Where Are the Yellow Folders!? – #ROW80 Check-In

littleROW80I just got back from school supply shopping for my spawns.  And, I don’t know about you, but for me there’s a weird phenomenon that tends to happen.  Every year there is a “unicorn” item.  It seems logical enough to exist, but finding it actually is impossible.  This year’s?  A yellow folder.

Not one yellow folder of any kind (let along the mythical two pockets, no prongs, yellow folder which I needed) was to be found!  In the kind we bought there was red (needed), blue (needed), purple (needed), orange (didn’t need), and green (didn’t need).  There were other types that came in designs (none with yellow or mostly yellow or I would have done that).  Not in the premium, high gloss or plastic ones.  Not. A. Single. Yellow.  Folder.

In the end, we bought orange.  Figured it was close enough and if a wild yellow folder appears, we’ll capture it.

Wednesday, we go shoe shopping to continue our gathering fun.

But, you’re not here for my mommy woes.  You’re most likely here for my writing goal progress.

I also made this second level addition for Duke, cleaned out/organized the spawns' closets, and started thinking about my school year schedule.

I also made this second level addition for Duke, cleaned out/organized the spawns’ closets, and started thinking about my school year schedule.

I wanted to get a lot done this past week, but I told myself I only had to do two things for sure.  Those two things?  I had to get PLANET’s (then) current edit pass done and write some guest blogs.  Totally did that!

Did I get to any of my “I wants” last week?  Nope.  Did I sit on my butt doing nothing?  Well, only on Tuesday.  We drove out to the country side, to my father-in-law’s house for a cookout.  Family time always wins.  Aside from that, I was working on stuff (like checking proofs) for SUNLESS. I was also working on arrangements for the blog posts I wrote.

I also finished another side read EVER AFTER HIGH STORYBOOK OF LEGENDS. I probably did exercise five days this week, but it was not at the park.  My husband needed our car to help his leg heal.

Social writing group commitments fell by the wayside again.  I didn’t read any of my main reading material.

This week, along with school stuff collecting, comics, and an appointment at the doctor for me… I need to tackle PLANET’s next edit pass (start to finish).  And I should tackle at least 3 world building items from ALCHEMY.

If there’s time (and I doubt there will be), I’d like to fill in all of ALCHEMY’s world building holes.  I’d also like to write a paranormal short story.  I’d like to get the inkling for YELLOW down as I’m pretty sure I have an outline in my head already.

Any “school supplies” you are going to grab up for yourself?
If you could get some extra time (time travel style), what would you use it for?

P.S.- Anyone concerned about my husband’s leg should know it is almost better. He’s going to the doctor for another appointment tomorrow.  They might extend the antibiotics, but it is so much smaller than it was when it got bad.

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12 thoughts on “Where Are the Yellow Folders!? – #ROW80 Check-In

  1. “Unicorn” item… HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  2. starcatdreamer

    Sounds like you had a pretty productive week. That’s funny about the yellow folders. I know I’ve seen them before in my life, but I couldn’t tell you where or when. Good luck with all your goals this week!

    • This is my second child going through this grade. I know we found it then and I’m sure we’ll find it again! I want to say that year we had trouble finding green, though.

      Thank you!

  3. It took me the whole post to realize that it wasn’t a Unicorn folder, but a “:Unicorn” folder. I am very silly!! Glad to hear your husband;s leg is better. It still feels weird that the summer is almost over. As for school supplies I usually stock pile notebooks, for my brainstorming, catch-all ideas. So, i guess that’s what I will be get this week. 🙂

    Have a stellar week, Gloria!!

    • I can see how one might make that mistake. I kind of rushed through the analogy of it all. If it was a yellow unicorn I’d be totally okay with it! 😉 Still haven’t found one (looked again today). We’re hoping my husband will be back at 100% by end of the week (though he was ready to be 100% already). I wait until it all goes on sale and pick up the odds and ends. Notebooks tend to be our vice as well, along with composition books!

      Have a great week, Cindy!

  4. Today was our first day of school. All survived, including me. We didn’t have any unicorn items this year. Last year it was an illusive Spanish dictionary, ended up ordering it online. If I could time travel…I’d go back to the coldest day of the year. I’m tired of sweating.

    • I looked online and shipping is stupid (over 3 times price of folder) or I have to order enough for a class (25) to get it. I still have over a week to find it… Maybe I’ll find it. Maybe she’ll just have to lie and say we’re color blind. 😉

      I must admit, I’m tired of sweating myself. Color days are nigh, promise!

  5. not being involved with school children had to guess at the importance of the yellow folder but really liked the unicorn description of it – will have to adopt that here for my stuff which clearly only exists in my imagination:) hope leg continues to improve and you take care – keep smiling:)

    • In this grade (and only this grade), the folders and one subject notebooks are color coded. If I remember right, yellow is used for science. It makes sense in a way, but not being able to find a yellow folder is maddening.

  6. It drives me crazy when I’m looking for one simple item and I can’t find it anywhere. Good luck with the search for the mythical yellow folder. Maybe Amazon? They have everything.

    I don’t have kids, so I don’t have to worry about the frenzy of back-to-school shopping, but I do love office supplies. I have a multitude of brightly colored binders, one for each story or series, and I use index cards for plotting and have a character voice journal for each story/series, so I tend to buy a lot of those items. Oh, and did I mention Post-Its? Gotta have those. 🙂

    • I looked on Amazon. One folder is $2 with $7.99 shipping! And the ones eligible for Prime are a box of 25 (we don’t need that many)! I’m probably going to hit the office supply place on Sunday since I’ll be out that way dropping girl child for a birthday party.

      Post-its are my way of life. From “could you pick this up on the way home?” lists to “can’t forget this show starts on this day” reminders. It’s my scrap paper too. I always have one on hand. 🙂

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