A Very Summer Week – #ROW80 Check-In

ROW80This week has been very “summer” for me.  What I mean is time seems to be scarce.  I’m scrambling to fit in everything I want and usually failing.  Overall, I feel not much is happening and I’m getting nothing done.

But that last statement isn’t very true.  I’m doing lots with my kids.  We saw snakes, gold finches, a muskrat, and other such wildlife at the state park during our walks.  At the “playground” park we played basketball and tossed a football.  We set up triops tanks they got as gifts (should be hatching any day now).  On a rainy day, we watched THE CROODS and laughed.

I guess a better definition of a very “summer” week is I kept putting other stuff off, like editing, reading, and even cleaning, to make sure I have time and moments with my kids.  And to me, time with my kids is the definition of summer.  While it might not be super success week for my ROW80 goals, it is a success week for me in regards to life and motherhood.

There's a spot where we've come accustomed to finding snakes. This day we saw 2, but we've seen as many as 3.

There’s a spot where we’ve come accustomed to finding snakes. This day we saw 2, but we’ve seen as many as 3.

Okay, last week I said…
To be on track
: By Sunday, I need to do ALCHEMY chapter 4 draft 2 (all of it).  I need to start reading PLANET and taking notes for edits. I need to reach chapter 17 of COOKIES AND SCREAM and half done VA: SK.  And I need to do WW and ROW80 visits.

How’d I do?
ALCHEMY chapter 4 draft 2 is done and I feel this project is on the right track.  After that, I took a day off (“summer” distractions).  Then, I started reading for edits on PLANET, which I’m still doing.  PLANET’s fixing is going to take a lot of work.  I’m on chapter 11 of COOKIES AND SCREAM and only a quarter done the graphic novel VAMPIRE ACADEMY: SHADOW KISS.  I failed at visiting.

Additional notes about goals include: There was stuff happening with Project A, but it didn’t distract me from the big goals.  I did workout 5 out of 5 days this week.  We bought a Marvel print subscription to SILK for my daughter and (naturally) I’ll be reading it too.  Speaking of Marvel subscriptions, my issue #2 of A-FORCE came Friday (I expected it later than that) and I read it that very day.  (Loved it!)

To be on track this week: I need to finish reading PLANET for edits and start the (already very many) edits.  Again I’ll aim for Chapter 17 of COOKIES AND SCREAM, but this time I’ll aim to finish VA:SK.

What defines summertime for you?
Are there any animals you like to spot out in the wild?

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7 thoughts on “A Very Summer Week – #ROW80 Check-In

  1. Looks like you did well this week! How are the VA graphic novels? I loved the books, but haven’t gotten the graphic novels yet.

    • I never read the books, so I can’t compare. Additionally, I’m slightly biased that they are great because my friend scripted them.

      With that in mind… The art is great. Emma Vaieceli does a beautiful job (so much so that I’m excited for when she takes over JEM while the regular artist takes a break). The flow is good and I’m never left going “What’s going on?”

      They only ever made the first 3. Unfortunately, it wasn’t popular enough to do the whole series.

  2. Summer time is when my family and I go into hiding. Too many tourists and SO hot here in FL. We homeschool so throw ourselves into finishing up for the year. We like to take our break November (NaNoWriMo for everyone) and December. Good luck from a ROW80 blog hopping friend.

    • That sounds like a great plan. I can see how that really works for you. And living near a local tourist spot myself (a place that fills up on weekends), so I totally get hiding from them.

      Hope you have a great round!

  3. Summer is when I can be outside more (when not writing or editing), hence why I write and edit of my porch after working the evil day job. Going places with friends, or just going places. Hence my trip to HArtford for Connecticon! Summer is for adventuring! 🙂

    • Oh, yes! Time outside in summer is totally a must. 🙂 And some adventuring is a must. Though, mine tends to be closer to home.

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