic is in my head when deadlines and such start piling up.

    • When thinking about how I was feeling and how I knew things would go, those soap bubbles appeared in my mind. Though, your broken spigot would be another great analogy for it too.

      My biggest fear is failing (forgetting an event, letting a kid down, not getting the right/all the things, and ruining stuff by accident) and this time of year the chance of that happening is sooooo high! So, here I am doing my best to not fear and not be anxious. Doing good so far.

  2. Hugs on the anxiety. I always try for quiet time away from everything (or as away as I can manage) and breaks throughout my day if I’m at work. My job is very stressful and cerebral, and I need downtime or my anxiety level gets too high.

    Awesome work on PLANET and the school prep! I used to dread the last few weeks of August when I was a kid…because summer vacation was over. Now…it’s all the same throughout the year. Funny how things change.

    • I haven’t had much quiet time/down time with all that’s going on (and summer vacation). Maybe that isn’t helping things.

      My kids don’t so much dread. While my daughter is okay with it (looks forward to seeing friends), my son is the more eager one. His autism makes him love the routine of it all, even if it can stress him out. And since my life is influenced by theirs, I feel their changes too. I have a love/hate with the school year. Love the quiet/writing/my pace time, but hate the waking early and homework. Love summer sleeping in and no responsibilities (except those I choose), but miss the quiet/writing/my pace time.

  3. I feel you on the anxiety. Mine’s been ramped right up this week. My main coping method is getting lost in fiction(also going out on the motorcycle helps, but we haven’t taken it out in a couple weeks). We start back a week from Tuesday, and I’m hoping having that little break in the morning(the boy only goes half a day) will help.

    • Sorry to hear you’re suffering too. Hopefully, we’ll both settle down soon. Though, I’m jealous. My ADD makes getting lost in anything hard on a normal basis. My anxiety makes it even more challenging.

      I’m sure you’ll do tons of productive stuff and get lots done with that break. You’ll also read even more books, make beautiful crafts, and continue leaving me in awe of all you do! 🙂

  4. Calming-hot tea and cookies! Good luck with the start of school.

    • Sadly, I can’t partake the cookies. Cookies have so many carbs and I’m sooo close to being a healthy weight again. If only they made low carb cookies. Though, tea is doable! 🙂

      Bags are pre-packed and supplies are ready to go! 7 Days To Go

  5. I found a yellow folder over the weekend and thought about you. Not sure if you need a certain style. I’d been willing to send it to you.

    • That’s very kind of you, but I have gotten my hands on one. It took going over three towns, but I found it! 🙂 Thank you for looking out for me. I really appreciate it!

  6. Reading through the comments it sounds as if you’re making good progress on the school front. Sometimes I simply had to give in to my anxiety, but then be able to talk to someone close who understood where it was coming from. Once I talked (cried) about it, I felt better. Now, taking walks with my dog help.

    • Yes, school prep is going well. All the must shopping seems to be done. (Though, something always pops up.) Everyone has gotten needed hair cuts. And tomorrow starts the school open houses of doom.

      I do lots of walking and yoga. It can definitely help, but at 2am not so much. I’ve been managing, but I’m looking forward to “normal” returning.

  7. Congrats on the editing pass! That’s a big one right there.

    Hope you’re feeling better and more productive soon. 🙂

    • The biggest events (aside from first day of school) are over. At those I acquired those fiendish school forms, which I just finished… Why must I write my address six times on the same sheet of paper?! (Twice because I have two kids.) I think I’ll be much better once I sleep off the residual freaking out. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, Ruth.

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