A Turbulent Week ~ #ROW80 Check-In

IlittleROW80‘m posting way later than usual because I’ve been busy today.  Long story short: Friend’s dog needed walking. Cheesecake making spread across day. Son broke my favorite water bottle.  MINIONS was a great movie.  Dinner out to celebrate husband’s birthday (tomorrow).

I did write more about the above, but I deleted it, because I need the time and space to talk about something else.  I promised to be honest and more open about my mental health.

My anxiety is bad lately.  My stomach feels like I’m constantly going downhill on a roller coaster.  My chest feels like it’s clenched and won’t release.  And I’m on the verge of crying over everything.  And at one point I did.  I had a freak out when I got some horrible costumer service.  I mean, this… me… I’m not in the best shape.

It isn’t just one issue for me to tackle and process.  It is a bunch of things. And right now, I’m doing what I can.  I’m trying not to beat myself up or obsess about things “in the future.”  I don’t know how to make things “better” yet, but I think I’m just waiting for things to settle (because lots of things up in air that I can’t control or force to resolve).

But, you’re here for goals…  Because of my feelings, I just haven’t been very productive.  I’ve focused on the easiest to do task, which is build my promotions for ALICIA.  (Thanks to the awesome people that made my week by saying they’ll help me with this!)  That and watching LIE TO ME and YOUNG JUSTICE.  Netflix needs to get season 2 of YOUNG JUSTICE and Fox needs to stop canceling awesome shows.

This week is my husband’s birthday week, which he takes off from work to relax at home.  (That’s why we movie and dinner-ed.)  We have plans to hit the natural history museum this week.  Not sure what else.  I’m either going to take advantage of him being here or I’m going to be totally lazy.  Maybe both?


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4 thoughts on “A Turbulent Week ~ #ROW80 Check-In

  1. Sorry you’ve been having a rough time. I deal with anxiety, too, and yeah, it’s not fun. Mine tends to be triggered by social stuff(being in a crowd…not good) but it’s always sitting there. It can be draining to deal with.

    • It most certainly is draining. I end up napping or just a puddle on the couch (on the verge of napping) because I used everything I had keeping it together. Thanks for the kind and understanding words.

  2. My husband suffers form anxiety issues, and while I don’t always understand the way his brain work, I try to be there for him. Sometimes it’s as easy as going out where, not even spending money, just going out for a walk with him or ice cream.

    Congrats on the upcoming cover reveal!! that must be exciting.

    Hang in there (I know, so cliche) and know that I am here, as is a slew of others if you need anything.

    • My husband also has anxiety issues, but we have different triggers. That is kind of a blessing, because at least one of us is calm at any given time. He’s been super understanding and calming me down as needed and giving me hugs when calming isn’t possible.

      Having supportive people is always a great help. I’m very lucky! Thank you.

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